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Chrono Trigger

by KQKyle

Part 10

I brace myself expecting to slam into a statue of solid metal, but it gives way.

In the ooze that spilled from the metallic sarcophagus is a mass of flesh, as pale and fat as a maggot. Thin child like limbs stick out from it, a grotesque mockery of a huma-

Alright guys, Crono's a little confused now

Sorry about how long this took, but I'm going to have to ask you guys to not worry about the presence of an update until its been two days since the last one. The nature of this LP means that some update are going to take a while. Thanks for putting up with my crappy update-on-timing so far though! Next update hopefully tomorrow!

(the past few updates are making me wonder why I never used Robo in a playthrough before)