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Original Thread: Lavos: Hands of Fate--Let's Play Chrono Trigger! [[NO SPOILERS]]



Alternative Thread Title: My Name is Leave, and I Have Metal Bits, and I think Chrono Trigger is Totally Rockin' Tits

Howdy, folks! Leavemywife here, back with yet another LP of an awesome RPG!

This time, as you can see from the banner, we'll be doing Chrono Trigger, the SNES classic. It covers love, fighting, time travel, magic, frogs, robots, hunting, dinosaurs and a bunch of other stuff. Rather than doing the SNES version, which has been done before, we'll be doing the Nintendo DS version, with the new translation, the anime cutscenes from the Playstation version, and some extra content! I'll be covering all of that stuff, but I probably won't be pointing out every translation difference, as there's going to be a few, and I don't know all of them. I know a few here and there (mostly relating to item names).

I'm also going to assume that you, the reader, have little familiarity with the game. Sure, it's a very popular game and everyone should have played it by now, but I encountered someone earlier today who hadn't.


Fitting with that above is that we're not going to have any spoilers in this thread. Not even any spoiler tags; the only person using spoiler tags is going to be me, when I make a shitty joke and want to hide my shame.

If spoilers persist after I ask, I will lock the thread for a while.

Since this is an RPG, the only voting will really relate to changing character names and what party I take; there are a few different sidequest choices you can make, but I'll be showing off the worthwhile ones. However, to make up for that sort of thing, I'll be having contests here and there so that you can compete and win actual prizes!

Updates will come at least once a week, if not more (probably more, those of you who know how I update are thinking), but I've got myself a job that usually wipes me out by the end of the day, but I'll see maybe if I can't get an update out on work days. No promises, but we'll see. Expect at least one during a weekend.

And as a special shout-out to Silver_Falcon, she gets all credit for the thread title, and is a genuinely wonderful lady.

With that out of the way, let's bounce.

I'll be announcing when I update on Twitter if you're into that sort of thing.

I'm going to make a thread rule here.

Normal votes, where you just bold it and slap it down, count for one vote.

If you do a rap/musical cover, your vote now counts for two. If you actually perform it, I'll count it for three.

