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Part 69

Yeah right.

Mark: But things were just starting to get interesting!
Velma: Well, come on folks, let's do the "ending" thing.
Mark: ROLL THE CREDITS! But first, let's remember all the fun things we did!
Velma: First, let's see a close up of Leene Square!

Mark: I've never understood why anyone would want to run for 3 hours at a stretch...
Velma: Forget that! Can you imagine what the inside of that armor must smell like?
Mark: What a lovely thought, Velma. Let's get on with the show, OKAY?!

Mark: Goodness! VERY nice scenery!
Velma: But of course, my dear!
Mark: I guess you never took a shot at him, right? Say, didn't he just wink at you?
Velma: RELAX, Mark!!

Velma: Wouldn't want anything to do with someone like HIM. Too shifty... he should be put on trial!

Velma: Yeah, thanks PRINCESS. I'll take that under advisement!!
Mark: There's the seed. Hope it grows...

Mark: Someone ought to tell him to take a permanent pit stop. Look at that hair!
Velma: Hey, check it out! He's really a tricycle! Pass him!
Mark: Try again when you learn to RIDE.

Mark: He IS pretty handsome, though...
Velma: But WHERE does he buy his clothes?
Mark: Hey, did you hear? He plucks his eyebrows!
Velma: You've GOT to be joking! But... he's still a hunk!

Velma: Aw, he's just a flake.
Mark: Probably has a dozen girlfriends.
Velma: Actually, I see him as more of an intellectual!

Velma: Total Neanderthal! Throw him a bone!
Mark: But he's honest. That's kind of attractive.
Velma: He walks like a DUCK!!
Mark: Well, he'll never hurt anyone.
Velma: He's really very gentle, isn't he?

And now for the moment no one in particular has been waiting for...

"Oh shit, our pimp found us!"

"As in, get me a soda NOW."


And that takes care of that. This has been all of the endings of Chrono Trigger. Thanks for tuning in!