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Part 7

Chapter 1: 600 A.D.
Part 2

I've also made that pose many times in my life since 1995.

Let's do this.

Playing the organ on the left (which _____ seems to have at least passing ability with coherent notes) opens a door on the right.

Search the environs indeed.

Beyond the cathedral...

Welcome to the first dungeon of Chrono Trigger, the cathedral! Even without the influence from EVIL, the design of the place makes little to no sense when it comes to religious use.

Then again, Chrono Trigger could have some religion like Scientology, so nothing is too outlandish for them.

This particular dungeon is also rather boring, not that it should be too much of a surprise. Every map is symmetrical, and the enemies are simplistic. It IS the first dungeon, though, and it does kind of teach you to pay attention to certain things, as you'll see in but a moment.

Going into that first door brings us into...

This is why, in the normal timeline, you guys lose. This is why, in this new timeline, you guys lose.

I wish there was a Force Ass-Kicking button. Sadly, there is not.

This is what I mean by pay attention.

Follow the little bugger north into another door....

Remember when they were talking about disguises?


More importantly, see that little indent in the wall on the right? It's a door.

Wow. That's... wow.

That was so inspiring, I'm going to kill you all.

After we're done here, we take a short jog across the hall to the left side and another two doors...

The first door reveals three treasure chests (including a new armor for Velma), but also one secret...

A drug?

We're stealing the drugs.

They promptly died. NEXT.

This door is surrounded by spikes with the switch on the other end. How to get around...?

From their perspective, this wouldn't even be a puzzle.

Remember the naga talking about the two humans they nabbed? That would be these two, which means there's no danger of them transforming. There's nothing special about this room, except for the Power Tab in the bucket.

That's all for this map. As we head north for the next...

Stairs are lovely choke points, just prime for Cyclone-in'.

Part 3 coming in a few hours (when this video finishes processing).