Table of Contents

Update One: Good Morning, Crono!
Update Two: Fair Bouncing
Update Three: Where The Hell Are We?
Update Four: Castle Exploration
Update Five: Losing My Religion
Update Six: X-Strike
Update Seven: Princess Escort Service
Update Eight: The Trial
Update Nine: Prison Break, Starring Chrono McSilent
Update Ten: Why Does A Prison Need A Tank!?
Update Eleven: Gettin' Some Dome
Update Twelve: Sewer Sidequesting
Update Thirteen: Under The Dome
Update Fourteen: Riding The Wind
Update Fifteen: Bringing Lucca To The Factory, Just As I Hoped
Update Sixteen: Henry Ford Levels Of Safety
Update Seventeen: Drifting Through The End
Update Seventeen And A Half: The World Refused To Change...
Update Eighteen: Heckran's Cave of Mystical Wonders (SSLP)
Update Nineteen: Dedicated To Old Greg (The Poster, Not The Guy From The Show I've Never Seen)
Update Twenty: Bridge On The River Die
Update Twenty One: I'm Burnin' For You
Update Twenty Two: Re-Ride The Wind
Update Twenty Three: Open The Door, Get On The Floor
Update Twenty Four: Let's Dance, And Go Off A Blue Suede Nu
Update Twenty Five: Bad Things Are Not Good
Update Twenty Six: Lair Down To Rest
Update Twenty Seven: Lightning Bitch Slap
Update Twenty Eight: Opening The Magic Cave
Update Twenty Nine: Breaching The Keep
Update Thirty: Emptying The Keep
Update Thirty One: Felling the Fiendlord
Update Thirty Two: Take To The Skies
Bonus Update: Checkin' On Shadow Smidge Gato
Update Thirty Three: I'll Title This Later
Update Thirty Four: "Up" Means "Leavemywife" "Date" means "Has Too Much Free Time"
Update Thirty Five: I May Have Been Overzealous In Taking Shots
Bonus Update: Sealed Chests
Update Thirty Six: The Wings of Time
Update Thirty Seven: I Got Back Quicker Than Expected
Update Thirty Eight: Woe Is To All Them Guys I Murdered For Their TP
Update Thirty Nine: Giga Gaio Gar
Update Forty: Dalton Gets His Bitch Ass Kicked
Update Forty One: Lavos
Update Forty Two: Aftermath
Update Forty Three: Free As A Black Bird
Update Forty Four: An Unexpected Ally
Update Forty Five: Surmounting Death
Update Forty Six: The Northern Ruins
Update Forty Seven: Ozzie's Fort
Update Forty Eight: The Sun Stone
Update Forty Nine: The Rainbow Shell Part One
Update Fifty: The Rainbow Shell Part Two
Update Fifty One: The Genocide Dome
Update Fifty Two: The Sunken Desert
Update Fifty Three: Knock Knock, Motherfuckers
Update Fifty Four: And Then I Was Like, "'ey grrlfrnd, les turr up the Omen"
Update Fifty Five: Sinking The Omen
Update Fifty Six: Leavemywife Enters Attack Mode!
Update Fifty Seven: Death From The Inside
Bonus Update: Alternate Dialog
Update Fifty Eight: Beyond Time
Update Fifty Nine: Reunion
Update Sixty: The Lost Sanctum
Update Sixty One: Some More Bullshit And The Golden Hammer
Update Sixty Two: Primastone Horseshit
Update Sixty Three: Meet The Nu Master, Same As The Old Fuck You This Reference Is Too Cool For The Lost Sanctum
Update Sixty Four: Cut Down For Your Convenience
Update Sixty Five: I Attack The Darkness!
Update Sixty Six: Oh My God, We're Done!?
Update Sixty Seven: Dimensional Vortex: 12,000 BC Style
Update Sixty Eight: Team Battle Bros s Some Fools
Update Sixty Nine: Team Girl Power Visits The Future
Update Seventy: Dream's Epilogue
Update Seventy One: Guardia's Successor Wishes A Good Night To The Legendary Hero
Update Seventy Two: The Unknown Past Is Made Of The People Of The Times Who Keep The Oath
Update Seventy Three: The Dino Age Is Not What The Prophet Seeks While He Travels Memory Lane To Meet The Dream Team

Achtungnight talks about Chrono Trigger!

Bonus From achtungnight: Differences Between The Two Endings Based On Certain Factors
AN's Bonus Update #2- The Many Faces of Spekkio
AN's Bonus Update #3--He Talks About Weaponry!
AN's Bonus Update #4--He Talks About Armor!
AN's Bonus Update #5--He Talks About Items and Accessories!


Leavemywife posted:

Despite the name being changed to skull-smash, Keeshhound and I came up with this contest idea months ago, so we're rolling with it.

Stupid name change, Jurassic Pork Soup was great and you guys had to go and fuck things up...

Chrono Trigger Cooking Contest!

In honor of us encountering Jurassic Pork Soup, I'm going to challenge you, the readers, to make your own prehistoric recipes; it can be a recreation of what you think Jurassic Pork Soup is, or your own original recipe. However, there’s a caveat to this; since you’re replicating a prehistoric recipe, you should try to only use techniques and ingredients that would have been available to the inhabitants, unless you were to make it yourself, using era-appropriate techniques. So, no Heinz ketchup, but if you make some yourself, it’s fair game. Hell, you’ll get extra points for limiting yourself to what would have been available in 65,000,000 BC. You won’t be disqualified for taking advantage of modern conveniences, but if you can keep everything stone age, it’ll be worth some bonus points!

But Leave, why would I want to participate in this?

You’d want to participate not only because it’s fun and you can make something tasty, but the winner of the contest will receive a $10 prize in the form of a forums upgrade, archives, a new avatar or a Steam game.

How will the contest be judged?

Unless you’re willing to send me a sample of what you make, this contest will be judged by a panel of goons, including myself, Keeshhound, Silver Falcon and Yapping Eevee. We’ll judge you on appearance, ingredients used, and you’ll get bonus points for doing a write up on how it tastes.

How long do I have to make my entry?

You have until...Uh, shit, I don’t know. How about a month to make and post your recipe, so on June 4th, if you haven’t entered, you’re shit outta luck? Sound good? Sounds good to me.


