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Part 33: Update Thirty Two: Take To The Skies

Update Thirty Two: Take To The Skies

Howdy, folks, and welcome back to Chrono Trigger. Last time, we defeated the Fiendlord Magus, and due to a massive Supergate, got shot back to 65,000,000 BC. We found out the Reptites attacked a village near Ioka, and today, we'll be starting on our journey to destroy the Reptite scourge, so let's bounce.

Before we go too much farther, there's the trader guy in here who I want to see real quick.

Three Fangs and three Horns get us a new sword for Chrono.

Even though we just got a new sword a couple of updates ago.

Sure, we lose a couple of points of Speed, but look at what it does to his Attack. Chrono is now hitting a skosh harder than Frog.

Last time we were in this period, this was a full forest with nothing marking it as interesting.

The Reptites burned it down as this is where the villagers of Laruba live.

Oh, no, Kino is gone. Surely, the Ioka villagers will never recover from this blow.

I think it's not so much she's bad luck, but that the Reptites recognize the threat she poses.

I attempt to go talk to that guy on the left, but I trigger a cutscene instead.

I'm sure having a single woman beat the ass of an entire species would piss off some of them.

"It no look much better before, but fog real distracting!"

C'mon, buddy, is that a real question?

Ayla won't give up the fight until she's six feet under!

Her grasp of English may not be what ours is, but there is some wisdom to the cavelady.

Come adventure with me for a while. You won't believe how much I love exp.

Ayla knows the program!

Uh, Dactyl? What the hell is that?

I always feel so much better when someone else is confused.

If you could see the castle we just came from, you'd understand why I'm not worried about this one.

Hell, this one has dinosaurs in it, so there'll be even more exp!

"Ugh, fine. You go kill self."

Alright, Ayla, way to go! Let's go!


She left us behind! Dammit, woman!

You'll not be taking my exp, Ayla!

The Dactyl Nest is just to the left of the Hunting Range.

As soon as we step inside, we find a couple of new enemies. Or different versions of old enemies; however you want to say it.

Cave Apes are upgraded Bao Baos, and still look funny when you hit them.

They also have 436 HP, and don't care much for magical attacks (in that they're not very effective).

If you hit them and they aren't killed, they'll counter by throwing another enemy into you.

Which kind of hurts.

Schists have 250 HP and two different forms; in this form, magic is pretty effective against them, but physicals aren't quite as strong.

In this form, they become more susceptible to physical attacks, but immune to magic.

Moving on (we're under the bit of land with the three Schists on it).

We encounter a new enemy type here.

They're not too impressive, with 327 HP and a weakness to Lightning.

They also attack by picking up a character and dropping their ass back to the earth.

Eh, it's certainly an attack.

Let's check out one of our new Double Techs, shall we? This one is Lightning Rod (named Spire in the SNES version, which sounds much more awesome).

It's pretty powerful and perfect for enemies weak against Lightning. The formula is: (F¬Atk × 4.5) + (C¬Lv + C¬Mag × 11.5)

I'm also amused by how these guys look when you hit them.

After the fight, we climb the ladder and take a Mid-Ether.

We roll down here, grab a Mid-Potion from the chest, and use another of our new Double Techs on a Schist.

That's Red Line, which looks pretty sweet, and ends with Frog posing like the bad mamma-jamma he is. Formula for this attack is: (F¬Atk × 5.5) + (L¬Lv + L¬Mag × 5.6).

Considering this isn't hitting a weakness, that's a nice amount of damage. Really, if it involves magic and Lucca, it's going to deal nice damage.

Moving further on up the mountain; we're almost done here, by the way. The Dactyl Nest is pretty short, but I think that's because the devs probably didn't want to send you through the long dungeon that was Magus' place, then immediately dump you into another long dungeon.

Two Cave Apes and a Schist is nothing special.

Here's the highlight of the fight.

Surprisingly, there's no encounter coming to this point. You'd think they would have tossed some Avian Rexes or something at the ladder.

But, hey, whatever, new armor!

Chrono gets it, as he's a permanent part of the party. We lose some Magic Defense, but physical defense is a little more important in Prehistory, I think.

Starting the encounter, a Cave Ape joins in for the fun.

Chrono's critical is the highlight here, and I just want to say that I think the slash on the Primeval Blade looks really fucking cool.

A pair of Avian Rexes await us here, pouncing when we try to climb the ladder.

Buuut I have a new trick for them. Lucca learned this in the last fight.

Sure, Magus could do it so we saw it before, but suck it, blue-hair, I can do it now!

Formula for Fire II is (Lv + Mag) × 5.75, just like Lightning II and Ice II (when we get it).

This is the end of the area. I told you it wasn't very long.

Ayla is hanging out up top here, praying to Ra or something. I don't know.

Oh, she was just getting herself a flying lizard.

We want one, too; can't let her have all the fun!

C'mon, Ayla, you think we'd let you run off on your own to (possibly) get horribly killed?

Bah, I'd rather die with my friends trying to save the world.

Absolutely, Lucca. She helped us not only get the shiny rock we needed to fix the Masamune, but also to recover our stolen Gate Key so that we could still travel in time and repair said sword, which led us to defeating the Fiendlord and saving the Middle Ages.

Ayla obliges us by bringing down two more Dactyls.

And since Ayla is coming with us, we've gotta choose a third party member. BOLD a vote for who joins Chrono and Ayla to stop the Reptite threat! Voting will end Friday at 5:00 PM, EST.

We fly off, but only to the place where characters hang out when you're not playing the game, as we're taking a break here. We'll be back next time to storm the Tyranno Lair, so stay tuned!

By the way, there is an anime scene for flying off with the Dactyls. I'm not sure why, but here's the link for it!