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Part 58: Update Fifty Five: Sinking The Omen

Update Fifty Five: Sinking The Omen

Welcome back, folks! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, Team Girl Power ripped up the middle portion of the Black Omen. Today, Team Let's Save The Fucking World is going to finish this big bastard off, so let's bounce.

There was some speculation on it, but this is Team Let's Save The Fucking World. Chrono is rocking the Rainbow and the Wrath Band; Frog has the Masamune II and the Prism Specs (for those of you calling foul on my choice there, SMaster777 will be explaining why I did it that way), while Janus is equipped with a Gold Stud.

In fact, here's his Numbers Chat:

SMaster777 posted:

Okay, so... confession time, I've known for a while now who Team Let's Save The Fucking World was; watching you all guess at it was rather amusing. At any rate, a couple days ago, Leave and I found ourselves discussing the accessories the team would be wearing. Leave is, to be perfectly blunt, a massive fan of the Prism Specs, and has admitted to using them on Chrono more often than not; in fact it was by my suggestion that he give Rage/Wrath Band a shot on him, because seriously, Rainbow + Wrath Band. Based on the fact that Chrono has literally been sporting Rage/Wrath since the Sewer, I'd say that experiment was met with resoundingly successful results. The Gold Stud on Janus was also a no-brainer, because really now, we are talking about MP Cost Reduction on the fucking Fiendlord. This left only one real "choice" in Team Let's Save The Fucking World for the Specs, which led to a whole lot of numbers speak.... so brace yourselves.

Assume Frog, with the Masamune II, will do 400 damage on a basic hit. This means he'll do 600 on hit with the Specs. The Hero's Badge gives the Masamune a 50% critical hit rate, and a critical without the specs is 800. So over four attacks, Frog can be expected to do:

Specs: 600+600+600+600
Badge: 400+400+800+800.

....On paper, yes, that's equal. What tipped the balance in favor of the Specs is the Masamune II's innate critical hit rate; it's certainly no Rainbow, but 23% Critical Hits is still roughly one out of every four or five Frog attacks being a critical hit. Effectively that makes the four hits of the Specs be 600+600+600+1200. Short version: Over 4 attacks with the Masamune II (assuming 400 is his base damage), Frog can be expected to do 2400 with the Hero's Badge, or 3000 with the Prism Specs. For this reason, Leave decided to forgo the Hero's Badge in favor of the Prism Specs on Frog.

There's not much of the Omen left.

It's mostly just boss fights from here on out.

There's no .gifs in this update. I'm sure some of you are heartbroken.

A gate appearing?

Oh, no, not a Lavos Spawn! However will we handle this threat?

Oh, it's an Elder Lavos Spawn.

It has plenty of attacks, but mostly stuck to Annihilation Zone. To see this guy get blitzed in motion, click here!

It has 10,000 HP, which ain't shit.

This is how I dealt most of my damage to it in this fight. As with the other Spawns, just ignore the shell, since it'll counter if you touch it.

Janus doesn't have a Tech here that can hit just the head, so he's stuck with sickle smacks. Even though it looks like he's cutting into the shell here, it's the head.

Still, that just about sums up the fight, so let's skip to the end.

From the 120 TP we get from winning, Janus learns his final Tech.

In the next room, we encounter a shitload of Panels.

They are dealt with accordingly.

A save point appears after the fight. We're about to finish this son of a bitch off, and this is your biggest hint to that.

This...This is odd.

We can't interact with them; they just float there, motionless.

Interestingly enough, everybody has a clone here, except for Janus.

The Mammon Machine lies broken at the end of this room.

And this yammering *redacted* shows up again.

She has a monologue about how we should give up, it's destiny, yada yada yada.

And she continues to verbally fellate Lavos.

It's too bad you can't see through time; you'd see I"m about to deliver you three ass-beatings.

The other two runs of the Omen won't be documented, but they are done.

And now we get to rumble with the Queen herself.

She's not too tough. Just a warm up for the show to come.

This is one of her cuter tricks, but not very dangerous overall.

It's also counterable, which is fantastic.

She's got 12,000 HP, so Chrono could easily solo her, even without countering 80% of her attacks.

She also starts laughing a lot during this fight, which set up a very convenient trick.

