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Part 62: Update Fifty Eight: Beyond Time

Update Fifty Eight: Beyond Time

Howdy folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we beat the piss out of Lavos and now it's time to see our first ending, so let's bounce.

Aww, crap, Mom. We just saved the world; let the man get some friggin' rest.

I did some homework this morning and needed a nap after that. I can't imagine the level of napitude needed after saving the goddamned world.

Alright, fine, Jesus Christ, we'll get--

...Unless we really screwed something up, I don't think that's Chrono's Mom.

That seems needlessly hostile.

Oh. That whole "execution thing" from earlier is finally coming back on us.

They clearly don't know who they're dealing with. If they had any semblance of an idea, they would have stripped Chrono of his weapons, led him in with a dozen Dragon Tanks, had three hundred dudes guarding him, and hired Paul Bunyan to keep an eye on the procession.

Dawg, if I told you, you'd think I was nuttier than squirrel turds.

Though, if she tells you, then you'll think Chrono is a brainwashing wizard.

...Says the gal who got confused during the final boss fight and let her two compatriots do the heavy lifting.

"Just because I was locked in a chest, Your Majesty, doesn't mean I went deaf while I was in there."

Eh...I don't know about that. Nobody seemed too upset when she was missing, barring the king and Yakra XIII (and that's more because he was a fucking dick), and the kingdom was doing A-OK the entire time.

He's probably still a little pissed off from being locked in a chest. Shit, I stubbed my toe the other day and I'm still a little pissed about it.

It was the pinky toe, too, and you know how it hurts when you stub that little son of a bitch.

And they're still going to execute Chrono? Ya'll are some cold sons of bitches.

I'm thinking we can't have changed that much, especially since Doan still looks like he should be leading a shithole.

That is a very good question.

I...I don't see why.

Right, sure, but why the hell did Lucca bring these people here?

Oh, forget it. It's an ending, let's just enjoy it.

We're having a celebration in our honor, so let's have a good time with that.

Good to see some of the Medina folks are getting work.

"And those other guys, too!"

And there are little girls exploding out of the ground.

And balloons and shit. They're celebrating the hell out of us.

Before we're free to walk around, we have to do a victory lap amidst the shiny lights, the lone kitty, and the dancing girls.

There's Chrono's Mom as well as Lara and Taban. If we hadn't saved her, Lara wouldn't be standing there.

Melchior is around here, too.

As well as some nameless NPCs.

That's such a mom thing to say.

Slick as snot, buddy.

Well, she's taking it well. Maybe she's used to this guy putting his foot in his mouth.

Enjoy your drink, Taban. You did your fair share of work in this adventure.

Aww, shucks, ma'am; 'twernt nothin'.

Melchior, we shopped at your place like, one time. And you repaired the Masamune for free. As well as making that other shit for free, too. There is no way in hell you're making a living by being a smith, so I'm willing to bet you're talking out of your ass here.

Even so, thanks, you old coot.

Those glowing spots are interesting.

In that they explode out dancing girls when you step over them.

Hey, there's Lucca!

She's walking toward the Telepod, and since there's nowhere else we can go, that's where we're going, too.

Ah, hell. I was never good at goodbyes.

Lucca, we still have a goddamned time machine. We can get these people home without the use of Gates.

Marle, Ayla kind of needs to go. If you want to continue existing, that is. I think you disliked the last time you didn't exist.

...I'll miss you, Ayla. You're my favorite of the girls.

Ugh. Now I'm reminded of a line from a fan translation of Tales of Phantasia.

...Marle, dear, I don't think you thought that through.

Take your time. It'll hit you.

Atta girl.

And now Ayla is going to go home and invent domestic violence.

I'll miss you too, you green son of a bitch.

Though, by now, you should be able to single-handedly save the kingdom from any threats that come along, Frog.

Peace out, King.

Oh, Marle, you card!

I've seen that guy face down horrifying monstrosities and blow off Lavos' head and not bat an eye. Apparently he's a touch rusty with the ladies.

See you later, Space Frog Knight.

Moments like that are why I like Marle.

Janus doesn't give a shit about saying goodbyes. We did what he wanted, and now he's back to his own mission.

I suppose somebody has to serve as the Sheriff of the Future.

Well, Marle, when a man loves--

Okay, okay, I'll quit with the schtick.

Considering he's still around, I'd reckon Robo is going to be just fine.

Doan has the right idea and just scoots on out. Imagine how awkward he feels.

I'll miss you, too, Robo. I don't know what I'd have done without your rocket fist attacks.

Oops, crashed into the Telepod there.

Well, that's everybody.

Who knows? Like I said before, I'm hesitantly allowing discussion of the Entity, but don't get stupid with it.

Seriously. I'm all cool for discussion of the game and stuff, but don't make me regret allowing this opportunity.

...Dammit, Lucca, why would you say that? It's a friggin' time machine; that's not the kind of thing you just get rid of and throw in the junkyard.

Ooh, a kitty!

Kareful, kitty. That'll...Take you somewhere. I'm not sure where.

Chrono's Mom, you be careful, too. I've got a New Game+ to do and don't want to have to worry about you.

...Why the hell weren't you feeding him, CM?

Son of a bitch.

Good thing we didn't dismantle the time machine.

'course, Chrono is pumped to go on another whirlwind adventure. C'mon, bro, we'll go grab Ayla and Frog, and rescue your mom in a blaze of glory and ass-whippery the likes of which has never been seen before!

Marle, I praised you earlier. Don't make me call you stupid now.

I...I think Chrono is frozen in that position. Maybe we should get a doctor.

Oh, never mind, he's good.

Funnily enough, Kingy-poo, we do have some business to take care of.

I suppose Leene's Bell could be retired. I bet she'd approve of Marle getting her own bell.

King Guardia must be a bad motherfucker. That bell is probably heavier than shit.

Marle watches her father struggle while the Hero and his Best Friend sneak off.

"Peace out, dog!"

Well, the king is in quite a pickle.

Oh, hey, Taban is here to save the day. Glad I don't have to worry about that anymore.

So, I don't know what kind of fireworks Taban invented, but it appears they fire off by smacking the Moon Stone with a hammer. Dude is fucking metal.

Well, that just about does it for this ending. These next two videos will finish this ending out.

So, I can't say for sure when the next update will be. It's New Game+ time, which means we can replay the game with all of our old levels, Techs, items, weapons, armor and accessories, so we'll be going for Ending 2 next. And after that, I'll show off the bonus content of the Lost Sanctum and the Dimensional Vortexes, then show the new ending associated with that, and then we'll collect the others.

Stay tuned, folks! There's still plenty for this old horse to show off!