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Chrono Trigger

by KQKyle

Part 3

Warm air, filled with the smell of frying foods and sweating townsfolk engulfs me. People all around playing, bartering, mingling with each other, they all sweat. Beneath the clothes bought just for this day, their wondrous smiles, the fairground prizes tucked under their arms, they all ooze the filth of their bodies. Beneath this rind of simple decadence a rotted pit oozes its corruption. Leene's Bell.

I see Melchior. There's no surprise in him leaving his solitude on the island of Medina, if there was a chance to hock his wares he will take it, the villagers that had the misfortune of living near his shack can attest to that. He must know something about the Bell, he has understood as much if not more of the dark truths and enlightened lies around us as I have. I can trust him.
The only thing he says is that a new King will be born tomorrow.
I doubt he even heard what I said about the bell, from the looks of it he went into his Self hours ago. The secrets he finds there mean nothing to me right now, the only thing that matters is Leene's Bell.

There. The Bell. Its... a bell. I don't understand, it called me here, to-

What? What is-

I see, I see, I se

e, I see, I see, no st, I see, ay back, I

see, I see, I see, I see,

I have to get out of here, I have

... dead end. Trust me.

Cornered, the only I can save youthing I can do is fight.Follow me.

Alright, so do I:

Update of your choice will be up sometime tomorrow. See you then!