How will this work?

Alright, folks, I'm feeling an art contest needs to be done. My love of fan-art is pretty well known, but I haven't been able to reach any of my old favorites. But, despite that, I know there is a goldmine of artistic talent in this thread. As for your guidelines of what you want to create, pick something from the game, whether it's a line, an action, moment--anything is fair game, as long as it came from Chrono Trigger. Once you've decided on your subject, create it as a bit of fan-art and submit it to the thread.

What style am I required to use?

Any style is fair game; if you want to do manga style, go for it; modern Cubism is a-go; traditional portraiture and action painting are all allowed to be done. Hell, even if you want to do some weird pixel art on the side of a spaceboat, then you can go for that! What we're looking for here is creative, imaginative art, and I have no desire to hold someone back by limiting things. In short, do whatever you'd like!

How long do I have to create my masterpiece?

Well, it's June 25 for me right now, so we'll run the contest until July 31st, for a little over a month to draw and submit your piece.

How will we know who wins?

This is where I come in. For this go 'round, I'll be falling back to a panel of judges; myself, Keeshhound, and Silver_Falcon, but we're joined this time by Explosionface. If you want to try hard enough, you can figure our likes and dislikes out and incorporate those into your works (hint: I like minotaurs).

Okay, so if I'm doing all of this work, what do I get out of it?

Well, there will be three prizes awarded for this go 'round.

Prize One: A new avatar (with picture and text of your choice), a forums upgrade, or a $10 Steam game
Prize Two: A $5 Steam game
Prize Three: This one can be open to negotiation, but my current thought is that the third person wins a commentator spot on my next LP, which will be a VLP.

Leavemywife posted:


Hey, there, everybody! For the final contest in this thread, I'm going to go ahead and post the results. Silver_Falcon is on vacation, so she didn't weigh in, but Keeshhound and Explosionface did. Without further ado, here are the results!

First Place: Peterjmatt, with his submission of Chrono's Angels!

Second Place: Daigerus, with his submission of Robo bashing Gato's shit in!

Third Place: Anoia, with her portrait of Marle!

For you first and second place winners, you can contact me via Skype, Steam, or AIM, with my username here being the same as on those. As soon as you contact me, we'll work out what your prizes are!


So, before we even fought the first boss, Explosionface made a thing that wound up as yet another smiley added to the list that SA offers.

He has given us .

And knowing my love of the smiley and the various incarnations we've made come true ( and ), Feyerbrandx made , which is just fantastic.

And then Explosionface went ahead and made this, as he's totally rad and deserves more money than I pay him.

Seriously, let's start a Kickstarter to fund Explosionface's wasted time in making silly shit for my LPs.

Speaking of which, here's the Explosionface .gifatar extravaganza!

Explosionface posted:

And I make a regrettable choice of words turn into something that scares me to the core.

Leavemywife posted:

Ugh; I just imagined Yakra in a dress and now I think I've lost my train of thought. Who's this girl again?

Kheldarn posted:

: I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

The Dark Id posted:

Ayla is OP according to 5 year olds.

Serving as some special fan-art, here's a child's rendering of Chrono zapping the shit out of an enemy.

Leavemywife posted:

Ugh. Nobody bring up Sexy Frog. I remember what happened when I said something about that concerning Yakra.

EponymousMrYar posted:


I couldn't resist flexing my long neglected sprite editing muscles

Kheldarn posted:

Too late!

ParanoidLogician posted:

Third, I finally have the perfect opportunity to post another of my works.

MikeyLenetia posted:

here's my response to something that happened along the way!

JT Jag posted:

Hi this took way way too long because I wanted it to be just right

Kheldarn posted:

I probably owe you this.

Kheldarn posted:

You left out the other half of this.

: The weak go quickly to their graves; play with fire and you get burned. Don't forget, you got whacked 'cuz you're weak.

: What the fuck are you doing here?

: Making us sexy.

: Damn sexy.

Kheldarn posted:

Alternate take.

: The weak go quickly to their graves; play with fire and you get burned. Don't forget, you got whacked 'cuz you're weak.

: What the fuck are you doing here?

: Making us sexy.

: Damn sexy.

