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Part 47: Update Forty Four: An Unexpected Ally

Update Forty Four: An Unexpected Ally

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, the Epoch got wings and we destroyed the Blackbird! Today, we're going to learn some extremely important information, so let's bounce.

A little bit has changed around here, so let's see what's shakin'.

Indeed, the Nu has a lot of new shit, mostly of the weapon and armor variety.

Curiously, he has this bit of equipment, but we have no scythe using party members.

These helmets are damned good, and kind of expensive.

As are these suits. Except for Lucca, but Taban's Suit is pretty damned good, with the Speed boost and Fire resistance.

There's something worth doing here in the Village Commons, which people mentioned in the thread. I didn't forget, folks.

There's no place for a plant? What kind of hell do you live in?

Plant it, with hope, and cherish it as if it were one of your children. People will see this plant growing and realize their lives don't have to be consumed with desperation. They'll see this plant and know they have to live.

It definitely can't hurt.

Take your life one day at a time; it's all any of us can do.

Hey there, kiddo; did you have a good nap?

Guess where we're going next!

There's one NPC in this village that I didn't talk to, but she just repeated the same information about Moon and Sun Stones. We've heard it before, and we'll get to it soon enough.

Now let's see who is hanging around the North Cape.

Nobody so far.

Well, that's either a key item (like the Spade Key) or something else important. Let's find out!

...Son of a bitch. You're harder to kill than a cockroach, Magus.


And most of those people didn't deserve that fate.

But who were you?

This isn't how things played out when we were there.

Goddamn, she must get tired of people yelling her name.

Oh, no. I recognize what comes with that.

With that, Melchior disappears.

And then Gaspar, a Guru we haven't met, is drawn into a gate.

And Balthasar, the last Guru, is taken.

And Janus is the last to be taken.

Queen Zeal has no reaction to seeing her only son sucked into a gate.

None whatsoever; she is fully Lavos' thrall.

We know where Melchior was sent, and apparently that Gate has been in their cupboard for a long time.

Balthasar's destination is also known.

But what of Gaspar's fate?

It looks familiar, does it not?

As does Gaspar himself.

And what of young Janus?

The Middle Ages. And Ozzie is there.

Frog has figured out the mystery here. Have you?

Of course you have; if you're able to access the internet and read this thread, then you're able to figure it out.

All of what Magus did in the Middle Ages was simply a means to an end. Before we came along and fucked up the timeline, he had originally been killed by Lavos in 600 AD, but our intervention changed things.

If you'll recall, someone had mentioned Janus' incredible potential, but his aversion to using it.

Oh, if I'd been quiet for a little while, Magus would have made my point. Whoops.

Yeah, it's funny how life works, isn't it?

I could look up the exact definition of irony and poke fun at you with it, but I'll hold off.

Yeah, because that worked out so well last time.

Then again, I suppose if I had your power, maybe I'd think it'd be different.

I'm sure he would have watched you soar, as ashes from the funeral pyre.

...What did you say, motherfucker?

Frog, get your ass kicking boots on.

: One could even say he got whacked 'cuz he's weak.

As satisfying as it would be to make you eat your words, sorcerer, it won't change anything.

Do I look like a waiter!?

Frog, wait a minute! Take a second to consider this.

Magus, you magnificent bastard.

That's right, folks! Magus is now part of the party, and as such, we can give him a new name! BOLD a vote if you want him to get a new name! Voting will go until Wednesday, at 5:00 PM, EST.

Consider this your warning for giving him a stupid name.

And hell yes, he's going in the party.

As to be expected, he's a magical powerhouse. He's also pretty fast (as quick as Chrono was), with a good Strength score, won't take shit from a magical blast, and is our Shadow element party member. He currently only has three Techs (Ice, Fire and Lightning II), but he has plenty to learn.

Also, he doesn't run around the map like everyone else. He fucking floats.

Goddammit, Magus is awesome. Though, he has a downside; he's not in any Double Techs and you have to jump through some hoops to get him involved in some Triple Techs. Which I'll be doing, as I'm dedicated to bringing you the full Chrono Trigger experience.

