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Part 35: Update Thirty Three: I'll Title This Later

Update Thirty Three: I'll Title This Later

Welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger (not counting that awful bonus update), we climbed the Dactyl's Nest and gained us some flying lizards. Today, we're going to the Tyranno Lair, so let's bounce.

The votes are in and Robo won by a large margin, so we're going to fight dinosaur men with a robot.

He also has a new weapon, called the Magma Fist, which is pretty much just as goddamned metal as it sounds.

We're going to storm the Reptite's HQ today, which is just east of Ioka Village. No wonder Ayla is so familiar with them; they practically live in her backyard.

And, yes, the dinosaur people live in a volcano base. Is there anyone out there that doesn't think this game is the bee's knees?

We land our flying lizards and I'm about to post another great music track.

That track above is another really great one, and I highly recommend you click on it. It's atmospheric, threatening, and sets the tone for this place so well.

But then you have to read my commentary, so maybe that kills the tone of Tyranno Lair.

A new enemy! This is a reskinned Reptite.

Being a dinosaur, they're weak to Lightning. They have 336 HP, so not too much, but they also need a good shock to lower their Defense so you can attack them normally. I guess you could do it without the lightning, but physicals are greatly reduced in damage, and I have a physical heavy party.

Cave Apes still have their counter, and did I mention they can throw other enemies?

Because they can.

Purple Reptites aren't too different from their green brethren, but they can't throw dirt clods to put you to sleep. They have a little slap attack, and their other attack is only done when one other specific enemy is around.

I have no reason to show this other than to point out how much damage we're doing with physicals. Sure, this was a crit, but that's still a healthy chunk.

Also, this is Robo attacking. Not with a new Tech or anything. The Magma Fist just has this sweet-ass flame effect when he punches stuff.

Around this dungeon, there are these T-Rex skulls that lead to new areas; not every doorway has them, but it's still a neat thing.

The Laruba Villagers!

I don't think it's ever explicitly mentioned what the Reptites want to do with these guys, and I'm not 100% sure on it myself. Personally, I think they're going to eat them.

Chrono is probably going to use a lot of goddamned MP in this dungeon, since Lightning is pretty useful.

We hit the switch, the cage opens (isn't it awesome that it's a set of ribs?), and the villagers run on out.

I forget if there's dialog associated with them here. I'm sure someone in the thread will point out if there is.

Moving on, we encounter more Reptites.

I don't have a ton to say about those guys. Hell, I haven't even seen them attack in this playthrough.

We don't see who he's talking to just yet.

We do, however, see them shit their pants at noticing our arrival.

And now we have to kill the three of them.

Ayla has a new Tech, one which is simple, yet amazing.

Yep. She just wings their ass into the air like a lawn dart and lets them crash back to earth.

And with a formula of 3.3× Damage, it hurts like a mad bastard. This won't work on all enemies, as some are "locked" in place and can't be moved, like some bosses and certain big enemies.

This Double Tech is between Chrono and Ayla, and is simply fantastic.

Not only because it looks sweet, and not just because of the great damage (Crono's Atk × 8.0, by the way), but also because it hits all enemies in a line, but seems to have an odd definition of "line." I have some shots later that show what I mean better than I can explain it.

Oh, fuck!

If I'd known it was you, I'd have left you there.

Be glad I think Ayla is one of the greatest things since sliced bread, Kino.

She has a couple of different tactics for trying to get in here, including whatever she's doing here.

Throwing up on the bottom to see if that does anything.

And finally just scaling that bastard.

Her run animation actually plays for a bit here as you see her get stuck.

Until she goes flying out and into the wall, that is.

Can it, Tinman; I didn't see you doing anything to help.

I'm not quite sure what's your fault, exactly, but apology accepted!

I mean, even if Ayla had been there, it's not like she could have stopped however many Reptites invaded to burn down the forest and kidnap all of those people.

She would have made a valiant effort at stopping them, though, which could have possibly gotten her killed.

And who knows what would have happened to the party if she hadn't been at the Mystic Mountains to bring them back to Ioka.

Not to mention that Kino is...Well, maybe not a total pussy, but not quite as awesome as our party members.

"Kino want be house husband."

Now, how in the hell are we going to get you out of there?

I like your style, Ayla.

I love this woman.

Before we follow Kino, we snag this chest that was in his cell.

