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Part 49

Chapter 8: 1,000 A.D.
Part 4

See what we've done? We are such bastards.

It should be noted that, regardless of time period, the chancellor is a douche.

Hold it!

All right, round up the gang! Shag, Scoob, let's go!

Velma's already here!

Velma just said that, you idiot.

And a Dumb and Dumber joke. I love this game.

These are the EXACT SAME ENEMIES we faced in the cathedral. As in 60 HP and 13 EXP each.

To make up for the lameness, this part of the came has the coolest fucking scene transitions.

Naturally, the king denies ever meeting this person.

And then reveals to the court that he was lying. Except NPCs are deaf to all dialog not directed towards them.

I really like Jimmy's sprites.

What's even cooler about this segment is that it plays the Undersea Palace theme as you fight your way through, and watch the trial. Plus, you're mowing through the enemies like they're butter. It's one of the most stylish events in the game.

After droves of worthless enemies, we finally make it.

Dearest Mark, I know things are tough between you and your father. But nothing can break your bond of blood. Neither words of anger, nor great distances. Someday, when you have children, you will understand. This special bond is part of a family tree which links us together.
-Queen Guardia XXI, Leene.

I swear, Velma, what is wrong with you?

Now we get to run back!

Wuh oh! Things ain't looking too good!

Unfortunately, the chancellor is, as previously mentioned, a douche.


Oh. We're just a little late.


Sigh. Does anyone realize that he's doing this for self-gain?

How the...

Five of nine people are looking completely stupid in this picture.

No they're not??? They're kings.

Insert a picture of Nixon with a pixelized crown on his head. Comedy!

Why didn't they rush in when the jury rushed out?

This is something dumb, isn't it?

Yep, something dumb.

Mega dumb.

Yakra XIII Fight
Daily Motion Link / Backup

Once again, Mark crap no one cares about. Time to transcribe.

King: No, don't say it. I was wrong to be so stubborn.
Mark: No, I didn't even think about how you felt. Um... I know it in my heart, but the words just come out wrong.
King: I, too, have that problem. I thought y ou left me, but realized that it was I who abandoned you.
Mark: But I'm here now. We'll talk about everything that's happened. About _____, and mother, and...
King: Your mother... How sad! It has taken me so long to understand what Aliza meant with her last words. "Someday when Nadia grows up, she will bring her beloved to meet you. Welcome him warmly. It will be a day you remember forever."
Mark: You... heard her last words?
King: Of course! You were so young! You ran around saying "Daddy, it's fun having all my favorite people here!" Seeing you so happy, she felt reassured, and she left us quite peacefully.

King: Yes, why?
Mark: I used to call you "Daddy"?
King: You did.


Yeah, she won't have a hair touch her head. Mostly because she'll be sitting at the End of Time, doing nothing. Enjoy!




So! What to take? The Prism Dress is a female-only item, which means it'll go to ?!?!?, who I will gladly use more of if chosen. The Prism Helms can be equippable by anyone, but as mentioned, are less effective. Still, they are totally badass.

I leave the decision up to you monkeys.