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Part 42

Chapter 7: 12,000 B.C.
Part 2

I'll never get tired of Toad's sprite. Ahahaha, it's like he CROAKED AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

It's called "getting brained in the head and dragged somewhere else".

I love you.

You guys are funny.

And, as mentioned, therein lies the reason for bringing along ?!?!?. Her weapon is her bare fists, which they can't take.

Anyway, first, let's explore our surroundings. The ladder seems like the obvious choice.


On our way back inside...

This is the airduct system. If you were dumb enough to not bring ?!?!?, you would be using this. You can look through the grates to see the room below you. We'll be using it once to get to a room we can't access otherwise, because...



The Blackbird isn't much of a dungeon this way. It's very, very straightforward, with there being three effective horizontal outings with pretty much a straight vertical path between all three.

First off, we clear out the other side of this outing...

And we get our money back. Head back outside, and flip the switch on the bottom ramp to get to the lower outing. You can flip the top one, too, but there's no point. You can walk around either side.

Upper right room nets us...

Now we got two fighters! There is no upper left room, so we head to the bottom outing.

First to the lower right...

to show off Frank's new ability! Area Bomb!

The bottom left gets us ?!?!?'s equipment.

Finally, head all the way north...

And we're already more than halfway done.

The left room nets us...

This is important for one reason. Weapons and armor, I sell the moment I get better versions. There's little reason to keep old equipment. Now, if you had the amazing forethought to think this far ahead, you could equip Toad and Frank with crappy equipment, leaving their better stuff in your items, so when you got to here, you would, in turn, get their better items. I'm going off on a tangent, and there is no point in thinking that far ahead when this area is so simple.

No, the real reason why this stands out is that there is one weapon you cannot sell.

Suit up, buddy.

Now, there's a ladder in the right room above the two in this area. The reason we go into the vent shafts is becaus the left room has no door.

Now we're fully equipped.

Yet another ladder takes you...

To the left wing. It's recommended you fight all of those pods, they're delicious. Sure, they seal techs and items and are hard as shit to hit, but they in turn do shit for damage, give you a hefty ton of EXP, and 100 Tech Points. When you're done beating the shit out of all five or so pods, go to the lower left of the wing...

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

GolemBoss Fight and Dalton Plus Fight
Daily Motion Link / Backup


Let's try... Y.



The McFLY is safe... but!


Fuck yeah!


Unfortunately for us... we aren't allowed to go on a grand flying adventure just yet.

Leave him be, damn it!