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Part 27: Update Twenty Six: Lair Down To Rest

Update Twenty Six: Lair Down To Rest

Welcome back, folks, to another update of Chrono Trigger. Last time, we crossed the Forest Maze, and I hated myself for posting that update. Today, we're going to be cleaning out the Reptite Lair and getting our shit back, so let's bounce.

So, I just now noticed this shot has Ayla vigorously mooning Marle.

The Reptite Lair isn't a very long area, but it does have some nice treasure and new monsters.

Our objective is that hole in the dirt over there, as we'll use that to progress.

But, these guys have a problem with progression.

These guys are like their cousins back from Heckran's Cave; physicals don't do much to them, so magic the best way to drop them.

Any magic will do; Ayla isn't super-useful during these fights as she doesn't have any magic.

But they have 158 HP, so Ayla could drop them in two hits.

This is also the only attack I've ever seen them do. They stab the shit out of you with their horn thingy.

Marle shrugs it off, cuz bitches ain't shit.

And then blows his face off.

We jump into the hole, spinning around.

You see that chest over there, guarded by the plant monster? Remember that chest.

Nothing too interesting about this fight, except for the after-battle stuff.

Ayla picks up her third tech.

And we get another Double Tech!

Chrono is easily involved with the most Double Techs in the game, close to a dozen or so. Or more. I've never counted.

Or it just seems that way, as people in the thread pointed out; everyone has three with everyone else. It just seems like Chrono has more because he's always in the party. However, he is involved in the most Triple Techs.

Here's a new enemy, one that looks a ton scarier than he is.

He can either light you on fire or gore you, both for decent damage.

Well, the fire would be decent damage, but those Ruby Vests come in handy yet again.

Their physical defense is completely through the roof, too. That counter from Chrono really helped me show that off.

These guys have 830 HP, by the way.

But if you recall that villager in Ioka, the one who told us to shock dinosaurs, you know the key to getting through this fight quickly.

Electricity (or, rather, a Light tech, as I think Wind Slash will do the same thing) will tank their Defense and let regular attacks wreck them.

I would have made a .gif of Cat Attack, but it's far too long to have a decent .gif of it.

But, Ayla claws at the enemy and bites their ass to deal a ton of damage.

The damage for this is 2.2x, so it's pretty strong.

No, not shocked by the damage. Just letting you know that, indeed, your lightning was the key to ruining his day.

And I had the chance to use it, so here's Marle's Cure spell.

It's pretty much Aura 2.0, in appearance and effect.

Marle's Magic x 14.75 is the formula here.

And Ayla finishes it off by punching it in the ass. She's very classy, you see.

Into another hole!

As we come down here, we find a group of Reptites running around like crackheads during a shortage.

There's one guarding a chest there.

When you run up to him, he freaks out and the other Reptites (assuming you didn't kill them already) run off.

And out pops a Megasaur!

After I lower his Defense, I use our newest Double Tech.

Well, Marle goes all Ice Age on this schmuck first.

Thunder Chomp starts with Chrono zapping Ayla, making that bit of fan-art by Dark Id's kid oddly accurate.

From there, Ayla gains a golden coloring and proceeds to use Cat Attack as normal.

But with lighting crotch-punches and shocking ass-bites.

Formula for that is Ayla's Attack x 9, which leads to crazy damage like that. Just look at it. 1,100.

Our prize is a Hi-Ether, which restores 60 MP.

South of there, we take out some more Reptites.

And this attack of theirs, where they throw the dirt ball or whatever in someone's face, can inflict a status effect.

I didn't know it could put a party member to Sleep, but good to know.

Over here is another chest with a Reptite keeping an eye on it, and the prize is better than the last. Not that a Hi-Ether is bad, mind you, but this is something immediately more useful.

Another Megasaur swings by to try and keep us from the tasty, tasty treasure.

The highlight of that fight.

If you know this is here, it'll save you some grinding time to get the materials to trade for one of these. Robo finally gets a new helmet, as he was the unlucky one there.

Let's continue on, shall we?

Ah, another new enemy.

By the way, Bao Baos don't always throw you into another party member. Sometimes, they fling you straight into the goddamned wall.

You bounce off and land across the fighting zone. Just a neat little tidbit of information.

Mossbacks here have 158 HP and are shit at taking a magical hit.

No weaknesses or anything, and I think their only attack is to steal some MP. If I remember right, they can also run away, but they never get the chance.

Heading north, there's some more Mossbacks and another Bao Bao. You didn't forget that chest I told you to keep in mind, did you?

