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Chrono Trigger

by Coughing Hobo

Part 8

Chapter 1: 600 A.D.
Part 3

Let's keep going.

In the next room is a save point, as well as some more dumb puzzles.


Going down either the left or right staircase results in this, by the way. It's just a matter of which one you go down first.

Through these monsters and this room, flipping the switch in the top corner...

... leads to the top of this room, and a note.

Sure thing.

This switch is actually a trick. It spawns more bats and makes the room nearly impossible to get through without fighting. I flipped the switch and beat their heads in.

At the bottom left leads to the world's worst guard.

What was that noise?!

Yes, I think we do.

That switch on the right side? Disabled those spikes.

Don't they ever learn?

Once again, the organ reveals the next path.

Invisible ink on the note triggered only by an organ.

Last hallway and three sets of enemies slaughtered.

In the last room...

Lots of killing.

Mortal coil is a cool phrase.

Bring it, bitch.

Watch Yakra jump off this mortal coil. / Backup

Requisite ass-kicking music.