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Part 64: Update Sixty: The Lost Sanctum

Update Sixty: The Lost Sanctum

Welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we saw the second ending, Reunion. Today, we're going to start the bonus content Square added to the DS re-release, which brings us back to dungeon crawling. Let's bounce, shall we?

You might remember these two spots opening up after the Black Omen rose from the depths of the ocean.

I remember it, because I have not been looking forward to this shit.

We may as well.

I won't be holding votes for party configuration on these sidequests. It'll make me feel better about doing it.

Well, whoever lives here is civilized. They have a table.

Two tables! Dear God, they must be a futuristic civilization!

Frog, we've walked fifteen feet into this place and saw two tables. That is not a good indication of population.

That's what I was trying to do!

There's a pretty good amount of space here, but nothing to be found.

Not even in the clearly-marked "Things should be here!" spaces.

And the mountain interior we were in leads to a forest. There's a few chests scattered about here, such as the one to the left, but they're mostly high-level consumables; that one to the left holds twenty grand.

Oh, Jesus, those hammer-wielding douchenozzles.

Ayla, that is an excellent plan.

However, Lucca will be joining us for this leg of the journey.

So, these are the Ogan Youth. One has a hammer.

You all remember the plan for dealing with the hammer guys before, right? Being palette swaps, you'd expect it to be the same.

Burn their shit, they drop the hammer, and then you can crush them beneath your boot.

Or this kills them instantly; the hammer ones have 1300 HP, while the non-hammer ones have 1,250 HP. Though, something interesting to note is that fire won't make them drop their hammers; they have the same defense as the Ogan Youth, who has shit-ass defense.

I brought Lucca in to burn the hammers, realized I didn't need to, but kept her around anyway.

Kung-fu imp here is yet another palette swap.

He still shits himself upon seeing our party, so the imps haven't changed much.

There are also pink imps.

Who are cleverly named Pink Imps.

The blue imp, which Chrono is annihilating, is called a Slate Imp.

They have 900 HP and very low physical defense.

The pink ones have 870 HP, and pretty low physical defense, as well; it's only marginally higher than the Slate Imp's defense.

I could have kept Ayla around, but Lucca was still a solid choice. Besides, I get to show off another Triple Tech.

But in a little bit. Be patient.

Just as Chrono, Lucca and Marle could combine their elemental abilities to pull off this Triple Tech, you can sub Frog for Marle to do the same thing; they're both water users, so it makes perfect sense.

However, I think this Delta attack looks far cooler than the other one. There's something about triangles of doom that catch my attention.

It's still Shadow-type damage, requiring the second level of their elemental magic, and is just as powerful as Delta Force. Maybe. Probably. I don't know.

This fella smashes his hammer into the ground and makes it all shakey and quakey.

And this goofy looking bastard comes jumping out of the trees like he's reliving his days from the Vietcong.

That's the Ogan Chieftain; despite the impressive sounding name, he's just a regular-ass enemy.

We're going to have Lucca blow his brains out.

Chieftains have 1600 HP and defense on par with the Slate Imp.

No, I don't fucking get it either. Normal defense for enemies is 127, and these guys have 90. I don't goddamned get it.

Movin' right along.

I'm sorry that this update isn't action-packed and exciting. The Lost Sanctum is...Fuck, it's just so boring. I'd rather be doing the FF4 bonus content again.

I'm thinking that they expected you to come to the Lost Sanctum when it became available, before doing any of the other sidequests and having the incredible shit from those quests.

Even so, if you just had the normal equipment from that point, you'd still be blowing through these guys. Other than their high HP, these guys are nothing special.

You would think they'd mention something about the shining plant they're standing next to.

You actually have to go and mess with it to get any sort of reaction.

And what a reaction it is! "What's this? Oh, a fucking baby tree."

If you were wondering about the other chests, in addition to that Hi-Potion and the 20,000g in the chest from the beginning, there was a Hi-Ether, an Athenian Water, and an Elixir.

Well, still ain't shit around here.

Oh, if only it were that easy, Lucca.

"Eh? You're talking in a conversational tone? FUCK YOU AND DIE YOU DICKWEEDS"

Holy jumpin' fuckin' Jesus, it's a Reptite!

Lucca, shoot it in the face! They're probably all pissed about how we annihilated their leader, her T-Rex, and fucked up their lair.

Frog, you raise an excellent point.

The only strong things around here are standing in front of you, bud.

I'm sure you can still find some of the charred bodies out there.

I have no idea what he's doing here, but it looks to be combative jazz-hands.

And so, our party readies to beat the shit out of him.

I want to make note that they mention years right there. We've been on this adventure for something like a week and became powerful enough to destroy Lavos. I'm pretty sure you guys could have done push-ups for three months and went and trashed those dipshits in the forest.

And now, we get to meet the rest of the villagers.

This line can also be interpreted as the reaction of everyone who played this shit.

"We were stuck inside long enough I've seen every video on Youporn!"

Alright, there are some decent rewards here, but it's not why I'm doing this. I'm doing it for you, Constant Reader.

I'm trying to think of commentary for this shot, and coming up short.

Instead, I'm going to go take a leak. Be back in a minute.

Hey, cool. This is a good accessory that anyone can equip. It boosts their critical chance; I'm not sure by how much, but it's a handy accessory. I'll be using it for a specific combo later on, but we'll get to that when it comes up.

You've been living in goddamned caves for the last several years. I suppose I couldn't expect any compensation for your shit.

...Well, you did give me an accessory that boosts critical rates. Perhaps this could work out.

Oh, what the hell, you sons of bitches. I'll help.

Quiet, ape-woman.

So now we can run around here, talk to the different Reptites and get their requests.

There's a fair few of them, but we can get some really good shit out of it, too.

The biggest problem is that they're all fetch-quests.

Here's a list of how these quests will go.

1. Talk To Reptite
2. Accept Quest
3. Do Their Bullshit
4. ????
5. Profit

Don't forget about the entrance in 600 AD. It's not uncommon to have to run between the two to get what you need.

This guy is also the shopkeeper around here; he sells high-end consumables, as well as Empyrean Blades, Smiter's Blades, the Platinum gear and Aeonian gear.

I'm assuming you know how we'll get the golden hammer; gonna find some gold sand, throw it at the tree here, pop to 600 AD--yeah, you get it.

If nothing else, there's a free heal in here.

But that finishes off this update. Next time, we'll do some more Lost Sanctum stuff, including visiting the Middle Ages entrance.

Stay tuned!