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by KQKyle

Part 15

"The Millennial Fair has been canceled due to an attempted assassination upon the virtuous Princess Nadia of our great kingdom. The unknown assailant was a young man who according to witness accounts was between the ages of 15 and 20, wearing a blue tunic and shorts of the same color in addition to an orange bandanna around the neck, and a white bandanna around the forehead. The only defining physical characteristic being a mass of unruly red hair (artist rendition right).
The Royal Guard will be occupying the fair grounds, detaining all of the civilians present who had not currently proved their innocence, and confiscating all objects on the grounds until the would-be assassin is found. As for who could have been behind the attempt on Her Grace, Princess Nadia's life, current evidence points to our foul neighbors to the south, the dogs of Porre. Porrish aggression as we all know is often of the under-handed dishonorable sort, making the act of brain washing a weak minded local boy, or possibly even hiding an agent in our..."

Idiots. Thinking that anyone could swallow the propaganda shoved in here, no I take that back, they would, they're idiots too. And the artist, Crono doesn't anything like that, no neglected stubble, no dark blood-shot eyes, he looks somewhat properly adjusted.

I can't believe he did it. I've been telling him for weeks now that I wouldn't forgive him if he had another one of his episodes on my day. It was my day, the day that I would finally show them, show them how much smarter than them I am, robots and matter transports wouldn't make any sense to them I'm sure but they would know, they would know how much better I am than them, grunting apes calling themselves people. And he took his sword. He freaked out and attacked the Princess. On. My. Day. Now the government has everything I set up, and they'll probably steal most of it... Idiots.

I can't just stand for this, I'm going to find him, bring him back here and remind him of what he promised, and how much of an idiot he must be to have broken it. He might still be having his episode, might think I'm some kind of goblin or vampire or whatever the hell he sees when he does this... I better take my gun, with tranquillizer darts of course, don't want to kill him!


Alright guys, where should Lucca begin her search?

Jacobus Spades, I envy your artistic talent (and most people's since even my stick figures look like ass, for that matter) but especially yours!