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Part 36: Update Thirty Four: "Up" Means "Leavemywife" "Date" means "Has Too Much Free Time"

Update Thirty Four: "Up" Means "Leavemywife" "Date" means "Has Too Much Free Time"

Howdy, folks! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we entered the Tyranno Lair and killed a bunch of dinosaurs. Today, we're going to kill a lot more dinosaurs, including the big dogs of the Lair, so let's bounce.

Posting that music link to make sure everyone listens to it. It's a really good track.

We won't be here much longer; the dungeons in Chrono Trigger can be handled, usually, in a couple of bite-sized chunks, which makes it really nice to play. And Let's Play; I can get twenty minutes (or less) of footage and have enough for a good-sized update.

Hey, why's everything shaking? (shake your monitor to emulate the effect)

Oh, hell, I should have known. We're basically exterminating all the dinosaurs, so of course we have to kill Nizbel. Again.

I thought you were just putting on a good show, Nizzy.

Click me to see the fight in motion!

Well, time to tangle with Nizbel, I suppose.

He doesn't have many attacks, and this is a quarter of his repertoire. But we only see three of his attacks in this fight.

He body checks all your characters.

Which...Eh, it's an attack.

One that Chrono counters, which shows off something interesting about this matchup with Nizbel.

Physicals will do regular damage to him. You don't need to shock him to make him vulnerable.

So why did I choose Lightning in the beginning? For once, it's not because I'm an idiot who forgot about that tidbit of information.

It still lowers his Defense, which is good, since he has 6500 HP to knock down.

Personally, I like Spin Kick for this fight, so Chrono can keep pulling his Thor impersonation.

But there's a caveat here, too.

His Defense goes up when you attack him (it didn't when Chrono countered because that's a counter).

Another attack of NIzbel's is to smash into a single character.

It does about the same amount of damage as his full-party version.

But he still has the Electric Discharge, so be careful how much you zap his ass.

I love Ayla's Super Saiyan pose here; she gives no shits about being electrocuted.

But, Christ, does that sting!

Even so, that's pretty much the extent of this fight. He also has an Earthquake attack that he didn't use, which deals a bit of damage. Really, this fight is pretty much a rehash of the first fight with Nizbel, so if you remember that fight, you'll be fine for this one.

So let's skip to the end of the fight. Yes, I killed a body builder dinosaur by having a robot throw a cavewoman into his dome.

And this happens after the fight!

Let's move on further into the Tyranno Lair.

Another closed gate, but the switch to open it is nearby. Let's go open--

Well, Chrono is about to get his head crushed, so maybe we won't do that.

Unable to get over his timely demise, Ayla turned to Jurassic Pork Soup skull smash for her woes, and Robo flipped his "ON/OFF" switch to "OFF" and nobody had the heart to reactivate him back to a world without Chrono...

Nah, just joshin' you. I electrocuted it and threw Ayla into it.

Man, the Ice Age ain't got shit on what I've been doing to these dinosaurs.

But I'm using electricity!

...Man, the Electric Age sounds pretty fuckin' metal. I'm talking an age where, instead of everything covered in ice, lightning is just surging across the earth and across the mountains, and animals had to evolve to be able to survive being shocked all the damn time.

Alright, moving on, again, let's--

For the love of God! A single Avian Rex?

Get the fuck outta my face!

Ah, switches. One of my favorite things next to exp and blackjack.

This top switch pulls out a Save Point. Too bad I don't have any Shelters.

This switch drops two Terasaurs into the room. Assume they died an electrifying, Falcon Striking death. Also, Robo punched one of them.

To get through this skull, you have to interact with it, much like Kino did earlier.

Through it, we find a Hi-Ether and the button to open that gate.

Oh, yeah, this switch.

We could have just done this and dropped those Terasaurs to a splattery death, but that awards no exp, so I'm not exactly on board for that sort of thing.

I wonder how much a novelty set of those torch holders would cost. I think they'd go nicely in the living room.

Azala! I'd almost forgotten about you!

With the benefit of time travel, we already know the answer here.

At this point, this blistering exchange of intellectual ideas and complex ideologies is interrupted by a roar.

Is that what the ringing in my ears is?

Azala jumps up on top of her throne, and I'm guessing it's due to sprite limitations that she's not giving us the finger.

Before we follow her to the boss fight, let's loot her throne room.

I give this to Robo since he was still wearing a Golden Helm. I had a Stone one in the inventory, so I'm not sure why he wasn't wearing that.

But I think that speaks nicely about his natural Defense that he was hanging with Chrono and Ayla, even with inferior equipment.

Moving down this path, we hear more roaring as we come ever closer to what Azala has in store for us.


