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Part 62

Did you actually believe I would update when I said I would? Hahahaha you naive fools have you learned nothing!

Chapter 10: The Endings
The Hero Tata

The window for this ending is rather small. You have to have learned of Tata and his possession of the Hero Medal, but not retrieve it.

THEN you rush back to the End of Time and dive into the bucket and kick the shit out of Lavos.

After that you get a black screen! THANKS FOR NOTHING HAHA PRANKED HARDCORE

False! The credits start to roll, with Robo's theme playing.

This looks rather familiar.

But it's fucking hilarious because haha robots

How adorable. It's even cuter because they're robots and robots are unfeeling creatures just acting on programming. "Love" is not an acceptable command.

But enough of the robots!

No, seriously, no more robots in this ending. I don't get it either.

Instead we get HERO TATA going to SAVE the WORLD.

But... what's this?

They couldn't make a "sit in chair" sprite? Really? Really?

But enough talk. Have at you!

Well that was just lame!