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Part 26: Update Twenty Five: Bad Things Are Not Good

Update Twenty Five: Bad Things Are Not Good

Howdy, folks! Welcome back to Chrono Trigger; last time, we defeated Ayla in a drinking contest and were robbed. Today, in quite a short update (I took 91 images for this update, whereas I usually take over 200), we're going to traverse the Forest Maze, so let's bounce.

As per the voting, we're taking Marle along for the next bit of gameplay.

This is where we're spending this update. It's not a long dungeon, but it is kind of mazey, and there's a fair few items to grab.

Kino? What in the world are you doing here?

Ayla immediately thinks he's up to something.

And she's right, considering fucking Kino robbed us. He went from being the mopey guy at the party to being a goddamned thief.

He robbed us because he's a pissy twelve year old.

Ayla with the wind-up!

And she clocks his ass!

I disagree. Let me take a whack at him.

"I wouldn't hit you if I didn't love you!"

"Kino confused about relationship."

But, he apologizes, so I guess we can go and laugh this off later.

So, Kino stole our stuff from us (as he thought Ayla liked us more, and that would fix it for whatever goddamned reason), and then got robbed himself.

Ayla, take a glance down; I'll give you a couple of minutes to put the pieces together.

Oh, Lord, if we don't bring Ayla back, Ioka is fucked.

And then he runs off, and is presumably eaten by a Kilwala on the way.

Ayla, let me give you some advice; don't do anything to increase the odds of that chucklefuck becoming Chief. Humanity depends on you.

"In our time, men have all the power! "

In some of those previous shots, you can see this treasure chest here. There's a fair few consumables scattered about here.

Did I mention that I like how Ayla runs? Because I do.

There's also some new enemies around here, starting with these guys.

Golden Eaglets have 400 HP and a dive attack, with no weaknesses.

But they do have one interesting counter.

Once you take away enough of their health...

...They become Red Eaglets. The big difference here is in one attack and that their Defense is much higher (170 as the Red, as opposed to the normal 127 of the Gold Eaglet [and all other enemies]).

No weaknesses to exploit here, either, but they can transform back into the Golden Eaglet.

They can also light someone on fire when they're in their Red form.

Remember, we have Ruby Vests halving that damage.

This chest holds an Athenian Water, not that I'll be using it any time soon.

As I'm sure you've guessed, you find the path to take through the forest by following the Reptite footprints. Other paths will lead you to dead ends and not help you progress much.

But, the footprints aren't exactly in a straight line, either. Sometimes you've got to take the time to look around to see where the next batch of them are.

If you look on the right side, you can see a pair of prints that look like the Reptite making them was posing in the sun, presumably for a sweet dino-selfie.

Off-screen, when I was gathering the materials to trade for the new weapons and armor available, Ayla learned her second Tech.

The Bao Bao is a friggin' jerk, as his only method of attack is to throw party members into each other.

But it only hurts whoever has someone thrown into them. The one being thrown takes no damage. And goddamn, does that hurt; Ayla has the highest Defense of all our party members.

The damage formula for Roundillo Kick is just a 1.5x increase. No fancy numbers here.

The Bao Bao has 450 HP, with no weaknesses, but fairly high Magic Defense (90, compared to the usual 50).

They also look hilarious when you hit them.

Moving south from there, we obtain another status healing item.

Bao Baos are an especially big pain in the ass when paired with other enemies; if you try to kill the others first, he can just pull off a bunch of damaging attacks. If you focus on him first, you leave yourself open to the other enemies attacks. If we currently had some magic that hit all enemies, their high Magic Defense would kind of neuter that; being paired with Kilwalas, who also have high Magic Defense, means that physicals are just about the best way to go here.

But, here are some shots of the Double Tech between Ayla and Chrono, the Spin Kick.

I'd have .gif'd it, but the .gif was over six seconds long, which seemed a little excessive.

But, Chrono spins her on his sword and she tornadoes into some poor monster.

Dealing damage to the tune of Ayla's Attack x 5.5.

Now we wind up over around here...

I'm sorry if my commentary seems uninspired here. There's not a lot to say about the Forest Maze.

And this update is short because if I go into the next dungeon, there's not a save point until the boss, so there's no real good cut-off spot.

Ayla has a healing Tech, which also cures all status effects. It restores health to the tune of Ayla's Magic x 14.75, which sounds great, until you think about her shit-terrible Magic stat.

Back to what I was saying, though; there's no good cut-off spot to separate this update and the next. If I went ahead and did them both together, I'd probably have over 350 shots, maybe close to 400, which is way too much for an update.

I hope nobody minds the short update.

I'm just trying to make this thing a little easier to sit down and digest.

Does it amuse anyone else to see this face? I'm sure some PETA person out there is wishing for my death in a fiery wreck by my saying that.

There's also these climbable vines around here.

Alright, cool, a 30 MP restorative!

Jesus Christ, I really do have nothing to say about this place.

To try and make up for it, have a shot of a dinosaur being hit by lightning.

How're everyone's recipes coming? Have any of you made anything tasty?

Or have any of you tried any of the recipes posted so far? CmdrKing's sounds really good to me.

This area is actually pretty short; if you could go through it as the crow flies, you could probably do it in less than a minute. It only takes a while to get through because of the winding path.

But, there's the exit!


But, we'll save that for next time, where we get out stolen goods back.

Stay tuned!