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Part 9

This again. The stretching of my formless self twists what had once might have been my stomach into knots as I am pulled to some unknown destiny. That's if I had been though, which I might not have. I'm certainly not now, being a nothing that composes everything.

I hope I wont have to get used to unbeing.

What had I gotten myself inFateto.

I barely hear him as I shuffle into the ranks of faceless goons, all of us on our way to a violent purpose. He talks as if the only person he's talked to in years is himself... heh, he almost reminds me of Luc-

This again. No. This is different. This is reality, I am a something that is trying to encompass everything. Muscles scream, nerves buzz, my mind knows only one thing:

I am the Lightning.

I am the Fury.

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The Hero pulled by Fate.
The Robot who Dreams.
A fight scene so epic that it might not get finished it time!
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