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Part 50: Update Forty Seven: Ozzie's Fort

Update Forty Seven: Ozzie's Fort

Welcome back, folks, to Chrono Trigger! Last time, we set a proud knight's spirit to rest, powered up the Masamune, and gave Frog some closure. Today, we're going to go wreck Ozzie's shit for good, so let's bounce.

To get where we're going, we've gotta go north from Choras.

Passing by this place, where I'm sure we'll never visit.

So, after Janus was cleared outta his place (the Black Omen floats over where it was now, by the by), Ozzie apparently came and built a cabin over here.

And here's the green tub of lard himself!

"Shithole of a home!"

He freezes up when he sees Janus here. I can't blame him.

To be fair, were I in Ozzie's position, I'd probably shit myself seeing my old boss show up.

I don't know if I'd be so hostile to the greatest wizard of all time, but hey, diff'rent strokes and all.

He didn't do it on purpose. It's not like he purposely created that massive Gate and got sucked into Antiquity.

But, Ozzie won't listen to our explanations...

So we're going to go kill him.

It occurs to me that I forgot to visit Medina, where the statue of Magus is gone. It's an Ozzie statue now.

And that is what, exactly?

When I see that pose, all I can think is "Stupid Sexy Flanders!"

Kheldarn, I know you're thinking of sprite art, and stop it. Stop it right now.

Oh, Flea, you silly woman.

Fun fact: every time I see that dialog, I don't see "Flea" as the speaker. My mind corrects it to "Frog" and that makes this horrifying.

So, this is Diva Flea. She's a mini-boss at the moment.

She only has 2,500 HP and we're going to destroy her.

Starting with Boulder Toss. If you're wondering why Ayla is glowing red, she hasn't used the Kaioken; she's wearing the Angel Tiara, which not only prevents all statuses, but also has an Auto-Haste effect. Not that it's useful, since she has maxed out Speed (and I still have nine Speed Tabs).

After she's thrown up, Flea gets blown up.

And Frog finishes her off.

We also get 20 TP and some cash.

You sure? 'cuz you just got schooled.

After her! And whoever else is here!

Hmm. Conveyor belts going to nowhere. I'm sure this won't go badly for anyone.

There can't have been much treasure there. I'm pretty sure I got it all.

Oh, the horror! Two monsters!

In case you'd forgotten, Ozzie is an idiot and doesn't see the flaw here.

Look at those faces. They can't believe this shit.

This sidequest, if you hadn't guessed, is a bit of filler and a bit of a joke. It's pretty easy and more of a breather than anything serious.

But Ozzie teleports out, forcing us to go deeper into his Fort.

In the next room...

Oh, what horrors will he unleash now?

*gasp!* No, not Slash!

Remember that asskicking he gave me the last time?

Nothing like that happens this time.

Super Slash gets blown and thrown and the fight is over. 2,500 HP for him, too, same rewards as Diva Flea.

In this room, there's that big-ass blade and a chest behind it.

For calling me that, Ozzie, I'm going to come up there and punch you.

Now it's two, for thinking I'd fall for it.

I'm going to punch you twice. In the stomach.

Eh? What's that little fellow--


On the bright side, Ozzie, you fooled somebody with your trap.

But I'm still going to pop you.

Not a bad treasure to find; nothing spectacular, but nothing I'll turn down.

However, the real treasure of this room is hidden down here.

Once again, a hidden room thanks only to our perspective.

It also contains Janus' ultimate equipment (for the vanilla stuff, at least).

The middle chest is a Gloom Helm, which I'd already won from the Arena of the Ages.

The scythe there doesn't raise his Attack by much, but it has the property of raising his Attack when his allies have fallen. One ally down doubles it, while both of them down triples it. Or so I've read; I've never seen it myself.

There's nothing special about the Gloom Cape, other than it being strong as fuck.

And now, we come to the final challenge of Ozzie's Fort.

Ozzie isn't wrong here; this boss fight can fuck you up if you let it.

Much like us, they've gained better equipment since the last time we met.

Incidentally, this is why you want Ayla along for this fight.

If you want to see the fight in video, click here!

We're going to rob these shitasses blind.

Starting with Flea.

No particular reason for that, but the Flea Bustier increases Magic Defense by a fucking shitload. +12, if I remember right.

However, they're not pleased by such things. They have a lot of counter attacks and most of them hurt.

For this one, Ozzie starts cranking nothing, while Slash bounces off of him.

Flea tosses him some fire and

He smashes someone with it.

Which hurts like a mad bastard. Chrono, Frog and Marle have a Triple Tech like that, but we'll get to that later.

Super Slash and Diva Flea each have 4,000 HP, while Ozzie The Great has 6,000.

And counterattacks are fairly common in this fight. Don't think you'll get through it without being hit a few times.

For this fight, Ayla has the Black Plate equipped. You'll see why in a second.

The Slasher II is a sword for Chrono, but since we have the Suzaku, it's useless. Still, neat to have and I'd feel wrong if I didn't snag it here.