: So damn sexy!

: ...

: What?

: Get thee out!


Kheldarn posted:

That's a spankerin'!

Variant_Eris posted:

Also, here's something I whipped up in five seconds with GIMP.

"If you stare into the pickle, the pickle stares back at you."

YggiDee posted:

I apologize for the image quality, (I don't have one of them fancy 'scanners' or 'photoshops') but not for what I drew.

(I think I cut off some of the photo, it's supposed to read "I may not have been forthcoming in the full details of my past, but with the death of the Fiendlord, so too dies my curse. Farewell, my friends!"

And that's how Marle got a pet

silversatyr posted:

So... I did a thing. I'm not sure WHY I did the thing but I did it.

I felt it needed less Sparta and more Reptite. No, I'm not sure why I felt that either. I got halfway through it and stopped and just went "Why am I doing this?". Had nothing better to do so... welp.

Kheldarn posted:

I guess it's genetic.

Also, goodbye cruel thread!

silversatyr posted:

Beaten to the punch! But at least I did the Elder instead. ^.^;

Kheldarn posted:

That doesn't even require any effort. I'm tempted to not give it to you, since you left my last edit out, but I love you too much to do that.

silversatyr posted:

: How rude! I totally exist! I'm just feeling a bit blue. Get it? Blue?

(not sorry. also not sure why I recoloured it to blue.)

Your wish is my command~ you can't guess who's trying to find anything to do but what they're supposed to be doing.

achtungnight posted:

This was where I stopped playing through the Lost Sanctum the one time I tried it. I found the vines and built the ladder, I was ready to use it but then we're told it can last over 65 million years through an ice age and other assorted cataclysms. As a child, I might not have cared, but as an adult, I like my fantasy stories to maintain suspension of disbelief. The Saint Stone and ancient Nu Master had already stretched it, this snapped it. I quit. Thanks, Leave, for letting me see the rewards past this point. I had a different party for this bit and I have to say I'm amazed they bothered to give everyone varied dialogue for an optional quest that otherwise blows.

To lighten the mood and remind people how brilliant this game was originally, Leave gave me permission to post the following alternate versions of endings we've already seen. These are from Youtube, as I don't have the expertise and equipment to record full videos and screenshots of my own in the quality I prefer. I do hope to get it someday, and do my own full LPs, but till then I'll enjoy other people's and help out where I can.

As mentioned before, the key things you can do to change these endings are save Lara, save Chrono, kill Magus, and crash the Epoch (or not). There's also a way to give Chrono more than one cat, but I'm not sure how it works and it doesn't change much. Reunion and Beyond Time are the only endings with alternate versions, far as I know. Yes, there are more endings, but Leave will get to them after the bonus content. Saving Lara and getting extra cats result in the smallest change to events, saving Chrono the biggest followed closely by crashing the Epoch into Outer Lavos. All the ending videos I found have Lara saved, we've already seen both possible results of helping her or not. Getting extra cats just results in them all running for the Telepod together if you have the Epoch or not appearing otherwise.

And now for the other varations:

First, Reunion Ending with Janus present but Epoch destroyed-

Sadly Janus doesn't contribute much. A better ending is here-

Reunion Ending with intact Epoch and Janus-

This is much cooler than the version without the Epoch, IMHO. It's also the ending that shows the most teamwork from Janus, and the most badass chops from Marle. "I can't stand around doing nothing!" Yeah, now that we have the Epoch, you can't! Though I do have to wonder why Gaspar is so reluctant to give up the Time Egg. The character moments during the credits are also neat. Thanks to ArtificialRaven for posting these videos!

ArtificialRaven also posted a video of the ending with a human Frog. So if anyone's curious, here is a version with Janus not recruited, the Epoch intact, and Chrono not saved. Lucca and Marle's reactions to human Frog are quite amusing.

Reunion Ending with intact Epoch, no Janus-

I'm not sure why Leave's ending came out different than the above, with Frog still a Frog. Perhaps this is the SNES version and they changed it for the version Leave's doing? I don't know. There is also a Reunion Ending with no Epoch, no Janus on the same channel- Frog is still a frog.

I went to a different channel for the Beyond Time (defeat Lavos after saving Chrono) ending variation.

