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Part 70: Update Sixty Six: Oh My God, We're Done!?

Update Sixty Six: Oh My God, We're Done!?

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we prepped for the end of the Lost Sanctum. Today, we're finishing this son of a bitch off, so let's bounce.

If you'll recall, we last received the news that monsters from the formerly-dark cavern are going to attack and murderize the Reptite village.

We're going to go stop that shit.

Our old friend, Gaturren Lagann, finally reveals his origins. Personally, I wouldn't want to fuck with our Gato, but this guy?

We're going to beat his ass.

The Chrysosaur has 1700 HP, slightly higher defenses than normal, and absorbs Light, with no weaknesses.

There's also Black Bats here, so Janus just nukes them all.

However, that won't stop the invasion. We'll be killing the big boss to prevent that.

There are three or four Chrysosaurs in this little stretch of cave. It seems a little excessive.

Also, I wouldn't be expecting an in-depth look at the two areas we're visiting. There's some stuff around, but nothing truly worthwhile.

Things might seem a little disjointed when we're hopping around, and I apologize for that.

However, you all seem as eager as I am to finish this, so I'm sure nobody will mind.

The other chest also contains 20,000G.

I'm guessing they give you so much cash to make sure you can buy the good stuff at Fiona's Shrine.

Or, shit, maybe they're just throwing large amounts of cash at you because it seems impressive.

We go up one floor, as that's all where we can go.

This only does about 1600 damage, which makes me feel very .

There's a lot of goddamn fights in this place, too.

Movin' through the castle, trying not to think about why it looks like Tyranno Lair...

This path leads only to treasure, which I wish I'd known beforehand.

But there are these pink bastards, who have 950 HP and don't take shit from magic. Which pretty much sums them up.

It's a weapon for Marle (who, in my New Game+ run, hasn't gotten much love), that can inflict Confuse.

These annoying buttfaces fly around here, but you can dodge around them.

From here, I pretty much dodge all encounters, as I'm tired of the ten second obstacles.

Oh, crap, I need to say stuff to accompany these shots.

We're going upstairs!

When I say the Pterranyx don't take shit from magic, let me illustrate that point.

They really don't give a fuck what you're using on them, unless it's physical violence. It's honestly impressive.

This is a pretty powerful armor for the ladies, which adds +10 to Magic. It's actually more physically defensive than the Zodiac Cape, but a fair bit weaker than the Prism Dress (82, as compared to the Prism Dress' 99).

But this is the end of this castle, so let's fight the boss.

Some more recolors, and with an annoying gimmick, to boot!

This red guy is the Elder Archaeofang, with the blue being the Younger. They're both pretty tough physical-wise, but nothing too bad.

The red one is weak to Water and absorbs Fire, while the blue is the opposite. Big Red has 8000 HP, while Winterfresh has 7500.

They also counter just about every attack you make with an Osmose, for further annoyance.

Shadow and Light are fair game against the both of them, and you want to pound them both about evenly.

Yeah, it's one of those fights where you have to pay attention to the individual HP of the enemies.

Because if you don't kill them close enough together, one will revive the other with full HP. When you kill one, you have about a turn to kill the other before Soul Link kicks in.

Nothing too worrisome, however. Just smash 'em up evenly, and throw off the grand finale to win.

And you get an assload of EXP for winning the fight.

...Really, guys? We're not going to investigate this any further? Maybe find some a plan or a note linking them to a larger threat?

Guess not!

Oh, c'mon, you guys were in danger for like, ten minutes.

Huh. Now I'm imagining a I Am Legend remake starring Janus. I'd watch the fuck out of that movie.

Some of you asked about worthwhile rewards here and this is one of them.

I'm willing to trade the 80% counter rate for a 50% counter rate and more crits. This is a pretty kickass reward, but not worth the entirety of the Lost Sanctum.

We'll be back here, though. Just real quick and at the end of the update, though.

First, we've gotta finish off this half of the Sanctum.

The bridge is finished, so let's go check that out.

So very close to being done with this mountain.

The reward we get here is pretty kickass, too.

On one hand, we get auto-warped down the mountain, so that saves us a trip.

On the other hand, we've gotta climb back up to finish the final quest.

