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Part 37

Chapter 6: 12,000 B.C.
Part 4

I guess the Mammon Machine's little tank is an all-purpose engine block/prison cell.

I'm pretty sure there's still a lot of people who know we're criminals beyond this door. You have any idea how many teleporters we had to step through to get up here? That shit slows us down, sister.

But he's just fine 13000 years from now

What? No, fuck you, that place sounds like a shithole! I am not going to be roped into another one of these goddamn sidequests that takes five hours and ultimately accomplishes nothing, and I know it accomplishes nothing BECAUSE I'VE BEEN TO THE GODDAMN FUTURE. I'M FROM IT. NONE OF THIS SURVIVES IN THE FUTURE YOU ASSHOLES, STOP TRYING SO HARD.

Oh thank GOD, my savior.

Both Schala and Janus jump in the way, though Janus is doing it more to protect his sister than out of any particular care for us. Dirtbag.

Cool, we get to go home!

"Later, dudes!"

65,000,000 B.C.

Wait a second...

Son of a bitch.


You're grounded, Frank.

2300 A.D.

Before we go there, first we go to Bangor Dome, where we first entered 2300 A.D.


Inside is a Charm Top, a Full Ether, and a Wallet, which changes EXP into G. The Charm Top increases the power of ?!?!?'s charm effect.

We head south to the unimportant dome...

Inside, we get another Full Ether, a Magic Tab, and the holy artifact Gold Stud. Like the Silver Stud, it reduces the cost of techs, but by a whopping 75%.

Finally, we can head over to the old man and his nu.

It's funny. When you're actually required to run through this place, you're so vastly overleveled, it's more of a nuisance than anything.

But we've been through here, and we've extended the shortcuts.

Finally, we reach our target.

You faggot.

And now we get to see what sort of mystical, magical thing is behind the door we originally wanted open.

The little sparkles are assumed to be little recordings left by the old man. Just as the Nu said, his eulogy.

We now have two Gurus and their names completed. Bethlasar, the Guru of Reason, and Gaspar, the Guru of Time. Judging by what we know, that leaves only the Guru of Life, and one name: Melchior. We know where Melchior is, and we know where Belthasar was up until his death, but the only mystery left is Gaspar.

To an extent. It's, in fact, quite easy to figure out. Think about it. Gaspar is the Guru of Time. There's a solitary old man at the End of Time.


That would be Magus, if you forgot.

What this trio saw in the computer below the dome with all of the hopeless people. Lavos destroys the world in 1999.

This is a disturbing piece of information, and it leads to something pretty crazy later on.


I think you're blue.

Blah blah blah press Y and use L and R to change time periods.

Why don't you take a ride on my bonermobile! Gyeheheh!

PLEASE, for the love of god, think up of a better name.