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Part 39

I've been featured on Forums Friday's Monday! I'll finish this one, okay, Mr. Onslaught? I swear by it!

Chapter 6: 12,000 B.C.
Part 7

Welcome to the Mountain of Woe. This is number one contender for worst dungeon ever. It's boring, and doesn't really have anything going for it. So, I've truncated most of the screenshots from it.


After all of that, we make it to the top.

Or Ozzy!

I don't see anything...?


Giga Gaia Fight
Daily Motion Link / Backup
No more Google Video links, because Google Video is dumb.

Bingo! We now have two gurus confirmed without a doubt, the last one being a sure bet.

Logic assumes it's in the ocean?

Infamous Gangster, Lavos the Spike.

Just then, shit starts a-rumbly.



Wait wait wait.

The seal broke? As in, the seal that makes this thing float?


The end.

Obviously not.

But I don't really feel like swimming.

Total jerkfacewad.

Moral high ground! Hooray!

Oh balls.


Well this just sucks. Why can't I go home?!

If I kill her, can I go home?

The Ruby Knife. Sadly, it is not an actual weapon.

Say goodbye to this place, everyone. This is the last time we're going to see it.