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Part 59

Slight announcement before we begin: Continuing my trend of taking abandoned game ideas and completing them, I've decided, once done with this thread and a short break, I will be tackling Wild ARMS 1 and 2 for the PSX.

Chapter 10: The Endings
_____ and Mark take the right teleporter for a fun time

All right, kiddies, time to go through all of the different endings. Two things are special about this. First, I'm using New Game + off of another save file where I'm max level with every character. Second, I'll be going in order of how early the particular ending is. In this instance, it's the ending right at the beginning of the game.

Now you see where the name of the thread comes from.

Dun dun dun!

This is without a doubt the hardest of the endings to get, given that you have only two characters, and one of them is pretty much next to worthless. However, they are both level 99, and I have about 70 Megalixers with this file. Don't ask.

There is no unique dialog beyond what they initially programmed into each character upon seeing Lavos. It's a little immersion-breaking, but then again, New Game+ in its entirety is.

This is so ridiculously easy it's sad.

So, so easy.

And that is all I am going to show of the Lavos fights from now on. It's a little pointless to continue doing so.

After defeating Lavos, the screen goes white, and we're immediately greeted with a teleport.

We have arrived!

That's right! The hardest ending is, of course, the developer's room. It's pretty silly, as I'm sure a lot of stuff was changed in the localization. Still, it's neat.

Rather than sift through the hundred images of each person's dialog, I'll transcribe some of it.

(Nu) Akiyoshi Masuda: Kobuko and I've been polishing up on our anti-stress massage technique...
(Old Man) Keizo Kokubo: Well I hope everyone can say it was a learning experience! When you complete your rounds, come back to see me.
(Man next to bucket) Hiroki Chiba: So which is it, the Raiders or the Cowboys?
(Furry Spekkio) Taizo Mamo: How 'bout those Dodgers?!

(Oil drum) Kezuka: Better find the switch soon or it'll all go up in flames!

(Poyozo Doll) Matsuzo Itakura: Did you figure out the Poyozo Dance attack? See you again in the next game.
(Statue off to the left) Kato: Every night will have a day. Even forever has to come to an end... I think...

(Toma) Yasunori Mitsuda: Well, it's my turn to go on a journey! *rushes out door*
(Tata's dad) Keita Eto: It'll cost you 10,000,000G to fix a broken map!
(Shopkeeper) Kazuhiro Ohkawa: Congratulations! Now wasn't that fun?
(Young man) Yoshinori Ogura: Well I'm glad they gave me a bit part in this game...

(Ayla) Makoto Shimamoto: Can you do it? THE 9999 damage point strike!
(Goblin) Hiroshi Uchiyama: That's a pretty good costume you got on there, kit! Wait! It's really YOU, isn't it?!
(Pot) Tsutomu Terada: Hey don't mess with the monsters I created! They kinda grow on you after awhile you know?

(Reptite) Ken Narita: Love was in the air... But then... the boat sank. Sigh...
(Young man) Kazuo Suzuki: Hey that's me, the merchant-maker!
(Man by console) Kenichi Nishi: Boy was it a long haul... I've gotten my first grey hairs because of this game!!
(Robot) Keisuke Matsuhara: Thank you, thank you, no applauze necessary, just send money... Another one of my masterpieces will be available soon, so stay tuned.
(Atropos) Haryukui Nishida: Want to see Chrono Trigger 2? That'd be nice, huh?

Final Fantasy 2 US for the SNES had its difficulty dramatically reduced, totally invalidating this line.

(Skeleton) Toshiaki Suzuki: Aaaack! I'm so tired... No, I'm hungry... No, I can't decide... Acck! They've made me into a zombie, working on this game...
(Krawler) Katsuhisa Higuchi: Legendary programmer seeks that special someone. Waiting for those cards and letters.

And then, for no reason, they attack you. I got THE 9999 point damage attack here!

(Little kid) Masanori Hoshino: Hey, they promised to name the game Hoshino Trigger!
(Future guy) Takayuki Ohtachi: Mission complete!
(Goblin and octopus) Koichi Ebe: Wow, you just jetted through the game huh? Let me throw you a kiss!

Nomura you douchebag!

(Rolly) Koji Sugimoto: Bet you can't beat the score of 2110 in the bike race!
(Body) Kazumi Kobayashi: I've lost 22 pounds because of this game. You'd better be enjoying it!
(Left monster) Yukio Nakatani: Will you be my friend? Are you a girl?
(Right monster) Tadahiro Usuda: Look closely and you'll appreciate the individuality of the monsters. Check out the shadow on this guy's sword!

(Chancellor) Kiyoshi Yoshii: You finished the game already? What about all the work I put in it?!
(Masa) Minoru Akao: Boy isn't this fun?
(Mune) Hey out there in TV land! How're we doing? It's me, Manabu Daishima! If you like this game, check out other Square Soft titles!!
(Young man) Akihiko Matsui: Now wasn't that SPECIAL? See you same time, new game!


(Rolly) Mami Kawai: Oops! Did I forget to insert a few parts? I'm so sorry, it won't happen again...
(Frog king) Fumi Nakashima: Someone kiss me!
(Small frog) Hiroyuki Ito: Heh heh... the Tyrano Lair? Yup, it was my bright idea to put the switch in the mouth!
(Tata) Yasuhiko Kamata: Isn't 32 megs great? The graphics become incredible. It was painful at times, but it sure was fun!
(Drummer) Shinichiro Hamasaka: Good job guys!

God damn that was a lot of dialog.

And now...


Akira Toriyama, the artist for the game. He did some good work.

Fuck you man


As long as you keep making good games, I don't care how fat you get.

The Olympics doesn't have the letter A in it.


The style they refer to is, of course, the credits flying by in less than ten seconds. It's kinda funny, because the music is sped up, too.

And that, as they say, is that.