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Part 47

Chapter 8: 2,300 A.D.
Part 2

All right, we're doing the Sun Stone quest, and I hate you guys.

You may remember the numerous black boxes in both 1,000 A.D. and 600 A.D. Now, we may open them.

However, there's a special way to go about them.

Approach the box in 1,000 A.D., and refuse to take the item.

Go to 600 A.D...

Bam! Powered up version.

What we're looking for is the Red Mail, which is in Guardia Castle.

Upon entering, however, this sparks a conversation and plot point so boring and so uninteresting that I'm just going to transcribe the text.

Chancellor: I've been worried, Princess! I understand your pain. But the king really only cares about his realm... Yes, even when your mother, Queen Aliza passed away, he worked all day!
Mark: No one could do that! It's inhuman!
Chancellor: Oh, child, it's ancient history now...
Mark: Tell me more!
Chancellor: This may be difficult... Well, Queen Aliza's condition suddenly changed for the worst. She desperately wanted to see the king one last time, but he couldn't find the time to drop by... Said he had some work to do... But knowing nothing about death, you waited faithfully by your mother's side... Aliza passed away in sorrow... It's as if the king indirectly killed her... such a shame...
Mark: WHAT...!! Father KILLED?... MY MOTHER...?!!
Chancellor: But what do I know! There are reasons for everything, right dear? Now... so glad to see you back again. Please go and visit the king.

I wish I could explain the giant this scene causes me. I just... I can't even begin to...

If you're a little confused as to this line, it's in reference to what the guards say if you enter without Mark.

King: And letting these... hoodlums in here. You mighta s well beg for bread on the street corner!
Mark: Stop it! They're my friends!
King: They're a disgrace to this family!
Mark: Father, you, you... You care more about your country than me... or mother!!
King: What...?
Mark: You... you killed mother!
King: !! Get... OUT OF HERE this instant!!! I never want to see your face again!

I hate Mark so much.

And with that, the king leaves, and we're free to loot the castle. Feel free to grab all un-black box chests here. In any case, up towards the king's bedroom is the box for the Red Vest, so we investigate it, then fly back to 600 A.D. (also now free to grab all chests in here, as we've taken them from the future as well. Paltry prizes, but who cares?).


Now, head back to 600 A.D.

You can do this for every black box in 1,000 A.D. and 600 A.D.

Now, back to 2,300 A.D., where, in addition to the usual Sun Keep, there's also...

If I recall correctly, the Zeal inhabitants mention that they have a Sun Stone. Zeal sank into the water, which leads me to believe that the Sun Stone sank beneath the ocean, its power causing this Sun Palace to be created and surface some 15,000 years later. However, by expelling all of that power, it's returned to being a powerless Moon Stone.

Maybe I'm looking too much into this.

A nice Ocean Palace tileset to accompany our crazy palace.

Say hello to Sun of Son, the most annoying boss in the entire game.

Everything but one of those flames is a fake. Hit anything else, and they counterattack with a fire-based attack. This is the reason for the Red Mail and Red Vest. They absorb 100% and 50% of all fire-based attacks respectively. I also brought Velma along with the Taban Suit, which adds some fire resistance, but she died anyway.

I didn't record the battle because it's like 20 minutes long and it's boring as fuck. Beating Sun of Son involves _____ using Cyclone, watching four of the five fires counterattack, and then attacking the one that didn't, which then does damage to the center. Or Frank using Laser Spin and doing the same regular attack.

That's the next twenty minutes of your life.

After far, far too much time, it goes down.

Well, we're screwed. Not really.

For we have time travel!

So, now, we fly back to 2,300 A.D...

We've been tricksied!

It's a process of elimination. Except the process is really easy because it's there in 600 A.D., but not in 1,000 A.D. Vis a vis, someone has it in 1,000 A.D... but who?

Not noticeable at all.

Greedy son of a bitch.

So, rather than forcibly take it or anything logical, we decide to fuck with his family history.

Head back to 600 A.D.

Great x a lot grandma wants some jerky! Head over to the tavern...

Buy yourself some jerky.

Show the woman some generocity...

We have successfully fucked with someone's entire upbringing.

We're assholes.

Also, in this house is the White Mail/Vest and the Black Mail/Vest, which absorb Lightning and Shadow respectively. The Blue Mail/Vest from earlier absorbs water/ice, but you should know that.

Return the Moon Stone to 1,000 A.D., and return to it in 2,300 A.D...

All right! Time for some sweet-tastic weapon!


Fuck you, Velma.

By "damage can vary", it means exactly that, except it's skewed towards being worthless 90% of the time. The other 10% of the time, she does regular damage, which is still worthless, because Velma's damage sucks.

Funnily enough, Velma's dad makes something more useful than Velma does. The Sun Shades up your attack power, though not through actual STR or power boosts. It's something like an increase in your damage range.

And that is the Sun Stone quest. Let's move on to something else.

1.) Forest in the Middle Ages and Present
2.) Ozzie in the Middle Ages
3.) Machinery factory in the Future
4.) Sun Stone all over the fucking place
5.) Jimmy the ghost in the Middle Ages and Present
6.) Rainbow Shell in the Middle Ages and Present

What's next?