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Part 43: Update Forty: Dalton Gets His Bitch Ass Kicked

Update Forty: Dalton Gets His Bitch Ass Kicked

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we freed Melchior, the Guru of Life from Mt. Woe, but then Dalton kidnapped Schala and now we're off to rescue her, so let's bounce!

But before we do any of that, we've got a quick stop to make.

As Taban has a new bit of equipment for his daughter.

I find myself curious about where he gets the stuff to make this equipment. Or his process for making it. We know his skills are mostly smacking at machines with hammers, but I'm fairly certain making armor is a wee bit more complicated than that.

Alright, let's get back to Antiquity.

And have the map of Antiquity. Maybe some of you can have fun with that.

We've gotta scoot to the Zeal Palace, so I'll cut out a good bit of the travel.

We'll stop in Kajar for just a second, though.

Don't look at me like that; the book lit itself on fire.

Our pendant? Uh, sure. It does the same stuff Schala's Pendant does, so that seems like it's pretty much the same thing.

I guess it's not. And this Nu does not cotton to that sort of thing.

But leaving and coming back prompts the question again, so let's answer in the negative.

So he has an assload of new stuff to sell us. I have the new weapons for Robo and Frog (you can steal them on Mt. Woe), and Chrono doesn't need a new sword.

He also has the shiny Platinum stuff for sale. I buy some pieces, as I'm flush with cash.

I probably won't, but I'll remember your offer.

Alright, back to our mission. We've got a crazy queen to stop.

I know the way, thank you. Last time I was here, I got thrown in magic prison.

A save point that wasn't there before? Surely nothing to worry about here.

: In a short time, we Enlightened Ones will finally attain immortality.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't imagine Queen Zeal actually sharing that immortality. Or much of anything, except maybe for five across the eyes with those who get lippy with her.

Spoiler warning: I'm going to go and completely crush this woman's dreams.

Because you're a shitheel who only accomplishes things when encased in plot armor?

Ah, reminds me of my first time. Did you honestly expect we wouldn't?

I don't honestly believe he had any sort of plan like that. Dalton is legally retarded.

And now, we get to fight Dalton. If you want to see his ass beat in motion, click here!

Now, I'd forgotten Dalton's gimmick here; I thought he was like the Golems, in that he copied your attacks to form his pattern, and my plan was to spam Fire. So everyone is currently wearing Ruby Vests; I hadn't grabbed the Red Vest and Plate, as that activates some scenes within Guardia Castle that flow much better with a later event.

This is his only attack, barring his death counter.

Dalton has 3,500 HP, you can steal an Ambrosia from him, and that's about all that's worth mentioning.

Well, I fail to see how this could go wrong.

We've got some Double Techs to show off!

Fire Sword 2 is pretty goddamned awesome. And a pain to make a .gif of; (C¬Atk × 7.3) + (L¬Lv + L¬Mag × 5.8) is the formula.

It's in the video, though, if you want to see it in motion. It's worth checking out.

These two attacks come with Frenzy and the level 2 elemental magics for these two.

Personally, I think Ice Sword 2 looks cooler than its counterpart. But the formula for it is (C¬Atk × 7.3) + (M¬Lv + M¬Mag × 5.8), which you might recognize.

And when you kill Dalton, he belches in protest.

If you weren't paying attention to his attacks, then this could be dangerous, as it could easily kill you. Dalton is only dangerous in that it's easy to stop paying attention to this fight and how low your health might be.

We also got 1,000 exp and 30 TP, but who cares, we learned a Double Tech!

And the first Triple Tech I'll show off (we also have Triple Raid, with Chrono, Frog and Robo, and maybe another I've forgotten)!

Rather than dying like he should have, Dalton instead creates a portal and runs off to the Ocean Palace.

He also doesn't lock up behind himself, allowing us access to the palace.

You know this is a special transport beam, since it's white and not pink like the others.

...Well, that is certainly impressive.

And here we are; the Ocean Palace.

Masa? Or is it Mune? Either way, what in Poseidon's name are you doing here?

And with that line...

...He disappears and the screen fades out.

We fade in to bad things happening.

Out of curiosity, Queenie, what would happen if she didn't listen to you? Wouldn't that foil your entire plan? I mean, you kinda need her to use this Mammon Machine, right? It's not like you could kill her, as that wouldn't really advance your goals.

I don't really know what's happening here, but it doesn't look good.

