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Part 65

Chapter 10: The Endings
Taking care of unfinished business

This ending is acquired after giving Toad the Masamune. This scene must be done, as he must be able to WIELD the sword before you fight Lavos.

Too bad for us it's the Masamune I

Nevertheless, after a race back to the bucket and a quick Lavos destruction...

This is one of the good endings.

Fuck you, I didn't see YOU fighting Lavos.

Thanks, but I still hate you.

If you recall, we were on our way somewhere when we decided to take a left at Lavos.


Mark and Velma proceed to laugh like the pricks they are, while _____, there in the corner, is left wondering why he hasn't gone home to sleep in his own bed.

As for Toad...

Who can it be?!

Who is this shadowed warrior?


Shock and awe! It's Toad!

Funny that Magus gives Toad a tinge of respect otherwise unseen in this place.

Now that's just cool.

Here, the credits roll as normal, but in the background, you hear Magus' Battle theme, and the sounds of Magus and Toad dueling.

As for the outcome?