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Chrono Trigger

by KQKyle

Part 22

Twas the night before Christmas, as I'm sure you all know,
Not a creature was stirring, except for our dear Crobo.

Over the chimney the net was hung,
Weighted with rocks, in case he tried to run.

Twelve rings, Santa would soon be here,
And with him the jelly he guarded so dear.

He had to taste it, grape, even plum, Crobo couldn't resist any.
A scrape then a thud, he was coming down the chimney!

The net fell and old St. Nick said with a curse,
"What is this? I thought the night couldn't get worse!

Stale cookies and soured milk, what a pitiful perk,
And now you here with this net, impeding my work!"

Before he could continue Crobo had torn through the skin and the hair,
But what was this? Blood, guts and bones, he had no jelly in there!

Disappointed he skittered back home, to sleep and have holiday dreams,
He put on some cheerful music to drown out the screams.

The failure wasn't a surprise, why he didn't think his plan would get this far,
Don't worry, to everyone he hinted his want, he was sure he get jelly by the jar.

Hope you guys enjoyed the X-mas special, there won't be an update until after the holiday revelry has died down.