A Bao Bao, as mentioned before, can throw a member into another member.

But they can also throw these guys around, too. I'm not sure if they can throw any enemy they get paired with, but Mossbacks are fair game.

It does roughly the same amount of damage.

And, finally, the Mossback attack-reaction sprite. I love all of these.

That chest is right through that door. The one I'm running away from.

The one I don't go into. But there's just a Ruby Vest in there, which I already have a ton of. Still, it bugs me that it's there.

I'm heavily considering going back for it, even though I don't need it.

Plus, there's that enemy in there we haven't met yet, and I try to be thorough with these things.

A save point pops up after we defeat those three. There's a boss in the next room, so we heal up here.

If you were wondering about our max HP and MP, here it is. A couple of levels have been gained here, and we're doing well. Robo still has the most HP of anyone, but he's also got the accessory to boost his HP by 25%, but even without it, he's still got nearly 400 HP.

Gasp! Someone with a proper grasp of English!

Meet Azala, the leader of the Reptites, and who is racist against human beings, seeing as how she's a filthy Reptite.

She's also got the Gate Key and seems intrigued with it.

Eh, why not? It sounds like bullshit if you say it out loud.

See? She thinks we're full of shit. Not that I blame her.

We get into our battle positions, ready to duke it out with something.

But Azala isn't going to stoop to fighting us herself.

...What in the hell is that?

Meet Nizbel, the dinosaur who thinks every day is arm day.

Seriously, look at those arms. I feel like we shouldn't be here, as we didn't buy tickets to the gun show.

Now you're just showing off. And making me feel inadequate, which I won't tolerate.

For a video of this fight, click here!

If you remember how to defeat the Megasaur, you're on the right track to defeat Nizbel. He doesn't take shit from physicals.

Or magic, really.

At least, until after you shock him.

Marle is best used here for her magic, and Aura Whirl when needed.

Nizbel has 4,200 HP to take down, so liberal application of Thunder Chomp is recommended.

Ayla, distraught Nizbel has bigger muscles than her, proceeds to try and claw his junk off.

Which deals a decent chunk of damage.

After a while, Nizbel will pull out this attack, which can be pretty damned scary.

Fucking ow!

Chrono doesn't appreciate his own tricks being thrown back at him.

But with that attack, Nizbel needs to be electrified again.

A few people in the thread made a good point of bringing Marle along for Aura Whirl, and I'm sure Electric Discharge is the attack they had in mind when recommending her.

...Man, that seemed a lot better the last time I used it...

When Nizbel flexes like this, he's about to pull out another full-party attack.

Thankfully, it's not nearly as strong as Electric Discharge.

He leaps into the air and comes down to create an earthquake.

Not too much damage, but if you get unlucky with how Electric Discharge and this attack fall, and your health is low enough, this could spell a game over.

But, that pretty well covers the fight, so let's jump to the end. And, yes, Ayla rips his junk off to finish the fight. No, I didn't do that on purpose.

Have I mentioned I love the color changes bosses go through during this death animation?

Because I think they're pretty great. Like the inversion effects when you defeat an enemy in Earthbound.

We also get 10 TP from the fight.

I'd be surprised, too, Azala. If they were unable to wield the forces of nature, we would have bitten the dust.

Oh, how I wish I could take you through a Gate, Azala.

She throws the Gate Key at our feet before spouting off Generic Villain Line #43 and running off.

Marle, in all of her technical wisdom, examines the Gate Key.

But promptly realizes she has no idea what she's doing and just hopes for the best.

...Ayla? Are you alright?

Oh, it's just the hangover kicking in. And kicking out, too, all over Marle's shoes.

"How many different colors can there be? And how did it get that smell!?"

We fade to black as Marle wonders if the stain will ever come out.

And we come back to Ayla telling Chrono her life will be boring without him around. When Kino is right there. The guy who was upset because he merely thought he wasn't Ayla's favorite any more. And robbed Chrono for it.

Yeah, their relationship is going places.

In another ballsy move, Lucca blatantly lies to Ayla's face.

And Kino mopes. How surprising.

You best start eating your primitive Wheaties, son.

Yep, when we go to leave, Ayla makes sure to tell Chrono to come again. While doing the animation for her Kiss Tech.

Chrono promptly gets the hell outta Dodge.

We run back and through the Mystic Mountains, as we have a sword to get repaired.

Alright, folks, this is where we leave 65,000,000 BC.

See you next time to get the Masamune fixed! Stay tuned!