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Part 24: Update Twenty Three: Open The Door, Get On The Floor

Update Twenty Three: Open The Door, Get On The Floor

Welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we recovered half of the broken Masamune and discovered we need some of the legendary rock Dreamstone to fix it. Today, we're going to start our journey to obtain some of that rock, so let's bounce.

Now, Robo has no mention of Dreamstone in his memory banks and Melchior claims it doesn't exist anymore.

There's only one person I can think to turn to in this time of need who might have an idea of where to look.

Our guide on time's journey.

If the Old Man doesn't have an idea, then I think we're firmly screwed.

Marle must not be much for conversation if the Old Man is snoozing along while she's there.

Yessir; red rock, helped make a legendary sword.

Incredibly ancient, you say?

He could have been a lot more vague about this, but I think he's just wanting us out of his hair.

Since Marle hasn't been around for a little bit and she's part of some of our new Double Techs, let's bring her along.

We're going to the far past with a robot and a princess, two concepts that nobody back then has probably even considered. Perhaps we can pass Marle off as the Chieftness.

Jesus Christ, we're really going far back. I hope communication isn't an issue. Or their ancient diseases. Or our modern ones.

There's really a lot of potential issues here, if you think about it.

Probably too late to do anything about it now.

Ooh, we have a scenic cliff to start our trip here!

...Wait a minute...

Oh God no.

Now if we can just miss when we go to hit the ground...

...Or just land perfectly normally, that would work, too.

However, there's a more immediate issue present. The battle music is playing here, but I like the Primeval Mountain better.

Abominations of nature!

Oh, Jesus, they've mastered jazz hands!

Quickly, before they form a street gang that has elaborate musical numbers!

Whew, that was a close one. I'm hoping we ended the Reptite musical scourge before it could begin.

Since we're in the far past, money as we know it doesn't exist. Instead of getting cash after fights, we're going to find a few different types of items because they work on the barter system. More on that later, though.

Marle and Robo can now use this Double Tech, which is pretty much Aura Whirl but with pewpew beams.

Another Marle and Robo Double Tech, which is one of my personal favorites in the game.

And the opposite element counterpart to Firesword.

But before we celebrate too much, we've got more problems.

A lot more problems.

I don't think we have much choice, Marle.

For the anime version of this next scene, click here!

For those of you not watching the video, you get to see these cool .gifs I made.

This is probably my favorite one I made for this update.

Oh, yes, they do, Robo.

I can only assume she's running this one off by biting its ass repeatedly.

But she won't take them all out for us. We're left with clean-up duty.

Ice Sword is a cool looking Double Tech, and the formula for it is (C¬Atk × 5.0) + (M¬Lv + M¬Mag × 6.2), which means it hits pretty fucking hard.

Reptites only have 92 HP, by the way, but tons of physical defense. Magic is the best way to drop them, but they don't have any standout weaknesses.

One of their attacks is to fling a wad of dirt into your eyes, those dirty sons of bitches.

It hurts moderately, and makes me think it may be time to hunt down some armor upgrades.

In other news, the Rage Band continues to kick ass.

Even if physicals aren't the most effective method of attack. It's still nearly free damage, though.

For our other new damage Double Tech, we have Ice Tackle. If you thought Ice Sword had a crazy formula, check this out: (M¬Lv + M¬Mag × 6.8) + (R¬Lv + R¬Pwr × 14.2).

That's 535 damage, if you're having trouble seeing it.

Marle, understandably, is a little apprehensive of the ass-kicking cavewoman.

She's eating Chrono!

She's trying to steal his tasty, tasty courage!

With the way Marle is standing, instead of looking concerned, it's more like she's admonishing him. "You stop letting that cave woman ravage you this instant!"

And Ayla is all like, "What, don't hate, I'm fabulous."

Being a prehistoric cave person, Ayla's English skills leave something to be desired. I'm curious what her dialog was like in the Japanese original; is it still broken like this or just an odd dialect, or what?

If you want to rename her--

Yeah, forget it, I don't think I'll offer that option. I know how that'll turn out!