Sure, that red star is in the sky, but I'm more concerned with what I'm looking at in front of me.

Y'know, the business end of a giant dinosaur.

Then again, I suppose we all knew that we were going to fight a big-ass dinosaur at some point.

"Even if we're all dead, you still don't get the planet, nyaa!"

Azala, you're from Prehistory, so I feel obligated to tell you that Robo isn't one of us filthy apes. He's a rawboot and made of metal.

The Black Tyranno roars at us again.

And Azala gets in on the act, too.

To see this fight in motion, click here!

Alright, you two, let's dance.

Azala needs to be taken out first.

But Azala, who has 2700 HP, doesn't take shit from your physicals.

So let's shock the shit out of her.

This won't lower either of their defenses, but magic is the best way to damage Azala.

Yep, the Black Tyranno can breathe fire. Why not?

This has to be a physical-type attack, since Robo doesn't have the Magic Defense to just shrug a hit like that off.

Azala has psychic powers, which probably helps explain why she's big boss of the Reptites.

Then again, maybe her mastery of the English language helped with that, too.

In Psychokinesis, Azala makes a character climb over there, laugh over here

Shake their head here and then

dumps their ass on the ground.

If Marle or Lucca were here, someone with high Magic, Azala wouldn't last too long. As it stands, I have Chrono.

Also, Azala can summon boulders.

Out of the aether, I believe, to boot.

Not for great damage or anything, but it'll add up.

You would expect Thunder Chomp to be more effective than this, but you'd be wrong. There's no magic in the formula; it's just Ayla's attack.

I don't know why these two are hating on Robo so much; I guess his shiny and hard exterior is confusing and angering them.

Now that hurts like the dickens.

Eventually, I get Robo in on the magic action; the thought of a robot shooting a dinosaur with a laser was too much to resist.

This is Azala's death cry.

She makes the screen shake for a little bit, which inflicts Sap on your party.

Nothing too threatening, but Sap can be dangerous if you don't keep track of it.

With Azala dead, we can focus on the big show himself.

Well, we can, but give it a moment.

Here we go. Now we can pile on the damage.

With each number, he'll roar at us for no damage. But Chrono can still counter it, which amuses me to no end.

With 10500 HP, using our strongest attacks is the best way to go.

Especially since he's doing a countdown thing.

Like Bahamut in a Final Fantasy game.

When he reaches zero, it's a bad thing.

He'll go one way across the party with a burst of flame, then the other way. Everyone gets roasted twice.

And dear Christ, does it hurt like a motherfucker.

That's why I made sure Robo would have Heal Beam at this point; having full party healing makes this fight go much better than having to chuck items to heal people. Marle would seem like a good choice here, but she doesn't actually get any full-party healing Techs.

And his Defense is, once again, sky high until he begins his countdown again. However, that is literally the extent of this fight, so let's skip to the end.

And, yes, I killed the ultimate dinosaur by having a robot Tackle him to death.

It's nothin' personal, Azala. Survival of the race and all.

This exchange is cut short with a flash of red light.

Well, that sounds bad.

If you're wondering how Azala knows this, refer back to the psychic powers.

This next bit has a video with it, too!

What in the hell is that?

Lavos, ladies and gentlemen.

Nice as it is to name stuff, Ayla, we've gotta get the hell outta here!

What is it now!?

Oh. You're not as useless as I thought, Kino.

Seriously, we gotta go. If something that size is crashing into the planet...

Seriously, Kino, Ioka will need someone to impregnate their chief/become the new chief!

Ayla, what the hell are you doing!?

This is another reason why I like Ayla so much. She and Azala have been bitter enemies for who knows how long, but Ayla isn't willing to leave her behind to die in a horrible ball of fire.

Dammit, Azala, put your pride aside and come with us!

He's right; we're outta time, Ayla.

And with that, we leave. I left that exchange without commentary because I think it's fantastic.

There it is.

Lavos has arrived to the world.

We've seen where he comes in and how this ends. We know our mission.

Lavos isn't some naturally occurring monster, but an alien presence to our planet.

Hell yeah, I'm going to fight that.

If he's just arrived, perhaps that'll give us the edge we need.

Ayla runs off without us.

Maybe we can end this before it can even begin to start.

I'm...Sure, yeah, that's what happened, Robo. You're a robot, so I trust you.

Hell, Ayla, you've got a point. Let's see what we can do.

Stay tuned!

Also! BOLD a vote for who joins Chrono on the next leg of the epic journey! You have until...Uh, Tuesday sometime to vote. Don't forget you have two votes! You don't have to use them both, I guess, but the option is there. The two characters with the most votes will go in the party!