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Part 52

Chapter 8: 600 A.D.
Part 6

Ozzie's Fort is directly east from Jimmy's Castle, and features the same exact tileset. But, more importantly, in the future...

It's exactly where Medina Village is.

Let's go bust some heads, shall we?

Par-tay time!

... what?

This question goes unanswered, and we chase Ozzie further inside...

Yep. All of our old pals are back.

Time for a BOSS BATTLE

... uh, okay. Right then.

Yes, fighting Flea and Slash here... well, actually, all of them. It's depressingly easy. Chalk it up to it being a combination of doing this as one of the last sidequests and being level 50. Yes, we're level 50.

Welcome to the greatest scene in the entire game.






Of course, naturally, he summons his other worthless minion...

Who falls...

just as easily as Flea.

This is the dumbest trap ever.


Cor blimey!

And now we can nab the chest, ahahaha!

There's even MORE treasure here, but it's inaccessible unless you have Jimmy in the party.

Why would they do something like that?

Cuz it contains his ultimate equipment

Anyway, moving on...

Ozzie Trio Fight
Daily Motion Link / Backup

Bam, bitch!

As for the special items... the Slasher 2 is worthless. It's a weapon for _____, and everything pales in comparison to the Rainbow.

The Flea Vest is an accessory which raises Magic Defense by 12. That's great, but the other accessories I have are better.

Ozzie Pants is the strongest helmet in the game. However, it causes permanent confusion. To counteract that, you have to use up your accessory slot to block confusion. Anything that says "Protects status" doesn't work, either. In general, it's not worth it.

Once again, impenetrable shield. Three switches. Start with the upper left...


Ozzie has poor forethought, though.

It drops you one level, and lets you walk right back up to him.


Cats are awesome.

And, that's it. There's one more bonus to Ozzie's defeat, which is...

Mega discounts at Medina Village!

That's right, we fucked with the timeline yet again. Without Ozzie to constantly bash humans, the Mystics don't hate them anymore.

And Ozzie's descendants are reduced to maids.

We are assholes.