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Part 20: Update Nineteen: Dedicated To Old Greg (The Poster, Not The Guy From The Show I've Never Seen)

Update Nineteen: Dedicated To Old Greg (The Poster, Not The Guy From The Show I've Never Seen)

Howdy, folks, and welcome back to Chrono Trigger! Last time, we magicked our way through the Heckran Cave, and this update, we're going back to 600 AD. This update won't be very actiony, and features a ton of but I broke it before the next section because I think that'll work better. At least, I hope so. Anywho, let's bounce.

If we so choose, we can go back into the Heckran Cave, and back to Medina by backtracking through the cave.

But, instead, we're going to Lucca's House. There's a very nice item here.

I like to think he's just saying this, and he's been waiting here for days, hoping we'll come in soon.

Just so he can rip off his vest and go bare-chested, in a desperate attempt to impress Marle.

Oh, wait, never mind. It's nothing creepy, just something exclusive for Lucca.

Eight points of Defense, a precious boost to Speed, and any Fire attacks will deal half damage to her. This thing is great. If Marle wasn't wearing our Speed Belt, she and Lucca would have equal speed.

Our next stop is Chrono's House. I'm sure his mother is rather curious about what's been going on with her son.

Or perhaps she's surprised to see him.

You didn't go check this out, Mom? You'd think if you heard your son was going to be executed by the state, you'd at least go look into it, see if it's true, that sort of thing.

Instead, she scolds us for it.

Since I haven't healed up from the Heckran Cave, let's take the moment to do that.

Hey, our Poyozo doll. I think I showed this before, but I can't remember.

Alright, let's get back to the past.

Not much has changed around the Fair. You can still play the games and beat up Gato if you want.

So, quick question for all of you reading.

For this LP, I've been going much slower than I used to with the updates. When I was first doing LPs, I updated daily (sometimes twice, and more than once, I had three updates ready for a single day), and it seemed to work pretty well.

But since I'm doing this slower, there seems to be not only more discussion in the thread, but also better quality discussion. We actually have time to focus on a single subject, instead of just starting one and then, “Whoa, hey, another update!”

Do you all like this slower pace better? I'm fairly certain you do, but since these are a bunch of shots of travel, I needed something to fill it with.

And now when we hit a Gate, we come back to the End of Time. I could go check on our little Gato smidge, but that'll happen later.

And there's a couple more pillars here for us to go through.

I like how happy Marle looks when we successfully travel through a Gate. Just overjoyed to be somewhere different. Maybe it smells during Gate travel.

There's a new enemy here, which I think is a nice touch. The devs knew you had to come back through here, and instead of throwing the same piss-easy enemies at you, they throw a new enemy at you. Even though it's just two monsters working together.

Imp Hawks possess 54 HP and can inflict Slow on your party members. Not that they'll really get the chance to do so.

Things are a little different in 600 AD than when we were last here.

To see how different, we're going to visit the castle.

C'mon, guys, you recognize us.

That's better. What's shakin', gentlemen?

This is what's different here; the Fiendlord is on the move, but it'll be okay. The Hero is here.

And it seems that he could have been talking about us, but alas, we are not the Hero. A hero, yes, but not The Hero.

And Hero talk is pretty popular among the castle. Which makes sense, since you'd probably talk a lot about your savior when he shows up.

Perhaps if we go and see King Guardia, we can meet this Hero. Also, 600!Chancy is much better than 1000!Chancy.

“Meeting the Hero has given him a case of the vapors!”

It seems that the King has been injured.

Let's go check on him. It might make him feel better to see the false queen, the man who rescued her, and the gal who can light shit on fire with otherwordly forces.

King Guardia, while it isn't shown directly, is apparently one bad motherfucker.

Hey, bud, it's not your fault the King was injured. You were here, doing your duty. Don't feel guilty for things you can't control.

Refer back to what I said above, but where was this guy when Lucca came charging into the castle to find Chrono after he exploded Marle into non-existence?

Kid was probably just happy to have gotten through.

What about you?

Who the hell is Cyrus?

Considering your hair color, no. You're only old in video games if your hair is white or gray.

So...You've got a badge that a Hero can wear and everyone trusts that he's legit when wearing it? Yeah, I see no way this system could be confusing.

I'd reckon he may need a hand.

That covers what's going on with the King and Queen. Also, most of the rest of this update takes place in the castle. It's a update.

But the are interesting, and reveals a bit about events going on.

Well, how many injured can there--

I see. Enough so that not only are they out of bed space, but so that they can't even get these guys out of their armor.

This is the top soldier speaking, by the way.

There's no telling just how long we've been away, but it doesn't seem to have been long enough for a war to start and rations to start running out. Then again, it's time travel, so who the hell knows.

We can't rest here for a full-heal, if we needed it, as there isn't enough bed space. The war effort isn't going well for Guardia.

This is the lady down there, being encouraging. I like to think it's working.

Most of the bed-ridden soldiers just have a grunt to offer us.

This is the only bit of unique dialog for the bed-ridden.

Not only can we visit the kitchens again, but we have to, if we want to progress the game. Not at this exact moment, but we do have to come here. For now, it's just a bit of flavor text.

Can you guess where we're going next? Can you?

And this guy is still an asshole, but he's not too bad for this line.

We've got to pop through the forest again.

As far as I know, there's nothing new in the forest, so you're spared the experience of going through it.

This is the army, by the way. These are the guys who ate up all the rations. Well, that and the seven guys in the castle's infirmary. So...Fourteen guys, if I counted right. Awesome.

Even if they had Enertron technology, they'd still be shafted.

Even on the front-lines, they're waiting for the Hero to come and save their bacon.

Ah, so they do have more soldiers, but they're off with the Hero, having adventures, seducing women, finding magical swords—it's a good time.

This line is indicative of how bad the situation is; this Hero went from a fairy tale to someone they have little choice but to put their faith into. Either he succeeds or they are fucked. Sideways. With barbed wire.

Lemme through, I'll go improve the war effort. C'mon, move, dammit.

We'll get through sooner or later. Probably after all these guys are dead and they can't stop us anymore.

Did you all just pack a sack lunch and think that'd be good for the war? I mean, shit, you can walk to Truce to grab a sandwich or something faster than going back to the castle. Christ, go hunt down an Imp, barbecue him, and enjoy Imp skewers before your next battle.

But we can't do that, so let's go see if we can solve this problem.

And the Commander and Master of Kitchens are related. Has that been mentioned before? I honestly don't remember.

Hey, don't look at me like that.

Yeah, whatever pal, that beef stew you made last week really drove off the vegetarian monsters from Medina.

Oh, he works with his wife. That's gotta be fun.

And she tells him to knock his shit off.

I don't think he knows how to handle that. He's probably used to barking at others and not receiving much back from them. It comes from being in a management role, I believe.

Well, let's go tell the Commander that his brother is giving him the finger from the castle.

I hope he takes it well. Probably not, knowing his brother effectively murdered him.

Ah, there we go.

There was nothing else to .gif this update, so I decided to do this.

You went about fifty feet, man. No wonder you're not on the front lines.

And he gives us a single piece of beef jerky to keep the war effort alive. Fantastic.


And before he leaves, the Master of Kitchen has one last thing to say.

Don't worry, bud; we'll see to it personally.

Chrono gets the Strength Tab Capsule.

And now, back to Zenan Bridge.

Which we'll cover next update. For now, we're going to take a break before we help out the war effort.

Stay tuned!