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Part 51

Chapter 8: 600 A.D.
Part 5

I know the votes said Ozzie's Fort, but, robot, okay? Robot. Robot.

This starts out with the once-lonely girl in the middle of the desert.


But, more importantly, we can finally get to the root of why the forest doesn't exist in THE FUTURE.

Suddenly, the seeds are MAGICAL.

Here's a simple hint as to how to make an upcoming boss battle defeatable.

I'm stupid and forgot to screenshot it, but there's a sand whirlpool in the desert which you jump into. It leads you down into...

this chamber. There are monster battle points EVERYWHERE, and a couple of chests. Head south...

... and whammo, end of the dungeon.


Retinite Fight
Daily Motion Link / Backup

My thoughts exactly.

Anyway, we're done here. Return to Fiona with Frank in the party...

And we're done in the middle ages for now.

Robots are cool.

Now, let's go to the present and see our new forest.

1,000 A.D.

Thanks, I guess?

Yeeow. A little grungy-lookin', there.

Ugh I don't need a lecture on time


I like how the smoke from the fire makes it look like Frank is some kind of steam robot.

Frank has God programmed into his soul.

If only I had taken the Safe Helm.

Short version: yes.

This doesn't really come into play anymore. We still fight Lavos and only Lavos at the end.

There's no real explanation as to why this gate is red. I guess maybe it signifies a one-shot gate connected to someone's strong personal feeling?

Har har har.

And there's our incredibly easy hint.

This is probably one of the most heart-wrenching moments of the game, and still gets me to this day.

The machine, of course, starts.

There is actually nothing young Velma could have done, seeing as the password has to be inputted on the side where adult Velma is.

Even though it's a stock scream you heard a hundred times throughout the game, it still sends chills up my spine.

The very first time I played Chrono Trigger ten years ago, I was so upset that I failed this part that I deleted my save file and started over just so I could do it correctly.

Let's rewind...

As Taban's note says, the password is LARA. It's the same as the factory crane back in 2,300 A.D., where LARA corresponds to the actual buttons of the SNES gamepad. L, A, R, A.

All's well!

Just to prevent a paradox where Velma instead grows up to be some valley girl (we already have one in the party)...

Simple as that.

This is a little ominous, as it seems like Frank is referring to what Velma just did. But, actually, he's referring to the numerous times she's fixed him, as well as her comments should you bring her along in the party.

From this, we get a GreenDream accessory. It prevents death once, and gets destroyed in the process. If I recall correctly, you can get another one, though I don't remember exactly where.

Coming tomorrow morning: Ozzie's Fort and head pants.