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Part 4

Introduction: Part 4

_____: "But Mark's a guy's name. "
Mark: "It is? Oh... uh... is it too late to change it?"
_____: ""

You know what they say. Silence is golden.

If we head off to the left...

Only Japan.

Only Japan.

Beating cat robot's head in.

Every FPS comes with a rifle butt attack. So does Mark.


Only Japan.

But now we're left a little weakened from the encounter...


You're the one with the boy's name.

Talking to one of the merchants results in this, and the ability to cotinue...

But when we try to go...


All right, this isn't worth it.

Clingy bitch.



It must be extraordinarily difficult to pronounce _____, let alone with shock.

What? Oh, okay. Thanks for making my decisions for me, MOM.

Work on the Telepod was extended by months because Taban simply didn't understand that you don't use a hammer to flip switches. Velma eventually got fed up and told him to hammer a useless plate of metal under the guise of using the Law of Transfer of Motion and Energy to power the machine.

Taban is pretty dumb.


"My stomach is still a bunch of little blue sparkles, and I think I'm about to throw them up."

See? Dumb.

I wonder what happens if you turn it off halfway through.


What is this feeling? Is it... plot device?

Taban hit something other than the metal plate.

"If you didn't want me to touch you, all you had to do was say no..."

What the hell happened?

Considering she was here until she used your Telepod, I think you're wrong.

"Right, well, good luck. I'm going home."

Oh, fuck you.

It seems pendants have no shape or form except when wearing one or you are the main character.

Total badass.

This is a terrible idea.