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Part 53

Chapter 8: 600 A.D. and 1,000 A.D.
Part 7

Sorry for the long absence, work has taken all of my day time, and I had to spend a bit getting used to the workload again.

This is the final character-centric sidequest available. The Northern Ruins are apparently HAUNTED OOOOOOOOH

These are the northern ruins. Just north ( ) of where you meet Toma for the Giant's Claw quest.

It's important to bring Toad here.

And that's why.

This attack, and all attacks, miss. After all three attack...


Now, what you have to do is head to 600 A.D.

His tools have been stolen! What treachery! We must return them! Or steal someone else's!

So we head back to 1,000 A.D.

So we do so. Time fuckery!

Back to 600 A.D.!


But wait! First you have to pay the fucker to repair the ruins. The first time is free.


So we set about clearing the left path as far as we can go (which is up to that hole in the upper right corner). We head down the right stairwell and do the same.

As you can see, the right side is a big room with a bunch of holes in front of doors.

Why is there no "threaten with bodily harm" selection?

Finally, the left stairwell is completely repaired, so let's explore. Don't open the chest! It's there in the present.

Cyrus' grave. The coolness factor is totally destroyed because of the name Jimmy.

The Masamune has MAGIC POWERS of SPIRIT REVIVAL! Notify Yusuke Yurameshi!

Toad: Dear Cyrus... Thou must... think ill of me.
Cyrus: On the contrary! You have come far, my friend. When Jimmy defeated me, I thought of all those whom I had left behind. King Guardia, Queen Leene, and of course, you...
Toad: Cyrus...
Cyrus: Your skill and dedication is superior! I can rest now, knowing that everyone is in good hands.

Always apologetic.


Mune: Mucho metaphysical, man.
Masa: Like, MIND over matter, Mune!
Toad: My... mind?
Mune: Now for a yummy, full-on test!
Masa: It's thrashin' time!

That's right. The Masamune returns.

Guess what still works?

We now got two super critical weapons

As for the rest of this place, it's pretty uninteresting, except for a couple of black boxes. Cyrus' ghost is resting gently in the present, which means the left side is open to us, now. The chest I pointed out not to open holds a Hyper Ether both in the present and the past.


Strongest armor in the game. We go back into the past and grab the Nova Armor, too.

Weapon for ____. Completely useless. Same with the Kali Blade (obviously).

Valkyrie is Mark's ultimate weapon. Not that it matters, we don't use her anyway.

The Moon Armor has the highest DEF in the game, and adds +10 to Mg. Defense. the Nova Armor has slightly less, but protects status. It's worth the tradeoff, so _____ gets the Nova Armor while Frank gets the Moon Armor. ?!?!? is, of course, wearing the Flea Vest.

Just look at how worthless that is. God, Mark, you suck.

Coming up next: The Black Omen!
After that: The Black Omen!
After that: The Black Omen!