It appears too much for Schala. Perhaps this machine drains her energy to fuel itself, or maybe the mighty Lavos is killing her.

Well, back to us. We probably should hurry and try to get through here before things get even worse.

This room is fairly large and has a lot of paths, but you can get around easily enough if you're paying attention. I'll post the map at the end, just so you have a better idea of what this place looks like.

And I don't rightly remember if I've shown that off before. Did I ever mention the lower screen on the DS is a map of the area?

Ooh, a button!

Ooh, new enemies!

Ooh, palette swaps of the Sorcerer!

Alright, so, these guys.

The Djinn is protected by the Ghul, so we have to kill him first. I suppose you could kill the Djinn without doing that, but Christ, that'd take forever.

The Ghul has 450 HP, and a counter for attacks that don't kill him, as well as access to Annihilation Zone. You can also steal a Shield Sphere from them.

So, for their counter, a pair of balls pass between them.

And then we blow up.

It's...Certainly an attack.

So, after killing the Ghul, we need to strike the Djinn again to break his shield.

Suck it down, asslord!

And there's these fellows around here.

Zealot Mages are pretty common, too.

They have 480 HP, no weaknesses, and you can steal a Barrier Sphere from them. Their only notable feature is that they can inflict Lock on a character, sealing off their Tech lists. As you can see, Chrono doesn't really give a shit what the Zealot Mage does.

As for the Red Scouters, their coloring reveals their weakness. You'd expect it to be Water, as they're red, but it's actually Fire. They have Crimson Rain and a fire attack as a counter, but if Lucca is around, you'll be icing these sons of bitches before they can move. They're also weak to Shadow, in case you didn't bring Lucca. There are three types of Scouters, one weak to Lightning, which you'll have covered at all times, and the other to Water, which you have two sources of.

With only 300 HP, this is overkill. They also have really high physical defense, to where Chrono deals only about 100 damage with a physical. And before I forget to mention it, they absorb the elements they're not weak to.

We find a new helmet here; there's some nice stuff stored around here.

This place is lousy with Scouters.

These fellows are weak to Lightning.

And they don't even rate a Luminaire.

This is a new sword for Frog, and it raises his Magic a bit.

I don't know why these guys aren't listed with a color, but whatever.

However, I forget that line of thought when I find this new armor.

And then I got to thinking about Fig Newtons and forgot to equip it for a minute.

Man, do I like Fig Newtons.

I barely know what the hell a fig is, but when you Newton them, those bitches are delicious.

Anyways, this is the new armor over the Ruby Vest. It's quite nice.

Ah, here's Marle's time to shine.

We already saw Ice II in the fight with Magus. Also, the Red Scouter is the only one to have two weaknesses, because I guess the devs didn't expect you to leave without Marle or Frog, which is a fair expectation.

Moving along, we get into another fight.

And then a second one. There are a ton of fights here, so expect plenty of exp and TP here.

Also, expect a lot of Lapis drops. The Zealot Mages drop them.

Another switch, another moment to step on it.

We get a white flash to let us know something changed (I don't remember exactly what; I'm sorry).

You guys need to get the hell out of my way. There's a chest there I want.

...Oh. Maybe you didn't need to die.

Well, I guess it's something. It won't see much use, seeing as how it's Marle and she can usually be magicking something.

And here's Lock in action.

For some reason, it has the question mark to note the status effect. You'd think that'd be there for Confusion, instead of a star, but who am I to question game design.

I smash them with ice blocks for confusing me in such a manner.

Hrm. No path. But that's okay; I see a door over there.

So let's move along.

Christ, I'm tired of these jerks already.

Fuck off, all of you!

Luminaire serves as a handy button for when you want one. Now, I could start pumping Chrono full of magic tabs and throw him the Gold Stud and just annihilate everything in my path, but I won't. As I'm not willing to exploit the glitches to get infinite capsules just yet.

Here's a new weapon for Lucca.

Not a bad increase, but I won't be doing much attacking with Lucca that isn't of the magical variety.

These guys are in here, too. They swoop back and forth in straight lines, but you can slip past them to snag the treasure and move on, if you'd like.

However, sneaking around here gives us access to some hidden treasure.

But not this way. This is actually a dead end.

But if we come down here, we encounter another hidden passage that only eludes us due to perspective.

This is a new sword for Frog. He's been getting a lot of love lately, and I love every second of it.

It deals double damage to magical enemies, in addition to being damned strong. And if I remember right, this is the only place where you can find this sword.

