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Part 69: Update Sixty Five: I Attack The Darkness!

Update Sixty Five: I Attack The Darkness!

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we did the biggest pain in the ass the Lost Sanctum has to offer. Today, in a short update, we're going to do the setup for the end of this slog, so let's bounce.

To kick things off, we have to climb Mount Emerald again. We're nearly done doing that, though.

The reward for this bit of quest is not great in any form or fashion, but the next couple of reward we'll get are actually pretty good.

As in, they're stuff I'll actually use. We get a nice set of armor for the dudes, a great accessory for Frog, and a pimp-ass dope cool accessory for Ayla.

And we'll find the thing needed to get that Reptite to forge a new sword for Frog.

It's not as good as the Masamune II, but it is a great replacement for when doing New Game+ stuff and you don't have access to the upgraded Masamune.

Do you remember the dark cavern that we can't enter?

There's an order of events here in the Lost Sanctum, and that quest opens up the end of things, but we have to get the Saintstone before doing it.

Much like how we needed the Golden Hammer to do the bridge quest.

Which we'll finish up next update.

Much like the Sun Stone, the Saintstone needs plenty of time to grow in power and become useful.

Though, now that I think of it, it'd be neat as hell if you could use the Moon Stone to make some gear, like lower-grade forms of the Sun Stone stuff.

Or gear on the same level, but with different effects. Instead of the Rainbow with its 70% crit rate, you could make the Moonshadow (or something) and it has a normal crit rate, but a 70% counter rate.

One thing that would have made this bonus content a hundred times better would have been a way to fast travel up the mountain.

Just that alone would have improved it dramatically. I have no good solution for the other problems.

So we pop back to the other Sanctum to get started properly.

As for why this shnook cares what we're doing, I don't know, but he's the one with the protip on the dark cavern.

Don't you taunt me with the Deep Darkness. I'd be ecstatic to go visit the Tenda Village.

Yeah, yeah, if we found Master Puke, we'll try not to splatter it everywhere.

Mysterious Ape: New on FOX this fall

Over to this cave; we can go to that cavern in 600 AD, but there's a broken set of stairs leading into it, so we can't do anything.

Upon stepping inside, the Waystone does something.

Our party is feisty enough to fight an electrical arc.

Or to be hit by a Solar Flare.

We go up the stairs and through a door to come to

A fucking castle!

Which has dinoskull doors like the Tyranno Lair.

But we'll address that later. For now, it's time to hide because the script demands it.

But there's spooky snake monsters in here!

This indicates there is some sort of plan and leadership around.

I refuse to believe there's a plan about anything in this place.

But we have to fight the Twin Snakes, since they know we were spying on them and they're trying to be secretly evil.

With 920 HP, they don't stand a chance.

Not sure what they're going to do, as they can seem to barely find their own asses with two hands, but they should probably know of the impending doom.

But before we have to spend another three turns taking down three of their number, we have to flee. We could totally have solved this problem without making the Reptites aware.

Yep. That about sums it up.

And so, all eight people of the Reptite village is called together to be told that they're boned.

They don't even run around panicked here. They just kind of amble away, like they're comfortable with their impending doom.

Ayla, be quiet! This is our chance to be rid of them!

Oh, goddammit.

I wouldn't say I've risked anything worthwhile, but if you want to think better of me for it, go for it.

Eh, you guys are alright. I guess. Not really.

Alright, quit playing on my soft spot. I'll save you guys.

This is a DS-only weapon weaker than Janus' current scythe, by five attack points. It can also inflict Stop, if you're into that sort of thing.

Don't worry. I'll handle it.

Next time, we'll go handle all of that and be done here. Stay tuned!

counterfeitsaint posted:

I vote Leave performs an interpretive dance to express the rest of The Lost Sanctum.

It'd be a little something like this.