Well, that, and I accidentally saved over my backup save which is further on, so I have two saves at the same point where we can't rename Ayla at this juncture. Don't judge me. Just be happy I'm keeping a backup this time.

Either way, Ayla is a big fan of strong folks, so she likes Chrono, who has more strength than a robot.

Marle, are you a touch green, m'lady?

Were I lowbrow enough for it, I'd use the here. However, I'm above such things.

Marle doesn't seem to be, though.

Don't look at me like that, Ayla; I didn't write this stuff.

Ayla gives Robo a good looking over, probably trying to figure out where he got such shiny skin.

In the original, Ayla was asking about "Raw-boots" which I think is much funnier and a better translation. As has been noted in the thread, it's nice to have a new translation, but sometimes, it seemed like they changed things that didn't need it. That could be my nostalgia talking, though.

Robo beats his chest during this, so proud of his status as mechanical man.

Just tell her the truth; either she'll understand or won't, but will still move on with her day.

Jesus, Robo, she's standing right there. Granted, she probably didn't catch half of what you said, but c'mon, at least give her the benefit of the doubt.

Well, I suppose that's better than nothing...

I can't figure out if Ayla is laughing here because that sounds stupid or if she thought it really was a joke.

Either way, Ayla has invited us back to her crib to party down.

Marle, you do not turn down the invitation of the person who just saved your ass. Didn't princess training teach you that?

: Ioka village this way. Follow Ayla!

Uh, Chrono, back up a little, bud.

Also, Ayla runs on all fours, which is cooler than it should be.

And now we're off to go to her village!

Ayla, we can't jump like that.

Ayla? Where are you going? We can't--Ah, hell, we lost her.

This thing sounds like it should be an upgrade to the Rage Band, but it isn't. It simply Berserks a character, raising their Attack and Defense, but you can't control them. Yippee.

We'll be fighting a lot of dinosaurs in this time period. And other prehistoric creatures. By the time we're done, I think you'll see why most of these animals are extinct in the Present.

These guys are much tougher than the Reptites, with 196 HP, and similar defenses. Magic is still the best route.

They still don't have a particular weakness, or immunity, so let loose with what you got.

Laser Spin isn't quite enough to take them down, but it does a good bit of the job. Magic damage isn't Robo's strong suit, but this isn't bad.

After beating them, we get another of the barter items, this one being a horn.

The rest of this area is just a straight dash south, so you don't have to worry about getting lost or anything.

There's only a few fights along the way, too.

If we'd run around those Crested Sprinters up there, they would have joined these enemies to triple the amount of foes we currently have.

Spekkio's form finally has a name; the Kiwala, which has 160 HP and physicals affect normally.

It's about time for new weaponry, don't you think?

Physicals are the best for these guys, as they give no shits about your magical abilities.

I like Robo Tackle for these guys. Then again, I like Robo Tackle for just about anything.

They have their own version of it, where they run up and headbutt someone in the crotchal region. It does little damage, though, but its one of the few things I can say about them.

Moving on, we find two more of the Sprinters.

They also attack by charging into you.

Which kind of hurts.

The last encounter here is four of these Kiwalas, which isn't a big deal.

Supersonic Spin is good to soften up this group, if not much else.

This leaves them open to a single physical from Robo or Chrono to drop them; Marle doesn't have the attack power for that.

Even so, we get a Petal for defeating them.

Ayla rejoins us at the exit, after we've done all the fighting.

: Ioka village this way. Follow Ayla!

So, the landscape here is pretty foreign to what we've seen in the other areas; in those places, we had a little bit of frame of reference for where stuff was, since 600 AD and 1000 AD aren't too different. 2300 was, but we still had the general shape of the Present and Middle Ages. Here, shit is entirely different. I guess that isn't surprising, what with continental drift and 65,000,000 years of stuff happening on the planet.

Still, we'll take our break here. Next time, we'll do some exploring around this time period and maybe do some bartering for new weapons and armor.

Stay tuned!