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Part 53: Update Fifty: The Rainbow Shell Part Two

Update Fifty: The Rainbow Shell Part Two

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we went through the Giant's Claw and recovered the Rainbow Shell. However, this quest isn't over quite yet. Today, we're going to see it to its conclusion, so let's bounce.

We were going to go beg Marle's ancestor for help last time we left off, and we pick up right there.

Uh, sure, why not?

Seriously, it is a giant shell made of rainbows or something. That's valuable somehow, right?

I mean, you see a double rainbow in the sky and everyone on Facebook freaks the fuck out. A shell made of rainbows has gotta be better than that.

"Take a lot of guys. I hear this thing weighs as much as Louie Anderson!"

And with that, we're now getting the Shell delivered right to the castle.

There's a little bit of incidental dialog here, too. From way back when, even.

I think you did a shitty job, since we still got thrown in prison. Then again, that was four hundred years after this happened. I don't think the current Chancellor would think it was the same guy. Even so, he still did a shitty job, since we don't hear about any Chronos of yore who were great warriors and awesome and stuff.

Man, fuck this. I'm going back to the future.

Let's see if we can see our fancy treasure.

I admit to a small curiosity about it.

Son of a bitch. We'll have to fix this problem, too, won't we?

Then again, if it means we get to shank the Chancellor, perhaps it's entirely worth it, even if the king is guilty.

Hmm. Something here doesn't seem quite right.

Ah, there we go. Marle can take point on this one, since this a bit more personal for her.

Fantastic work, boys.

What the hell are--Oh, hey, there are stairs over there.

What about the snake monsters there? Or is that the Guardian version of Homeland Security?

Still, nothing to be done there, so let's see if we can get a good seat for the trial. Maybe we should get a snack first, though. Trials probably take a while.

This place has terrible service.

How about you distract him and we'll poison it? Then when the Chancellor gets his mid-trial sauerkraut, the problem is solved.

This could come in handy someday. Then again, I've got enough Mid-Ethers to last me the rest of the game. Probably.

This must be the good treasure.

The other room on the stairs didn't have anything interesting in it, so we're at the top now.

Don't look at me, Marle. I've got nothin' for this.

Well, that's one way to handle it.

I would think one or two of them have. I mean, it's been around 400 years in the Royal Family. Surely somebody has heard of it in that time.

This sounds like total horseshit. You're the Chancellor. I'm pretty sure the king has few things hidden from you.

"Lick me."

I'm also pretty sure this is bullshit.

Well, it would require his ancestors to know he was going to hold a Millennial Fair. It's not an unfair assumption, but I would think they had different things to focus on, like the Fiendlord or any of the creatures who tried to take his place after his defeat.

It weighs about nine tons; it's not something you can just bring out to show off.

At this point, Marle wanders on in.

"I'm beginning to suspect he's a dick!"

Can't we get someone to wander down to the treasury and check on it? A "Yep, Shell's still there!" should be good enough.

Walk the fuck downstairs, you old bastard!

The kind of trickery that ends with me jamming a sword into somebody.

Yeah, like we'll get out that easily.

Uh-huh. Marle, do your thing, girl.

...Oh. I'm fresh out of ideas.

Marle, you forget--

Yeah, what Lucca said.

Unless one of them sold it between then and now.

Good to know they let the B-Team guard the castle's treasures.

A thirteen generation grudge against the royal family? Who the hell do we know that has one of those?

Oop, they noticed us.

These are the exact same guys from the Cathedral, way back at the beginning of the game, still with 90 HP.

I nearly feel bad for how they bit the dust. Still, we've got Marle's father to save.

What do you even pay for a thing like that?

Oh, no, never before seen merchant! How could you betray the king like this!?

The merchant clears out and we pop back to our heroes.

This Naga had time to regret the decision to come to work today.

These aren't the biggest numbers of the update. We'll see those in a bit.

Not a bad little bit of treasure here. The Lapis can come in handy if I get stuck in a bad situation, as can the Elixir.

No wonder nobody has ever seen this thing; there's nine miles of hallway to get to it.

I suppose the random monsters probably discourage folks, too.

These brave monsters try and bar our path. Lucca, darling, handle this, would you?

Here we go; end of the road.

And another Lapis in that other chest we can reach.

Who the hell would leave a letter for Marle here?

Ah, Queen Leene. How did she know to leave this here?

And how to strategically leave letters so their intended recipients can find them 400 years later.

If you don't stop posing, he'll be locked up by the time we get there.

Quickly, back to the courtroom!

Ah, hell. I'm sure the king ate that guy's lunch and only delivered that kitty after talking to the little girl. He's screwed.

Ain't got time for your shit, Viper!

This Naga actually zig-zags through the hall, making her a touch harder to dodge.

She soon realizes the error of her ways.

Marle, we ain't got time for much else. Can't we just sucker-punch these two?

