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Part 34: Bonus Update: Checkin' On Shadow Smidge Gato

Bonus Update: Checkin' On Shadow Smidge Gato

Do you remember the Arena of the Ages? That thing at the End of Time where you can train a monster up and do stupid shit with him?

I'm feeling like doing an update today, so let's go back and visit that little schmuck.

We can fly around Prehistory with the Dactyls now. We can reach far and wide across the planet!

Granted, the world is only about as big as a medium-sized mall, but still, we can go anywhere!

Except there's not many places left to go.

Okay, maybe it's not as exciting as you'd think, but c'mon, we have flying dinosaurs. It's cool!

I also went and snagged (i.e., killed plenty of Nus) to get enough items to trade for the new weapons from the trader.

As of this writing, Chrono has a new Tech, as does Ayla, and Robo is very close to his next Tech. That Tech from Robo will make the next dungeon a fair amount easier on me.

But Robo has the Magma Hand for a weapon, so when he punches stuff, his fist is literally on fucking fire.

Hmm? What's that? You think I'm reaching for things to say because the Arena of Ages is boring as shit?

You're pretty much on the money. I'm also taking this time to show off a couple things around the End of Time.

And there he is! Gato, our Shadow Smidge!

His name is Gato
He's a little dark smidge
But you'll respect him a lotto
When he hits you with a bridge

From here, we can send him back out for more training, or check what Techs he has (he doesn't have any).

I'm trying to fix that, so we'll give him this Duskeye and send him back to the Middle Ages.

The Middle Ages is the strength boosting era, and I'm training Gato up to be stronger than Godzilla.

I didn't explain very well when I talked about the stats before; the Feral Claw is an item that when Gato has it, if he lands a crit, he deals quadruple damage, instead of double. Since I can't train him to be a critting machine, I'll simply get his Strength to insane levels so that when he does crit, he'll hit his enemy like a star exploding.

It takes ten minutes before you can see your smidge again for whatever you want to do with him.

So, I need to fuck off for ten minutes.

Jesus Christ, I can't believe I'm writing this update. I can't wait until tomorrow when I can do some more gameplay.

Since we're here, let's see if we can get Ayla some magic.

Alright, let's power up the cavewoman!

So...Ayla existed before magic, and Spekkio wants to bang her.

I am getting the fuck out of here.

Nope, fuck you!

When you have a character waiting at the end of time, they have some dialog for when you decide to not take them along.

You know I'd love to take you along, Frog, but I'm at the whims of the voters.

You already proved yourself in Magus' Keep, Lucca.

Get over it; you'll be back in the party eventually.

Yeah, about that...

During that time, I also ran back and killed another Nu. It killed most of the ten minutes by itself, as finding a Nu in the Hunting Range can be a pain in the ass.

Now back to this shithole.

Gato here found an Ambrosia while he was gone; Ambrosia is an item that either restores some HP, MP, or both. It can also cure a status effect we'll encounter later on, but I'll talk about that when we get to it.

This time, his ass is going out with the intent of making him come back as something different. Gato needs to evolve!

And with that, we're going to boogie on outta here.

See you all soon to continue our journey in Prehistory!