Beyond Time Ending with crashed Epoch-

Courtesy of Basileous Productions. This has the original Woolsey text too. It takes some serious cartoon liberties with the laws of balloon physics, but is a better ending for Chrono's Mom than she got before. Although our heroes don't have much incentive to continue their adventure now... The events before the party says their goodbyes is identical to what we see if the Epoch was intact.

I looked for but was not able to find a video of the Beyond Time ending with a human Frog. Even the versions I found without Janus recruited still had Frog in his nonhuman form. Maybe this was a permanent change with the DS version- can anyone confirm? Or maybe Chrono has to die for Glenn to be human.

Speaking of Chrono's Mom, I also created a transcript of her meeting those party members we haven't seen before in the LP-

Mom: Uh, are you one of Chrono's friends?


Mom: Another quiet one? Don't be shy, dear.

Lee Child: Janus said nothing.


Mom: Dear me...! Crono! How many times have I told you to keep your pets outside!!

M, madam...! I am NOT a pet! Though I am...odd of figure, I am a master swordsman!

Mom: It TALKS...! Er...I just thought, I mean... I'm terribly sorry, uh, Mr. Toad.

NO! Mine name is.... Toad will do for now...

The latter bit is strange, Chrono's only other pet in the game is the cat and there seems no problem with it being inside.

I'll post that equipment list I promised a while back when Leave is done with the bonus dungeons. I also hope to do a post on the many forms of Spekkio and one showing off some Techs Leave may not get to if I can find appropriate videos to link. All with his cooperation of course.

See y'all later!

Daigerus posted:

Sorry for being a few hours late, but here's my entry for that fanart contest, if that's still a thing that's going on:

Adding my two cents in, I've never played the DS version, so I'm fairly surprised by the Dimensional Vortex stuff, though it feels like the rewards in 12,000 BC could have been easily redundant and/or wasted if for instance, the player had already maxed out Marle's stats beforehand. Then again, that was probably an unlikely scenario, since everyone agrees that she doesn't bring much to the table compared to other characters and therefore was least likely to get stuffed down with a million tabs, if this thread is anything to go by.

peterjmatt posted:

I think someone requested something like this a while back.

Anoia posted:

In appreciation for completing the LP, I give you my awful art contest entry. It's very because I drew it on my phone.

I was inspired by Marle looking just like Leene, and also this portrait of Charles II of Spain, famous example of royal inbreeding.

Unfortunately when I started looking at copying Akira Toriyama's style, I realized his proportions are already kinda fucked up. I tried to make Marle look like she's her own grandma but it ended up just looking like typical bad anime. Oh well.

Congrats Leave!

Character Raps

It's become a thing in this thread to throw down some mad rhymes about who you want me to take in the party; for archival purposes, I'll be saving those. To look at them, click here.

Music Links

Counterfeitsaint, the fine fellow he is, has taken it upon himself to compile the music links together, for easy access. What a guy!

counterfeitsaint posted:

Leave asked me to gather up all the tindecks so far to go into the second post, so behold, some really awesome music!

Guardia's Millennial Fair

Gato's Song

Burn! Bobonga! Burn!

Strange Occurrences

Chrono Trigger


Yearnings of the Wind

The Cathedral

Fanfare 1

Frog's Theme

Frog's Theme (Arrange Version)

A Prayer for the Wayfarer

Depths of the Night

Boss Battle 1

Crono & Marle - A Distant Promise

The Trial

The Hidden Truth

A Desolate World

Site 16

Those Without the Will to Live

Creeping Through the Sewers

Sealed Door

Lavos's Theme

The Last Day of the World

Johnny of the Robo Gang

Bike Chase

Derelict Factory

Robo's Theme

Critical Moment

At the End of Time

Jolly Ol' Spekkio

Guardia Castle - Pride

Boss Battle 2

Primeval Mountain

Ayla's Theme

Rhythm of Earth, Wind and Sky

Corridor of Time

The Fiendlord's Keep

Strains of Insanity

Magus Confronted

Tyranno Lair

Zeal Palace

Schala's Theme

Ocean Palace

Black Omen

To My Dear Friends

Wings of Time

Crono & Marle

Singing Mountain (Previously Unreleased Track!)

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