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Part 42: Update Thirty Nine: Giga Gaio Gar

Update Thirty Nine: Giga Gaio Gar

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we scaled most of Mt. Woe and grew obscenely powerful. Today, we're going to finish off the mountain and rescue the Guru trapped at the top, so let's bounce.

There's one more area of Mt. Woe, but there's no enemies there. Just a couple of chests before you fight the boss.

A new bit of head gear, and it's pretty nice, in that it's fairly strong.

And it also prevents Stop and Slow, as indicated by the name. Not that these two status effects come up often, but resistances are resistances, and I still like them.

We find another Hi-Ether after crossing that chain, and we've nearly found everything in this area.

This is hidden here, and if you're running through, you might miss the telltale sparkle of it.

This is our final chain to climb.

It's pretty long, and it gets dark and spooky the higher we go.

At the top we find a big-ass chunk of ice.

Well, we've seen it used as a protective barrier before, and a cage is kind of like that. But if we find Ozzie inside of this thing, we're kicking him off the mountain. To hell with the established timeline!

It fades and the camera pans up, but nothin' to see here, folks.


A giant bat with giant hands!

Click me to see the fight in video!

One of two attacks we'll see here is Dark Plasma, which is Shadow-type damage.

Ayla doesn't give a shit about that, and neither do Frog or Chrono; Dark Plasma is kind of pathetic.

Ol' Gigs here only looks mildly inconvenienced when you smack him in the face.

He has 9,500 HP, but you'll want to take the hands down before focusing on his massive grill.

Frog is wielding the Smiter's Blade, which I ganked from a Death Lily, and it deals 1.5x damage to magical enemies. I'm not sure how the game determines that, but the hands don't count.

They've 2000 HP a piece, but that's not so much.

This is the other attack of the fight.

It looks like what some of Lucca's Techs would, if they were lame and not cool.

However, it deals a fair amount of damage, but nothing a Heal can't fix up.

And yes, one arm is Defense, the other is Attack. Defense is the one Ayla was trying to smash.

However, only a pitiful amount of HP is recovered, so it's more of an annoyance than anything else.

The hands have nothing to steal, but the Gig Show has a nice item.

Considering a character will never gain Speed naturally, all of these are really nice to have.

And here's Slurp Kiss in action. The Gig Man on Campus decided he was tired of our shit.

So, uh, Frog eats the heart Ayla kisses out.

They spin around while these hearts spread across the screen.

But it restores health based on Ayla's Magic x 28, so it's a great heal. And it has the status curing effect of Ayla's Kiss, making it doubly useful.

At this point, I decided to just blow off the hands and to get to killing Giggity.

Luminaire has a formula of (Lv + Mag) × 20.5. It has the highest multiplier in the game, befitting the best spell in the game.

It blows off the Defense arm, which not only takes out Giggle's healing, but also stops Dark Plasma and Doublehand Blaster.

But there is this attack to still consider, not that you should worry, since it'll never kill you.

Frog killed the Attack Arm while I was looking at a FAQ to see if the hands had anything to steal.

Now that we've blown off Gigster's arms, he has no method of attacking. There's only one thing he can do from here.

Besides being stabbed in the fucking dome and electrocuted.

"Rotten sons of bitches, beatin' up on the Gigster like this"

I noticed this during taking shots, and I thought it'd be neat to show you guys. I'm not sure why his body would flash before the face, but I'm sure someone out there knows.

This is the only thing that Gigolo can do without his arms.

Which brings us to the best way to get them out of the way.

And that pretty much showcases what El Gig has to offer for his fight.

Also, the fight ended with a cavewoman frog-splashing the giant monster.

He still doesn't look like any of that hurt; he just looks mildly inconvenienced.

We also get 30 TP from this fight, so the rewards are nice.

The icy prison reappears after the fight, and now we can rescue the Guru.


Oh, man, I guessed Kangaskhan.

Wait a goddamned minute, Melchior!?

Well, Queen Zeal has gone batshit insane and built the palace to help better harvest the energy of Lavos. As far as I know, that's all you missed.

In her defense, were I linked up to the world-eating parasite who was going to end the world, I'd probably go a little crazy, too.

Hell, I nearly went crazy putting socks on today.

After this line, the screen begins shaking like mad. Can there be earthquakes on a mountain?

Or there was a seal here that we broke by freeing Melchior. Or perhaps killing Giginsky did that. I'm not sure.

I'm guessing that we made the Mudbeast species extinct, judging by the presence here. And this is where the chain connects to Mt. Woe. That seems like a really bad place to be standing.

Okay, it's still up there.

Bobbin' around like before. Maybe it'll be--

Well, on the bright side, we rescued Melchior.

And it's never explained how we got off the mountain.

We're just back in Algetty, chatting with Melchior.

I really hope you have a plan for that, Melchior. We can't even use the Skyway, bro.

...We were gone for like, twenty minutes! How badly could things have gone?

"To this shithol--I mean, here!?"

And why did you bring that little shit?

"Maybe not as smelly and poor, but you get the idea."

I think I'd take smelly and poor over that, any day.

Janus Status Update: Still A Little Asshole

Seriously. The Prophet was pretty menacing the last time you got up to some shenanigans.

Oh. So she could have stayed, but either way, she was in a shitty situation.

Hey, now, we've got about 14,000 years before anything goes that badly.

And with Schala being here, it seems like their plan is S.O.L.

I wonder, how many games have a character request that you go and kill their mother?

Eh? Who's--

Son of a bitch.

You tell him, Melchior! Use Old-Man Jujitsu and get his ass outta here!

However, Dalton's fuckometer reads a solid "0."

And he shoots Melchior with a goddamned fire ball.

Melchior takes it like a champ.

However, he does knock Schala into submission.

Now, I'll admit, I didn't like the kid, but I don't cotton well to folks who hit kids.

Neither does the party. But we can't do a whole lot right now.

Dalton waves his hand and

We white out, in addition to Melchior and the Elder disappearing.

And we had just rescued Melchior.

Oh, wait, never mind. He's okay.

"I was still freezing from my icy grave, so that fireball helped in the long run!"

Was Melchior some sort of warrior before becoming a Guru? Is there more backstory on Melchior somewhere?

In 14,000 years.

Chrono, our silent protagonist, begins talking to Melchior. We never find out exactly what he says, but Chrono is clearly communicating here.

Wiggles, Juggs and Pondy.

I don't know how Ayla knows this, but I'm assuming someone told her while they were climbing Mt. Woe.

One thing to know is that this isn't the Melchior we've been talking to before. Well, it is, but it's not the one we've been interacting with during the game.

Who can guess what stone that is?

When I was a kid, I was dumb and thought this was an actual weapon. I couldn't find anyone to equip it on.

I dunno, you could load up some of that kickass weaponry you're selling and serve as my personal army.

And Janus has ran off to try and save Schala. Which means we'll probably have to save his ass, too.

I'm sure she is. They kind of need her to achieve their goals.

We'll probably find them, too. Possibly even rescue them.

You're looking at 'em, toots.

Alright, folks, this is where we're leaving off for today.

Next time, we'll make our way to the Ocean Palace, so stay tuned!

And thanks for the gold rating, everyone!

Stabbey_the_Clown posted:

So is there going to be another vote on party configuration for what seems like an imminent final showdown? (I don't actually remember if it is the final showdown.)

Stabbey makes a good point here, so everyone, BOLD a vote!