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Part 38: Bonus Update: Sealed Chests

Bonus Update: Sealed Chests

Now that the pendant has been powered up, and we're told we have to go to Keeper Dome and open the door there (for whatever reason), that opens up a bit of a sidequest to us. If you remember those odd black boxes that we've found scattered around, the sealed ones? We now have what we need to open them up, so let's bounce our way over to some fancy new swag.

This update won't be my usual comprehensive look at where we are and alla that. It's more or less a visual guide for where the chest is, the best way to open it, and the time periods they've been in.

The first thing I want to pick up is here, in this ruin. You'll recall we saw something similar in the sky during our trip over Zeal.

The treasure isn't a mid-ether, no.

As we approach the pyramid, the pendant begins to react with it.

Frog is blinded by the sudden light.

The light spreads from the pendant, popping to each corner of this structure.

A blue glow masks the area, signalling there is some serious shit going on.

OOooh, guru-brand treasure.

Gee, I wonder which one I'll go with.


This is the treasure I want. I've been pretty free with how you guys get to choose stuff in this LP, but I'm going to enforce LP'er Executive Orders and choose what I want here.

Yep. Forty-one more points of Attack and a +3 to Speed. Chrono now starts fights with either a full ATB gauge, or one that's close enough to full it doesn't matter.

Our next chest is inside the Heckran Cave.

This is an accessory that adds +10 to Magic Defense.

+10 Magic Defense; try and keep up.

This little baby adds +3 to Speed and I give it to Marle; she's almost on par with Frog now, which works well.

Now we go to the Fair to hit their nearby portal; we're also going back to 600 AD, so this seems appropriate.

Our first sealed chest is right off the bat when you walk into Truce.

However, we get the option to not take what's inside of here. There's a very good reason not to do this, and you'll see why in a minute.

Next is the sealed chest inside Guardia Castle.

In this era, if you're going to open a chest and it offers you the option of leaving the goods inside, take that option. I cannot stress this enough.

Two more we can reach are down here, in Porre.

Both next to each other for easy turn-downs.

Do you remember the Magic Cave holding one?

It holds a prize fitting to be sealed within a magical cave; this adds +6 to any character's Magic stat.

Now it's time to go back to the future.

This was the first chest we left the stuff inside of.

Had we opened this in 600 AD, we would have gotten the inferior Blue Vest; the Blue Plate, in addition to being better armor, completely absorbs Water damage. The Vest version (which we can go back to 600 AD and get) only absorbs 50%.

One of those chests I didn't open in 600 AD Guardia Castle will turn into a turbo ether, which restores full MP to any character.

We also snag an Elixir, which is a full HP/MP heal for a single character.

This is like the Blue Plate, but with Fire.

Quickly, down to Porre!

But first, jerky!

These two are in the Mayor's Manor now.

Lightning immunity!

Shadow immunity, and now Dario ain't got shit on me!

Chrono gets the White Plate.

Frog slaps on the Blue Plate.

While Marle gets comfortable in the Red Plate. No real particular reason for why they got what they did, but these armors are pretty good defensively, and being able to nullify a quarter of the elements is a nice bonus.

There's not a sealed chest here, but there is an extra piece of loot that I may as well grab while I'm in the area (even if it is some shit I'll never use).

Instead of racing Johnny across, you can opt to run the track, braving the deadly Mutants and Shadows lurking.

This thing is pretty close to where you come in from the right side of the track. It records your best times from racing with Johnny.

It's exactly as useful as it sounds.

Which is to say not one goddamned bit.

Sealed chests don't exist in the future, but there are those crazy looking doors.

Near the room where Lucca Googled Lavos, there's this door that we can't reach without inputting a password into this computer. It's the L+R+A that it was to gain access to this side of the Dome.

Inside awaits, a piece of female only armor.

A hidden Strength Capsule.

An Elixir ()

This adds +10 to Accuracy and will never see the light of day after being thrown in the bag.

And a Golden Earring. This adds +50% to a character's max HP.

We boogie on outta there and over to Bangor Dome.

This is an item for Ayla; she'll soon have a Tech called Charm, which allows her to steal an item from an enemy. This accessory increases the chances it'll work.

And this piece of shit converts all exp won from battle into cash!

Now we head down here for the other sealed door around here.

This reduces magic costs by 75%, so spells costing 4 MP makes them cost 1. This goes on Lucca, as she's my go-to magical nuker.

Frog gets this, to increase his Heal power.

It was after that I ended this recording that I realized I'd forgotten a chest.

It's here in Guardia Forest, 1000 AD.

This adds +6 Strength to a character, and if Robo were in the party, he'd be wearing this bastard. I like Chrono with the Rage Band too much to switch it out, and the stupid-high crit rate the Hero's Badge is giving Frog is too good to give up; Marle has no use for Strength, so she's clearly not getting it.

Anyways, those are the hidden and sealed items we can currently get. Well, most of them. Next update, we'll go in the final sealed door in 2300 AD, so stay tuned!