Namely allowing Frog to jam the Masamune down her throat.

Zeal doesn't stand a damn chance.

Janus tosses a Lapis down.

She also has this molestation attack where she steals some MP.

Basically, in this fight, you'll be okay if you just pour the damage on. She doesn't have enough HP to last too long, and her offense isn't too wonderful, either.

That was far more impressive when the Golem did that. Here? Not so much.

'course, we're also far more impressive, too.

Dark Matter in action; (Lv + Mag) × 15.5 for damage, and it's, obviously, Shadow element.

Those last few images sum up the fight fairly well.

But let's skip to the end.

She spits out a Megalixir after the fight, but no EXP or TP.

Wait, your powers don't work in the place you specifically built so you channel Lavos' power easier?

Have you looked behind you? That thing has been relegated to paper weight status.

I tire of her villainous speeches. She seems like she just has a checklist of evil points to hit on.

Well, then. The Mammon Machine isn't just a pile of junk. However, the Hellation Queenie threw out that made Chrono counter and drop her leaves us at one HP.

Let's fix that, shall we?

18,000 HP on this fucker, and he's got some tricks up his sleeve.

This is important.

Basically, when we hit it, the Machine will sacrifice one of its stats to increase another; if we physically strike it, it'll sacrifice Attack for Defense.

So I'm going to bombard this shitwig with magic.

Interrupted with the occasional attack from Frog. Why, you ask?

Well, that's not entirely why, but that is a pretty number.

If Frog has the upgraded Masamune in this fight, when he strikes the Machine, he'll absorb that energy.

Which will heal a shitload of his HP.

And I mix it up a bit here and there. Frenzy is a pretty damned useful skill.

Eventually, the Masamune will start healing Frog for 999 HP.

It's not extremely common, but the Machine can attack.

It's not too impressive, but it's still an attack.

Before too long, the Machine will fall and we can move on to our next fight.

We get another fadeout...

...And wind up on top of the Black Omen.

Where Queen Zeal appears, still fucking talking.

With Janus here, he starts talking shit to her.

And in no uncertain terms, he tells his mother he is going to kill her.

She still doesn't realize who he is.

Being a JRPG boss, she has a final form.

Which looks entirely re-goddamn-diculous.

By this point in the game, you'll be used to seeing multi-part bosses and wanting to destroy their constituent parts.

With Queen Zeal here, that is a bad idea. As you can see, not only do the hands not take shit from what you can throw at them, but they have powerful counters for it, too.

Yeah, don't fuck with the hands.

Physicals don't work, either; just ignore the fact they're around and focus your efforts on blowing her head off.

Jeez, the things I do to show things off for you guys.

An Elixir fixes Chrono right up.

While Janus is killed for his efforts.

Not a very strong attack, but when you're at 1 HP, you can be poked with a pillow and killed.

The Face has 20,000 HP, and some nasty attacks. The Hands have 28,000 HP each, in addition to their insanely high defenses. You can steal a Prism Dress from one and a Prism Helm from the other, however. And a Megalixir from the Face.

The Hands have laser attacks they can use, but those attacks are about as effective as a fart in a windstorm.

This attack hurts.

She pulls out an aquatic Star of David.

Which also turns rainbow colored.

Janus took a beating this fight. I guess Queen Zeal was serious about her threat of murderizing him.

However, strong as she is, we're strong, too.

Including this because I thought it looked pretty awesome.

She has a mini-Dark Matter attack, but it's not very effective.

She still has this attack, and things could very easily go wrong from here.

I hope you guys are happy. I felt twitches in my brain when selecting this item. Still, let's end this fight. Janus, if you will?


Jesus, you annoying broad, just go ahead and die already!

Protip; when asking for something's help, it might be a good to not blast it with a laser beam.

It wasn't until LP'ing this and actually reading her dialog that I realized how much I despise this woman.

She says this like it's something impressive; it's old hat to us, Queenie.

And that's the last we'll see of her!

...That doesn't look good.

Neither does this. I remember what happened last time we were here!

Welp, Lavos has risen, madder than a bobcat caught in a piss fire.

Next time, we're going to tear him a new asshole.

Stay tuned!

To see those three fights in video, click here!