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Part 35

Chapter 6: 65,000,000 B.C.
Part 2

Welcome back. Provided my crushing idiocy doesn't... well, crush me again, updates should be smooth and frequent.

There isn't much left. Just a few rooms...

First up, press this button for a big hole...

And that drops the other enemies.

You don't actually have to press those buttons. I just like dropping monsters into holes.

For ?!?!?, this is a pretty big climax in the storyline of 65,000,000 BC. For everyone else, this feels like an afterthought after Magus.

Especially considering we already know the answer.

Just then, a terrifying roar...

What a chicken!

Psh, whatever Azala has is kibbles and bits compared to...


We'll see about that!

Azala and the Black Tyrano Fight
Daily Motion link / Backup

Hint hint.





Lavos means big fire. Our arch nemesis is a big fire.


On that day, the world ended...

Wait, wrong game.