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Part 55

Chapter 9: 600 A.D.
Part 2

All right, fellas, let's keep this moving.

Welcome to Black Omen Part Deux.

Queen Zeal dosn't show up at all until the very end, and all of the wall panels remain destroyed. All of the other enemies remain, and all chests are opened. It's basically an experience run.

To make things a little more interesting, let's show off some Triple Techs, shall we?

This is what the Black Rock grants you access to.

It's called Dark Eternal. Mark and Velma float into the air while Jimmy spins around in a nonsensical oval while his Dark Matter background flashes black, red and blue. It deals magical shadow damage.

Unfortunately for us, Goons absorb Shadow. Oops. Let's try this again.

This is Delta Storm.

It's a Water/Lightning/Fire version of Delta Force, _____, Velma, and Mark's TT, which is Ice/Lightning/Fire. Delta Storm and Force both deal Shadow damage, so the only real difference is whether you like Toad or Mark more. It's obvious.

This is Arc Impulse.

Mark casts Ice 2 while _____ leaps off of Toad's head for a Spincut slash.

Followed up by Toad doing Leap Slash. Ice/Physical single-target attack. Damn powerful.

This is Poyozo Dance, granted to the party via the White Rock.

It's the greatest triple tech ever created.

Yeah. It's awesome. It does magical non-elemental damage.

This is Fire Zone.

Its range is the same as _____ and Frank's Max Cyclone. It's magical fire damage.

This is Twister.

It's pretty damn radical.

It deals magical non-elemental damage.

And that marks Part Deux of the Black Omen.

Let's do it again!

12,000 B.C.

This is 3D Attack.

Single-target physical damage. It's like _____, Toad and Frank's Triple Raid. An improvement of X-Strike.

And then I forgot I already showed Arc Impulse and used it to destroy everything.

And that's Black Omen Part Treux. Triple Techs left to be shown: Life Line, Final Kick, Gatling Kick, Grand Dream (Gold Rock, yet to be acquired), Omega Flare (Blue Rock), and Spin Strike (Silver Rock, yet to be acquired). I'll show them in the next update, which will come...

tomorrow?! Here's hoping!