Slash still has his Wind Slash ripoff, and it's still fairly undangerous.

Did I mention Janus has Barrier? It's Shell from other Square RPGs. It feels kind of out of place in his spell list, if you ask me, since the rest of his magic is geared toward fucking you up. I guess they wanted to give it to someone, and he seemed as good a choice as any.

Finally, we rob Ozzie.

And steal his Pants. Way to go, Ayla.

However, attacking Ozzie triggers this Triple Tech.

It's just like what Chrono, Lucca and Marle can do (Frog can be substituted for Marle, by the by), and hits for Shadow damage.

Since Ayla has piss poor Magic Defense, she has the Black Plate to absorb that attack and not have to worry about it. I could have raised her Magic Defense, but she has the Alluring Top instead, just to make her Charming that more effective.

Here's Dark Mist in action; (Lv + Mag) × 10.25 for the formula, which is the same as for Shadow Bomb, but this hits all enemies.

Good bit of damage, too.

However, those are the big points of this fight, so let's end this.

Slash is just plain-ass murdered.

While Flea makes a last ditch effort to survive.

We never see her again, so I don't know where she escaped to.

And Frog has the honor of finishing off Ozzie.

And 50 TP for this fight. Most of the sidequests are good for getting those last few Techs, but this one really isn't, on account of not having that many enemies to fight.

And he runs off again.

I think I now have four of these things.

This prevents Confusion and is pretty strong.

Now, the Flea Bustier is an accessory, the Slasher II is a sword, and the Ozzie Pants are worn on the head. I can only imagine the swamp-ass Ozzie had...

Bombshell dropped in 3...2...1...

Janus doesn't give a shit about Ozzie!

All of fiendkind moves to a single village and they're xenophobic dicks.

Ozzie turns himself into a popsicle again, and now it's time to rumble.

And yes, Ayla is trying to smash Janus' codpiece into his sphincter.

As the Ozzie Pants, in addition to being ridiculously strong headgear, also automatically Confuse the wearer.

It makes sense; frankly, I'd be confused if I were wearing Ozzie's pants on my head.

Still, this is Ozzie, so I think we all know the solu-

Wait, what?


That tricky son of a bitch.

Before we go too far, I remember to switch Ayla back to the Tiara.

My foot in your ass is going to disagree.

Did...Did I just hear a cat?

Huh. So I did.

What'cha doin' there, kitty?

Isn't that adorable?

So...We took a frog knight, a fearsome wizard and a cavewoman to beat up Janus' top general, and the kitty saves the day.

Man, cats are awesome.

But that does it for Ozzie's Fort and this sidequest!

Which means we all know what time it is! BOLD a vote for another sidequest, and BOLD a vote for a new party! Where will we go next? Tuesday night, at 7:00 PM, EST, in the cutoff time for voting!


A prehistoric stone that will shine with the light of all the ages in the world...
There's an object of legend in the Middle Ages, and lingering even in the present...
"A task to be done in the future" requires Robo.
For the "forest being brought back to life" Robo and Lucca are part of it, but don't need to be part of the party to go through the dungeon.

Finished Sidequests
The "restless spirit of a proud knight" requires Frog.
The "fortress of one of Janus' generals" requires Janus.


I mentioned this in the thread, but let me put it in this update, just in case you're not reading the thread!

How will this work?

Alright, folks, I'm feeling an art contest needs to be done. My love of fan-art is pretty well known, but I haven't been able to reach any of my old favorites. But, despite that, I know there is a goldmine of artistic talent in this thread. As for your guidelines of what you want to create, pick something from the game, whether it's a line, an action, moment--anything is fair game, as long as it came from Chrono Trigger. Once you've decided on your subject, create it as a bit of fan-art and submit it to the thread.

What style am I required to use?

Any style is fair game; if you want to do manga style, go for it; modern Cubism is a-go; traditional portraiture and action painting are all allowed to be done. Hell, even if you want to do some weird pixel art on the side of a spaceboat, then you can go for that! What we're looking for here is creative, imaginative art, and I have no desire to hold someone back by limiting things. In short, do whatever you'd like!

How long do I have to create my masterpiece?

Well, it's June 25 for me right now, so we'll run the contest until July 31st, for a little over a month to draw and submit your piece.

How will we know who wins?

This is where I come in. For this go 'round, I'll be falling back to a panel of judges; myself, Keeshhound, and Silver_Falcon, but we're joined this time by Explosionface. If you want to try hard enough, you can figure our likes and dislikes out and incorporate those into your works (hint: I like minotaurs).

Okay, so if I"m doing all of this work, what do I get out of it?

Well, there will be three prizes awarded for this go 'round.

Prize One: A new avatar (with picture and text of your choice) a forums upgrade, or a $10 Steam game
Prize Two: A $5 Steam game
Prize Three: This one can be open to negotiation, but my current thought is that the third person wins a commentator spot on my next LP, which will be a VLP.