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Part 5

Chapter 1: ???

"This is what I do for poon."

Given that there's a giant cat robot that isn't attempting to destroy the planet, sure, I can believe blue imps.


Moving on...

... Sure. I can believe blue imps being carried by blue birds.

Uh... sure, I can believe blue imps kicking around an oversized rolly polly.

Welcome to Truce?

This looks like the other village. Except there's a huge puddle of water (also called an ocean) where

_____'s house was.

Walking around and talking to people results in hints being dropped as to where you are...

Except that you have absolutely no frame of reference for any of it. _____ should stop skipping school.

The bridge is out. This is important.

Okay, whatever, let's continue. Where else to check, other than Guardia Castle?

But first, we have to get through the forest.

Which is pretty much just Cyclone spamming birds.

Upon reaching Guardia Castle...

Don't fuck with the knights.

This insult makes no sense, but damn if it doesn't hurt me here.

How does a queen make friends with a commoner? Are queens even allowed to leave the castle?

Who giggles anymore?

Moving up takes you to the throne room. Talking to the king results in him thanking you, but also revealing

that the queen has been acting different since she returned, and is missing her coral pin, which she

guarded with her life. I'm sure it means nothing.

And the chancellor is just a prick.

Head up to the right to get to the queen's room...

There's several staircases leading up. As you can see, there's a treasure chest in here. There's a reason

I'm not opening it.

At the top of the stairs...

Color me uncaring.

"Trust me, it wasn't voluntary."

Chrono Trigger does not like extended touchy-feely scenes.

"... I don't think 'I didn't do it' will cut it with the guards."

On our way to running from the crime scene...

Fantastic. Just who I wanted to see.

Time? What?

The dreaded blue imp, which _____ can fell in a single sword-swipe, bested the entire kingdom's army, and

stole the queen.

I don't think you quite understand how time paradoxes work.

This is the very definition of a snowballing problem.