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Part 14: Update Fourteen: Riding The Wind

Update Fourteen: Riding The Wind

Welcome back, folks! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we not only found out how the world got fucked up, but also found a seed for the people of Arris Dome, simultaneously teaching and giving them hope. Today, we'll be crossing Site 32 and going to Proto Dome, so let's bounce.

I guess we did found out what year it was; we've been catapulted 1,300 years from the Present, and 300 years from the Day of Lavos.

We crossed Site 16 earlier and this is Site 32, so it should be twice as tough here, right?

Mid-Potions are relevant right now, especially since they're basically full heal items. Not that we really need something like that, but it's nice to have it around.

North of there we find the Jetbike that Doan gave us the key for last update.

Let's hop in this baby and--

You'll sorely regret denying me my Jetbike action, robots.

The battle music kicks in here, everyone draws their weapons, and it's time to throw down.

...Or not.

Whoa, who's this sweet motherfucker?

Looks like one bad mamma-jamma.

Who's the black racing 'bot who's a sex machine to all the chicks?

You're damn right.

Who's the bot who'd risk his neck for his brother bot?

Can ya dig it?

You see, this cat here is one bad mother--

I'm just talkin' 'bout Johnny!

Listen to that Tindeck link up there, if you haven't. Johnny's theme is funktastic.

He's edgy and cool!

He's so cool, he only lets people cross the ruins if they can beat him in a bike race.

Shit, baby, don't you worry none 'bout me!

We know how to ride like a leaf on the wind, Johnny.

So, hell, let's rock this joint!

The bike race is an actual minigame, and it's very possible to lose.

And if you don't win, you're not crossing Site 32. That video link up there is for the race, if you want to see it.

In all of its Mode-7 glory; you can also see a little bit more of just how fucked up 2300 AD is.

Little dejected Johnny. I almost feel bad for him.

We'll catch you later, player; we'll ride the wind again!

There are other things we can do in Site 32, but we'll get to them later. There's far more excitement over here than in there.

Like a Derelict Factory!

Well, let's see, there are two conveyor belts; the one on the left is coming toward us, while the one on the right, being blocked by the laser, is going forward.

Let's see if we can drop that laser. Surely, nothing bad will come of us messing with computers. We've had a good track record with that in the past.

Or a puddle of orange soda will drop from the ceiling.

This little guy here is an Acid. He has 255 Defense, so physicals won't be doing much of anything to them.

He's weak to Light, thankfully, so we can drop him.

With 10 HP, this is more than enough to kill him. Still, he's a tough little sumbitch.

We can't cross the laser. I'm pretty sure it's low enough we could just high-step over it, but

And we can't run down the conveyor belt, as it's not going the right way.

So let's not do anything more there. We've got a Dome to explore.

Inside of Proto Dome, we're immediately greeted by an Exterminator.

Scratch that; three of them.

North of those three are these four.

An attack we haven't seen from them is this one, where they try and shock the tits off of a party member.

They were guarding this Enertron, which also leaves us hungry.

What the hell is this, now?

This is where our first anime cutscene comes in; if you'd like to see it, click the image above.

I'm surprised it hasn't tried to kill us yet. Nearly everything else has in this bad Future.

How the fuck do you know anything about that, Lucca? This technology is 1300 years in the future from your time! You shouldn't know shit about this!

Fair point, Marle, but I'm pretty sure we could wreck its day if it tried.

Once again, how the fuck do you know that?

So, you would build robots without free will, Lucca, denying them a chance at true life?

Feel that she should be their lord and master, maybe.

It goes black as Lucca gets to work.

And we're treated to a montage of Lucca repairing the robot.

It's a short montage, but a montage nonetheless.

"It's aliiiiiiive!"

And spitting electricity like nobody's business.

It also busts a quick groove. There's been a lot of funky-fresh robots this update.

I...I don't think it's morning, Marle. Or that times of day really apply here.

Apparently, the robot is thinking the same thing.

Oh, it saw Marle first and now it thinks she's Mommy.

Marle seems to have been through this before, quickly deflecting it.

The robot is polite.

Lucca, you made it so that the robot wouldn't try to kill us, but didn't allow it to verbally give someone the finger? You've just killed my dream of having a HK-47-esque companion.

We need to find your stuffiness circuit and remove that.

"And are you fluent in over six millions forms of communication?"

Click me!

"I can't put the hyphen in there everytime I talk to him!"

A new name, you say?

Alright, folks, voting time! By this time, you all know the rules, so BOLD a vote for what we'll call our new robot friend.

Robo is the default name.

It seems he's taken to it quite well.

Robo ignores Lucca's request in favor of looking around the Proto Dome.

He seems confused.

Nothing good, let me tell you.

You "think" Lucca? You know something awful happened!

Just wait until you step outside.

Well, we have hope, you see, so we're inherently different from the other people in this time period.

Oh, yeah, and we're from the past.

I still want the Google that you guys used.

Marle, we have a robot now. Sealed doors aren't an issue.

See? Robo is trying to break the door down now.

...Any minute now, I'm sure.

Oh. I guess it's a very thick door.

We did repair him, Marle. That's like bringing him back to life.

Sure, we brought him back to where everyone he knew before is dead, horribly killed by a hedgehog, but still, we brought him back.

Alright, folks, we've got our first opportunity to split the party!

We're going north, back to the Derelict Factory, and we need to choose who stays behind to open the door when we restore the power. BOLD a vote for who gets left behind; will it be Lucca, who repaired Robo and can light things on fire, or will it be Marle, who has a crossbow and a healing spell?

Voting ends Friday at noon for Robo's name change and who we leave behind.