Which I'm going to regret when it comes to the fucking bonus content. I need to stop making promises when I've taken my sleeping pills.

For now, though, let's get to the End of Time. If there's a way to get my main shit-wrecker back, I'll do whatever I have to.

Nothing good.

If you didn't click that music link, you're not getting the full experience here.

Also, that's the moon.

...Hey, maybe it's friendly. That's possible, right?

That's Magus when he's surprised. He looks so pissed off.

Well, that's enough of an endorsement for me to want to destroy that thing.

That, and the fact it's the Ocean Palace, but all flying and shit.

...I know what's coming, and I don't want to look.

Because Square can't resist adding shitty "bonus" content to their re-releases.

If it were just Lavos, I wouldn't be measuring out a noose, Maggy-poo.

To steer ourselves away from that, let's visit the End of Time. I'll do the bonus content, I promise, but not this playthrough. Maybe after I do two or three endings.

Ignore the .gif I couldn't get to work correctly. Actually, do think about it. Get your mind off the bonus content.

Thanks to Explosionface, I figured out a way to make this run correctly!

For an idea of how much I despise the extra shit they added, let me just say that I'd rather do the FF4 bonus content five times in a row than do the shit Chrono Trigger has.

Oh, thank God, something else to focus on.

I don't know how to tell you this, Old Man.

Funnily enough, this also applies to the bonus content.

That song plays the rest of the time we're here.

Please, listen to it. It's an incredible track.

As surely as he's seen you before.

He's our only hope.

This is a universal truth.

I can only hope. But if there's nothing you can do for us...

Maybe Spekkio can cheer me up.

Dammit, Spekkio, you failed!

I didn't miss a line of dialog here. He just goes from that to being amazed.

He's practically creaming his...Uh, little short pants/kilt thing over meeting Magus.

In case you were unaware that Magus is awesome, even the Master of War is impressed with his skills.

Ah, the Old Man has more for us. Reliable old chap, he is.

...What, do you want a fuckin' omelet or something?

I see. But how did you get a hold of this?

I'm willing to risk it to bring Chrono back.

Whatever I need to do, will be done.

Viewers at home, do you know who the Old Man is?

Of course you do! I practically told you earlier in the update!

While Melchior and Balthasar were sent to actual points in time, places where time is controlled, Gaspar was sent to the End of it all.

As for how long, we'll never truly know. Could have been a month ago, could have been longer than you think.

And with our titular item, there's but once place to go.

I'll explain more about the Black Omen when it's appropriate. For now, we have bigger issues at hand.

To figure out more about the Chrono Trigger, we must go to Balthasar, he who constructed our Wings of TIme.

With a minor pit-stop.

We may not have the man himself to turn to, but we do have the next best thing.

Well, should be easy enough to scale that mountain.

Chrono was pretty important, since he is the leader of the group who set out to destroy the world-eating parasite sleeping beneath the earth. Not to mention all the great stuff he did, or was part of; keeping Marle from being wiped from existence, saving the inhabitants of the future from starving to death, helped end the war against the Fiendlord, stopped the Reptites from wiping out the ancestors of humanity, and everything else.

What, like a Chrono Barbie? Where the hell am I going to find the factory that makes those?

So, I bring whatever power it is an action figure (with or without kung-fu grip), and if he decides he likes it better than his Iron Man who can shoot little plastic missiles, it'll bring Chrono back to life?

Bekkler? Why does that--

Oh, son of a bitch! I knew I would never truly escape that Fair!

Goddammit, Chrono. This better work.

It's been a little while since we've done one of these, but I need a party to go find a Raggedy Chrono and to climb Death Peak. BOLD your votes for who I take along; we have all three slots available here, so go crazy with your votes! The three characters with the most votes will climb the mountain!

In An Alternate Reality

Our encounter with Magus doesn't always go so peacefully. But, Frog finally has avenged Cyrus, using the Masamune and the Hero's Badge. May Cyrus rest in peace.