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Part 63

Chapter 10: The Endings
Time Goes On

This ending is obtained by beating Lavos at any time after getting the Hero Medal, but before going to 65,000,000 B.C.

This ending is a clipshow of, essentially, life going on. With Lavos dead, the characters return to their own times, though the group returns to 1,000 A.D. through the gate to Medina Village. Either it's just some childish prank they're pulling, or the path in Guardia Forest is still being guarded.

Having never gone to 65,000,000 B.C. at all,

the lives of Kino and ?!?!? are never interrupted.

?!?!? continues to fight against Azala and the reptites

until the reptites die out, presumably from the Red Star, Lavos's, crashing into the planet. He burrows underground and begins to sap energy from the land. 64,988,000 years later, the Mammon Machine summons Lavos once more, bringing down Zeal, tossing the gurus into their respective time zones, and Janus into 600 A.D.

Where he is found by Ozzie and raised, eventually becoming their leader.

He leads a war against Guardia Kingdom.

Naturally, Guardia responds.

Lastly, Toad departs to confront Jimmy one last time. He's victorious, and the mystics retreat. Their hatred of humans persist even four hundred years later.

But what of Frank? His future erased, there is nothing left for him...

Except deliver us the end.