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Chrono Trigger

by KQKyle

Part 5

You'll save me?
Trust me.

No choice.

Where am I? What is this?
A funeral.

For you, for mankind.

For me.
Who are you?
I am man's hopes and dreams, its essence and legacy. I am man's first fire, its burning innovation, and its dying ember.

I am Lavos. I am Humanity.
Because I have died, and you will save me. You saw it, Leene's Bell, the putrefaction surrounding it, it wants to destroy us, end our species before we have truly accomplished anything, you will stop it.
What if I refuse?
And doom me? Yourself? Our entire purpose? Let it fulfill its conspiracy? Go through the door.

What else in life could give you more meaning?

Alright, time to change our point of view character for a bit!

And as a consolation for how long this update took and the fact that updates for the next few days might be sporadic(Thanksgiving and all), the first person who posts the winning choice gets a special prize!

edit: And by special prize I of course mean an act of poor judgment that caused the next several pages to be completely detrimental to the thread! Skip to the bottom of page 7 for the next update unless you want to read through 3 1/2 pages of bitching about Chrono Cross and dick-girl faggotry, and if you do want to read that, what the christ.