Kino leads us to this closed skull, where he does...Something.

But now we can progress further!

To the right, we have these two guys and a switch.

Hitting the switch opens the floor beneath them.

And they fall in, letting us avoid a fight.

Same story on the other side.

I wonder why they let us skip those fights.

Going through this door leads us to some more Reptites.

There's another new Double Tech to show off here, between Robo and Ayla.

It's called Spin Kick, and it does damage based on Ayla's Attack x 10. Plus, it looks awesome, a robot spiking a cavewoman into a dinosaur man.

This room is a pain in the ass.

If you step on the wrong spot...

...You get a black screen.

And some enemies appear. A lot of these spots just warp you around the room, and there's four chests in the room.

I forget one of them.

The Volcanite and the Terasaur are new enemies.

The Reptite's other attack is based on this guy and he walks up and slaps them.

Which activates their counter and they spew hot rocks all over the party.

Not much damage at all, but still an annoyance.

The Terasaur is just an upgraded version of the Megasaur from our first visit to Prehistory.

And we've seen the Volcanite type before; they're weak to Water and are immune to shadow, while absorbing Lightning and Fire. They only have 257 HP, though, so they're not lasting long in fights.

Hitting them activates their counter, but want to know something interesting about it?

They can hit the enemies with it, too!

I'm surprised that attack isn't Fire elemental, since I've seen these guys kill themselves with this attack before. In fact, that's what happened here.

These guys have 1090 HP, by the way, and have the flame breath from before, as well as a charge that can drop someone to a single hit point.

And now I have full party healing!

Dammit! I want that loot!

That's the chest I didn't get.

I won't bother showing you me warping about the room, as that's boring and I don't know why I even took shots of it, but I will show the treasures I grabbed.

The new helmet goes to Chrono, which increases his Defense by a minor amount.

Showing this spot because it leads to a fight.

And I pretty much only show this fight to show off Heal Beam.

The formula for this is really simple, being Robo's Mag × 10.

Also, some of you may have noticed I missed something.

Besides that one chest in the last room.

Don't worry, I run back for it, as we're just about at the spot where I realized it.

But first!

These three enemies aren't in a line, but Falcon Strike is still going to hit them all.

So, I'm not sure exactly what the hitbox for that attack is, but it's fantastic and I love it.

After icing those dudes, this Terasaur drops in for his chance.

It goes as well for him as you'd expect.

Anywho, time to go back for what I forgot to do.

Even though it's basically worthless, barring some exp and TP (so not worthless for me, not at all), and a waste of time more than anything else.

The doorway is a red herring.

I pretty much forgot about it because I usually don't take this path.

Just a few fights over here.

And these two chests.

This restores 500 HP to a single character, which is...Certainly an item I have in my inventory.

What do you want me to say? It's a fuckin' Hi-Potion.


Remember those enemies we dumped earlier? They came straight to prison.

Little did they know, however...

...That they were on Death Row!

Anyways, back to where we were.

It's hard to see, but yes, this Avian Rex is carrying that Terasaur around.

And he crushed Ayla's head.

Clever girl...

Also, here's a shot of a robot punching a dinosaur in the dick with his flaming fist.

I don't have anything to say beyond that, since I can't add anything to it. I don't think anybody really can.

Hmm...A closed skull and two switches...

Huzzah, I chose right!

However, I can hardly leave a switch unpressed, and this gets me attacked by little rock monsters.

And a tub of guts dinosaur.

I didn't take any shots of the fight, but I assure you, asses were kicked.

Beyond the skull is just this switch, which isn't a trap, freeing Kino, or anything else bad!

It opened this gate here, which means we can keep on truckin'.

After we fight these guys, that is.

And by fight, I meant that we used Falcon Strike to kill them.

Hey, I was going in there!

Another Falcon Strike later, I try to get back in this door.


...Oh. Uh, thanks, Nizbel.

Sorry about that whole "killing you" thing, but we had no choice. You understand, right? You were trying to kill us, so you knew that the risk of you dying horribly was a valid one.

Oh, good, there are no hard feelings.

With that revelation, let's save up here and take a break. Also, I used my last Shelter here, because I haven't bought a single one this playthrough. I think. I don't remember.

Anyways, next time, we'll finish off the Tyranno Lair, so stay tuned!