I'm sure he's feeling quite smug about being able to tell the princess to fuck off.

I hope we're going to find the rebuilt Dragon Tank and we're just going to crash that son of a bitch through the wall.

...Doesn't Marle get a shot at ruling? I guess I don't understand how royal succession works.

Chancy, who the hell else would want to interrupt this trial?


I never guess right. I thought it was Stantler.

The king looks like he's seen this shit before and is not impressed.



"Doctor Scott!"

Man, fuck that. We'll do the time warp again and fix this shit.

Yeah, didn't expect us to walk to the basement, did you?

But ol' Chancy has one more trick up his sleeve...

The king gets the hell outta there, while the judge does the Instant Transmission away from danger. Or something. Seriously, he just vanishes.

It's probably a good thing, as there's going to be some blood.

Who remembers Yakra? Because we're now dealing with his descendant. Who else would hold a grudge against the royal family (that we had encountered and fucked up, that is)?

Click one of the sea serpents to see the fight in motion!

So, Yakra XIII is sufficiently badass, compared to vanilla Yakra.

Miasma deals a small amount of damage, but can inflict Confuse on whoever it hits.

He has 18,000 HP to work through, but that's not really a big deal.

Our Double Techs are sufficiently powerful enough to make 18,000 a relatively easy number to reach.

Not to mention, Chrono's occasional critical strike really helps the process along.

His 80% counter rate doesn't hurt, either. Too bad Yakra didn't get many chances to attack.

I think he pulls off five attacks in this fight.

Including this earth-shaking number.

This snaps Marle out of her Confusion, which opens her up to really dump some pain on Yakra.

Antipode Bomb III is quite efficient here.

Especially since Lucca has the Gold Stud, so Flare is only 5 MP and Marle uses Ice II for her part, which is an entire 8 MP.

Chrono is throwing out Frenzy, as it's a touch more MP efficient than Luminaire is. Plus it looks cooler.

I would have been more intimidated here if he wasn't so close to death.

This message signifies that you killed him.

He has a death counter, though, so be careful if your HP is low at the end of the fight.

He usually does this a little more, but he didn't have much of a chance during this battle.

See something shiny over there? I do, too.

Aw, crap. I'm not going to get that shiny anytime soon, am I?

Was it before or after we sent her through time?

Maybe I shouldn't be so sassy while these two reunite and reconcile.

I'm sure ol' Chancy lied about her, too. About the end part, that is. Not that she existed.

Final words?

Oh. Well, that's Chrono. He was almost executed for kidnapping your daughter.

Yeah, the Chancellor lied to you about that, too.

Yeah, your father wasn't a shitbag. Big surprise.


If that's the case, we're going to have to lie to you about what we've set out to do.

I'm sure she'll be at the End of Time. She'll be fine.

Oh, goddammit, who now?

And that's not all we'll be getting. Oh, no, not even close.

We'll catch up with you in a minute, Melchior. I've a shiny to go grab.

Alright, let's see what Yakra was hiding in here.

Ah. Should have expected this trick again.

This makes me wonder how long he's been in there. You'd think he'd remember Chrono, at the very least.

Yeah, yeah, get goin'.

Jesus, can't even get a simple thank you

Now, Melchior, what do you have for us?

Now, the Dress is just for the ladies, and cuts magic damage by a third, as well as having a good bit of regular defense. However, anyone can equip the helmets, they add +9 to Magic Defense and they protect against status ailments.

I take the helmets, as I'll get more use out of them.

After a little bit (i.e., the screen fades to black), Melchior announces his work is done and we get our new helmets.

Talking to him again makes him notice our Sun Stone.

He uses a bit of that and a bit of the Rainbow Shell to make these fucking things. Remember how the Sunglasses add +25% damage? These sons of bitches add +50% damage. indeed.

But that's not the best thing he gives us. Oh, no. This goddamned thing is the best of what he gives us.

Oh, Melchior, you did do something worthwhile, you fantastic son of a bitch. At this point in time, Chrono is going to critical with 70% of his attacks. He has the Wrath Band, too, making him counter 80% of attacks he's hit by. Chrono is equipped to quickly and deftly wreck whoever's shit that gets in his face.

And that polishes off this sidequest!

Which means it's time to vote for the next sidequest! BOLD a vote for where we're going and BOLD a vote for who we're taking! Sunday, 7:00 PM, EST, is the cutoff for voting!

And have a good holiday weekend (those of you celebrating the American Independence Day)!


"A task to be done in the future" requires Robo.
For the "forest being brought back to life" Robo and Lucca are part of it, but don't need to be part of the party to go through the dungeon.

Finished Sidequests
The "restless spirit of a proud knight" requires Frog.
The "fortress of one of Janus' generals" requires Janus.
A prehistoric stone that will shine with the light of all the ages in the world...
There's an object of legend in the Middle Ages, and lingering even in the present...