We're almost done with this part of the Ocean Palace, by the way.

Up and into this door (on the upper left side of the area), and we'll be ready to move along.

We hit that switch and get to duke it out with another Djinn and his Ghul pal.

Seriously, tell me that doesn't look fucking awesome. Some of Lucca's guns produce kickass looking effects.

Alright, kill these chuckleheads and collect that chest, and we can move along.

This is a sword for for Chrono, but since we have the Swallow, we don't need it.

Look at that shit; we don't need no sword like that.

Okay, let's move on outta here. Christ, I could have just made this section into the update and been done by now. But, then the next section would have been kind of short...

So we're moving along.

Here's that map I promised you. I see a spot I didn't fill in that I didn't notice before.

Ah, a humanoid figure! Let's kill him!

This is the Monk, and he will hit you with a stick.

They have 666 HP and...Something else interesting that you can guess and figure out on your own! It's a combo counter, I think, but I killed the Monks I encountered pretty quickly, so we haven't seen that yet. Oh, yeah, their Defense isn't pretty low, but their Magic Defense is a little higher than usual, equal to the Zealot's.

This is the only attack of theirs that we'll see. So far.

And then Lucca threw a napalm grenade.

Considering I don't like stairs (as a bum leg doesn't exactly make it easy to climb them), let's see what's in this door.

Alright, I guess we have to take the stairs.

So, moving along, we find this bitchin' statue. I'd like one for my living room. Or the backyard.

Maybe not the fire spitting variety--Oh, who am I kidding, I'd love that shit. I'd bring people over who didn't know about it, and totally let them get a sweet shot of me lighting a cigarette off of it.

A cigar would be better, but I don't keep those around. And the good ones, the kind I like, are expensive.

Angry over this, I blast these poor fools into oblivion.

Maybe that seems like piss-poor damage for how strong the spell is, but Chrono only has 19 Magic. He's not exactly built to blow things away with magic. He's built to crush skulls beneath his boots. I think I've given him enough Strength Capsules, considering he has over 60 and the max is 99.

Going down this staircase, we see these four jumping up and down.

If we touch one, they go flying off like they had a secret rocket installed in their ass.

We could have avoided some of them, I think, but then that means we can't fight them. Which I'm not interested in.

So let's try out our Triple Tech here!

I originally had a different .gif for it, but it sucked even harder than that one. That attack looks better when your party is more spread out, but that was kind of hard to do around here.

Let's move along.

Where will it take us?

To a new Double Tech!

(M¬Lv + M¬Mag + L¬Lv + L¬Mag) × 8.9 for damage on this one, and it's Shadow element.

Not bad. Oh, shit, right, those guys are new, aren't they? They're called Warriors, and they also have 666 HP, with the same lowered Defense as the Monk, but their Magic Defense is unchanged from the norm.

We're almost done with this section of the Ocean Palace. This place is pretty long, possibly even longer than Magus' Castle.

No enemies here until this guy shows up and begins whipping fireballs around.

I don't know if this is how Monks and Warriors are born, but that's what I'm assuming from now on.

And they're killed in a ball of nuclear lightning fuckery. I love this goddamned spell.

Megaton Bomb is the upgrade to Napalm, and Cure II is the upgrade to Cure. More on those later.

Alright, if we talked to Mune before, then this must be Masa.

Just what is Dreamstone? It definitely doesn't seem to be some sort of naturally occurring stone.

Don't worry, pal. We'll destroy that Machine, stop the Queen, kill Lavos, and save the world.

Maybe we can even get out of here in time to enjoy a little bit more of the Fair.

We flash back to Zeal and the Mammon Machine, where Schala is still powering it.

Don't worry, Prophet; you'll get your immortality, too. I'm sure Queen Zeal won't try and shaft you on that.

An Enlightened One approaches the Queen as the machine flashes.

Zeal doesn't even respond to him; she just turns and blasts him away, not wanting to hear his dissent.

Hell. We don't have much time left.

Oh, if you could only see the future that we came from.

Running down the stairs this way is faster than normal, so I do it all the time.

Nothing worth mentioning about this fight, except that I decided to use Cure 2 during it, to show it off.

As it's quite impressive.

MAG × 25 is how it restores HP, but Marle's Magic is high enough that it's an automatic full heal to whoever it gets used on. Awesome.

That does it for this update. We've still got a lot to cover here, and this is a natural stopping point.

Stay tuned for next time!