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Part 17

Ugh, I hate going through this forest, always brings up bad memories.

Great, they took Gato, I never even got to see any data on anyone but me and Crono, speaking of that idiot how am I going to look for his unstable ass with arch-sheep crawling all over the- hmmm?

"Hey, just got some orders, we can head back now."
"About time, how many times do we gotta search a place before the higher-ups realize that the psycho slipped out somehow."
"Yeah, its not like he was here when we started looking anyways, Stan saw him disappear like some sort of genie or something."
"So was he just drunk when he said that or did he scream it while he could manage to stop hurling?"
"Shut up, he's not that bad... well he's been worse."
"Yeah, yeah..."


Lets see if those bastards messed with my transporters.

Ah, at least they haven't gotten both yet, maybe I can tamper with the other one before I leave, hehe, make them think twice about stealing from a genius.
Might as well see if he's huddled in a corner on the other side of the square.

Crap oh crap oh crap, didn't they all leave!?

I shouldn't of seen that, oh crap, what the hell is going on, I have to get out of here, I'm so stupid, Crono wouldn't have stayed here in the middle of a crowd during one of his fits, I'm so stupid, i knew that, why am I so stup-

Damn it Lucca your so-

Alright guys another quick POV change!

Next update in a couple of days!

(sorry if the text is hard to read, from now on I'll try to avoid outdoors areas with a lot of sunlight, just like in real life!.)