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Part 44: Update Forty One: Lavos

Update Forty One: Lavos

Welcome, back, folks. Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we tore through most of the Ocean Palace; today, we're going to finish it. Let's bounce.

Hey, this looks kind of familiar. I guess we know what that room above was supposed to have in it.

Time for an elevator ride. I hope you're all as excited as I am!

Ugh. Lemme tell you, with elevators, if it's not one thing, then it's another.

I hate it when I get into an elevator infested with mages and flying little gobbledegooks.

Well, let's clear out 3/5ths of the encounter right off the bat.

I didn't cover it in the last update, but when you hit a Scouter with something they absorb, they have a counter attack for it.

In this case, it's Water II. The Red ones have a Firebomb attack, while the regular ones have some sort of Lightning attack.

It's exactly as impressive as you'd expect an attack that looks like a puddle splashing on you would be.

Ice blocks smashing them is far more impressive.

This is a battle gauntlet, so we'll get a bunch of exp and TP from these next few fights.

There's also a buttload of cash, but...Cash isn't quite so important in this game as it is in some others.

And going dooooooown

Also, the elevator is constantly moving during these fights. It looks really cool.

But enough of that; we've got some Monks and other ghoulies to deal with.

Here's Lucca's Megaton Bomb in action. I'd have a .gif, but the background doesn't play nice with keeping the sizes small.

Since this attack is Napalm's bigger brother, it creates an assload of explosions to blow up the enemy with.

And it has a pretty big range, too. Formula on this one is Lucca's (Lv + Mag) × 13.25.

One of the things I like most about Lucca is that most of her Techs are variations of "light this fucker on fire and kill it" that just grow stronger and stronger.

But the Monks have a combo counter, too. It looks kind of cool.

Very snazzy looking.

Fortunately, the damage isn't that impressive.

But the rewards are!

This next encounter is a joke.

I felt exactly like Marle looks after doing that. I tried the jump thing, but broke my leg on the way down.

"Oogity boogity boo!"

For this fight, we go back to basics and light everything up, one enemy at a time.

That's the last fight, which disappoints me. I could have kept fighting!

Oh, well. Plenty of fights in the future.

That button is tricky, as it doesn't do anything.

Yet. We'll fix that.

I think we've killed the rest of the monsters they had to keep intruders out. Why else would they offer this pithy offense?

Oh, God, he's gone Super-Saiyan!

Oh, never mind. Just splitting into three.

We flip this switch and we're done here.

Second verse, same as the first.

Chrono and Marle get Ruby Vests; Lucca has the Taban Suit to resist fire.

There's a boss fight coming with an easily exploitable gimmick. Hell, I don't even need the vests, but they add to the effect of it all.

Hitting this switch summons Lava-Moses, who clears us a path.

We're coming ever closer to the end of this. We're almost done.

Have we found one of these before? They do the same thing as they do in all Square games; restore HP and MP to full.

Shelter up and save, and let's do this.

Certainly seems that way. Let's dance, fuckface.

Oh, you must be thinking of the other timeline, where your Golem took me out. You seem to have forgotten I needed to recover and recapture, and must have missed the ass-beating I laid down on it this time.

These were "Twins" in the original, and I don't know why they're suddenly sisters.

Still, two of them to take on this go 'round.

To see this fight in motion, click me!

They're the same as the Golem we fought before, except now there's two. How exciting.

They start off in a physical imitation form, but we'll fix that soon enough.

A couple of iron balls and that fuck-off blast to Lucca makes me decide to heal up before doing too much more.

And then Lucca blows them up.

This puts them in the Fire imitation phase, and we're all taking half damage from fire. If I had the Red Vest and Plate, I'd absorb some, but I mentioned last update why I don't.

I could have just left the Ruby Vests behind, really.

My original plan was to murderize them with Fire Sword II, but that didn't leave Marle much to do.


I then had an idea about how to cheese this fight. See, when a Golem is hit with an attack to change its pattern, instead of using the attack when its turn comes up, its turn will reset. It has to wait to use the next attack; it's not that big of an imposition for them, as they're fast as fuck.

Even so, when everyone has their turn ready, I put my plan into action.

Those two go first to drop on a good chunk of damage, and then Lucca lights them up again to reset their pattern and leave me to my virtual invincibility.

Anywho, let's skip to the end of the fight. When a Golem dies, it imitates Dalton and belches on you.

Both of them do it, but it's still not too dangerous.

What, you're going to fight us yourself (again)? Let's dance, fuckwad.

If this had been a few seconds later, that strange feeling would have been my boot in your colon.

Wait, aren't you looking to gain this power or whatever? Shouldn't this be a good thing?

Or is that power different from what immortality power feels like?

I'll kill you later, you Snake Plissken looking jerkoff.

No convenient portal for us. We've only a short ways to go, and I'm assuming Dalton just went and got the fuck out of Dodge.

A Nu? Move over, bud. I'd hate to waste you.

We'll need to destroy that first, then, I'd reckon.

Sorry, can't do it. We've come too far.

If we had been just a little later...

C'mon, Schala; you don't need to do this anymore.

The Mammon Machine is crackling with power, arcs of electricity constantly spinning around it.

And it blasts Schala.

Back up, Prophet. I don't know what your game is, but you won't see the end of it, if I have anything to say about it.

If we stop this machine, that'll cut off the flow of their energy!

The Ruby Knife flies from Chrono's hands and into the Mammon Machine.

T-The Masamune!?

If Frog was here, he would have had a reaction similar to mine.

Wait, he's coming? I thought this was supposed to help end this thing before Lavos could emerge!

Oh, goddammit!

Oh, Christ, something has gone very bad!

But just how bad?

Oh, about this bad. For an idea of how bad that is, listen to this noise.

Guess we have no choice; let's do this, you overgrown tick!

Marle, get ready with the Cure mag--

...Oh, God, no.

Lavos screams again.

The Prophet warps in.

Huh. No wonder he knew how everything was going to play out.


There's only one person that could be.

And she brought Schala.

And what do you think will happen to you after Lavos finishes killing him?

Schala's love for her mother never fails to impress me. She remembers how her mother was, and continuously hopes she'll return to being that woman.

But Queen Zeal refuses to listen to her daughter's pleas. She's too engrossed in her ideas of gaining immortality and infinite power.

She blasts Schala for her impudence.

Magus, you're our best hope now. Kill the Queen and destroy Lavos.

Lavos has incredible power, though; Magus himself is incredibly strong, but Lavos is leaps and bounds ahead of him.

That's Magus' greatest asset.

Or is his tenacity his greatest asset?

Magus casts off Lavos' attack, not ready to give up, unable to give up.

He attacks Lavos, slamming his scythe into the parasite.

Well, that looked pretty effe--


Lavos blows the Fiendlord away effortlessly.

I can't imagine how this can get any worse.

We'll find a way, Queen. Don't think we'll just give up.

You can break our bodies and shatter our spirits, but we won't give up this fight.

You'll never be able to keep us down.

Don't worry, girls. We'll make it through this.

That's not an option, Schala! We have to end this!

Let's see if you keep that attitude even after we've made your realize how futile your dreams for immorality were.

All life is precious.

Don't worry, Lucca. Just hold on for a little longer.

She'll be fine, Magus.

We won't. We came here to save her, and that's exactly what we're going to do.

There's one thing left to do.

No matter the odds, we're going to stop you.

There's no other option.

Let's see what you got!

Lavos gathers energy, and sends out a beam at Chrono.

That twinkle drifts from Chrono, hanging there.

Everyone looks on as Chrono is trapped within Lavos' beam, unable to fight, unable to move, unable to do anything.