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Part 63: Update Fifty Nine: Reunion

Update Fifty Nine: Reunion

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we saw the first ending of the game. Today, we're going to see the second ending. For some differences between this and the first ending, Chrono is dead as hell, I killed Magus (as I was pretty sure that was supposed to change the ending), and instead of visiting Lavos from the Black Omen, we've taken the Epoch straight to that son of a bitch. In fact, this update is starting with what it looks like to take the Epoch to Lavos, so let's bounce.

Yep, starting with a video. And you watched that correctly; they skip the first fight with Lavos by blowing his goddamned head off by smashing their flying time machine into it.

I love this game.

The fight plays out the same as last time, so let's start at the end of that and go from there.

From there, we skip straight to the End of Time, where everyone is passed the hell out.

Or maybe dead. I dunno. Gaspar, what's your take on this?

You want to come with us? There's plenty of Gates over there yonder, and I'm sure we can find you a better home.

Marle, dear, don't forget that the Gates are closing. If we go back in time, there's a good chance we can't return from wherever we go.

Plus, we smashed our time machine blowing Lavos' head off. Which was a totally rockin' use of a time machine.

Well...Yeah, probably.

~forget about me~

Everyone else is ready to go. I guess you and Lucca will have to go it alone.

As they leave, pillars of light wink out.

"Maybe not obliterated by a space hedgehog, but we'll all buy the farm someday."

And with that, the girls head home.

Too late for you to come with us!

...You couldn't have mentioned that when Marle and Lucca were making sure their friends weren't dead?

...And we fade to black.

We're back at the Millennial Fair, sans Chrono.

Well, you should get another thousand years. I mean, things looked pretty good in 1999, all futuristic and shit.

Marle takes a victory lap on her own. Also, shit goes really badly when Chrono stays dead; Lara is still paralyzed, the Sun Stone is lost forever, there's a desert where a forest should be; it's just terrible.

Okay, I wanted to get this ending done and didn't do the sidequests. You caught me.

Though, she's got a good attitude about it all.

Taban is still getting hammered, though.

Weeeeeeelllll, the last time I saw him, he was being swept into whatever counts as a dustpan in that pocket dimension Lavos lived in.

Melchior is still around, but he doesn't have anything different to say, so he gets skipped.

Hey, Lucca, how's--Frog? What're you doing here?

Robo, you're here, too? Doing your best Donkey Kong, I see.

Well, looks like Kino is still waiting. Actually, he's not, since he's long dead by now. But he would still be waiting, since--Y'know what, fuck it. Time travel confuses me.

I'm just going to go finish this ending.

I'm impressed by the Lucca, but I don't think that's an actual explanation.

Oh, Lord, you made it into a bomb.

That creates old men. You're weird, Lucca.

Or that. Probably a better explanation than old-man making bombs.

He has a name, Marle!

Now, this is the best explanation of the Time Egg we're going to get. Take a seat; it'll take a minute.

Oddly enough, this could sum up the second disk of Xenogears pretty well, or large portions of the plot of Final Fantasy II.

Someone mentioned in the thread that they love Marle's sprite-work, and I have to agree. She's got some great expressions. Really, everyone does, but Marle's seem to be just that much more expressive.

It sure as hell isn't to look at the paralyzed woman, Marle. This isn't that kind of fair. The biggest clue to that should be the distinct lack of toothless, meth-addled carnival folk.

Everyone piles onto the Telepod, ready to go winging through time. I wonder if Gaspar will be going along for the adventure.

That's the fan game I want to see. Fuck it, get all three of the Gurus together to go on a whirlwind adventure. I don't even care what that adventure is; far as I'm concerned, they can just be going to pick up Melchior's blood pressure pills from the local pharmacy.

Lucca, isn't your dad out there, too? Shouldn't you hang out with him?

I feel like there's a joke I should be making here...

Eh, I'll think of one later and edit it in.

Well, looks like we have no choice now. I hope Guardia has something interesting going on.

I bet Chrono would have loved the sound of that bell. Or been pissed off as it woke him up when he was sleeping past noon on a Tuesday.

Amusingly, the king decides Marle can put the big-ass bell up.

Though, to her credit, she's doing better than I would be.

But, this is where I stop talking for a bit. This next part is mostly credits, and those are never interesting in screenshots, so here's a video of Ending Two.

Alright, so, that's two endings down. Next time, we'll be back to dungeon crawling, since we have the Lost Sanctum and the Dimensional Vortexes to do; we'll see those bonus dungeons, then the bonus ending associated with them. After that, I'll be running down the list of endings, which, in reality, won't take too long to do. Turbo-speed makes things a hell of a lot faster and easier to do.

Stay tuned!