Who on the development team had the Mount Emerald fetish? Seriously.

Some LPs get production people or whatever coming in to comment on it, and I wish that fucker was reading this thread and could explain a thing or two about the Lost Sanctum.

I get that they're trying to connect it to Chrono Cross, with its dimension hopping and Reptite dominance.

But this is barely relating to Chrono Cross.

Also, the Nu is moving to the village.


There aren't even any Nus in Chrono Cross, by the way.

So this guy is...An existing thing, but doesn't really affect much.

I'm pretty sure this Reptite, much like that Nu, has never had a friend before.

We'll see that Nu again, but he becomes a bit more useful than he is now.

Not truly useful, mind you, but he gets a purpose.

He gives us a pretty kickass bit of armor.

The Saurian Leathers are some of the best armor for the dudes; Magus has one bit of armor with higher defense, but that's about it. They add +3 to Strength and +3 to Speed, in addition to being strong as fuck. Frog will get these until he catches up in Strength. Even then, he'll probably keep them, as Chrono and Robo already have max Strength.

Alright, let's go cross that--

This .gif is hilarious to me. Boogie-Reptite is on the scene!

Yeah, I've been unable to escape. Yet.

And of course the bridge leads to something stupid.

But wait until you see what's in that fucking tower.

Well, guess what we're finding there!

After all that I've done? Not a--

That's my line!

But first, the Nu has opened an item shop here. He sells high-end consumables, including Elixirs, for 20,000G a pop.

I buy none, and we head back up the mountain. For the last time!

Also, this bridge is long as hell.

And there's a few encounters on it, too.

Are you ready to see the inside of this place?

Janus' Keep!?

Moving on, we find a pretty kickass weapon.

And 50,000G. Jesus Christ.

Anyways, the Dinoblade adds +5 to Frog's Strength, and is only slightly weaker than the upgraded Masamune. Now, that doesn't sound so kickass, right?

See, in a New Game+, you lose the Masamune until you get it back in the story, and you lose the upgraded form until you finish the Cyrus' Grave sidequest, so you'll be stuck with his Brave Blade until you get that done. And that's a long chunk of game to go without a high-tier weapon for Frog; the Dinoblade eliminates that pain in the neck.

This tower, being a tall vertical structure, is mostly made of stairs.

Which makes sense, I suppose, with it being a tower and all.

But I cut out close to ten sets of stairs for you guys.

Who among you remembered we needed this to get it reforged? I thought it was to get the Dinoblade, but that wasn't right. We get an entirely different weapon for it.

There are some fights on these runs, but nothing worth showing off. Just more palette swaps that are killed in basically one hit.

And at the top, the ultimate palette swap of them all!

That's right; our final fight in the Lost Sanctum is against a pair of pot-belly knights.

I guess the Master At Arms is supposed to be goddamned terrifying, but he falls short.

I'm pretty sure if you've reached this point in a normal playthrough, you'll be tough enough to tank that and keep going without worries.

He has 14,500 HP to tear through, though, and is immune to Light.

His pudgy little buddy, the Bladesman, has 9,000 HP, absorbs Shadow, and exists in this fight to throw out a little more damage and occasionally heal the Master At Arms.

Not that he got a chance to do that, mind you.

As he got his ass beat five ways from Friday.

The Master At Arms doesn't stand much of a chance, either.

However, he does have a counter for when you attack.

Which is just a big ol' fuck-off smack with his sword.

Which actually dealt a fair bit of damage, considering Frog's Defense.

But with that fight summed up, we bash the Master At Arms to a pile of scrap.

Oh, man, what could be behind this door!?

Yep. Those are statues of the three characters who defeated the Archeaofangs.

Well, Ayla, maybe--

Oh, no, fuck them, we're just leaving.

Frog does not give a shit about showing these statues to the villagers.

Well, it was tall, with a pair of dicks at the top, and some statues. Nothing special.

Yep. I'd recommend you go check them out, but there are a lot of monsters left in that tower and you'd probably be slaughter.

And now we're about to fuck off and never see you guys again.

But not without one last reward.

There's only one party member who equips badges and what-not, so no prizes for guessing who this goes to.

Much like the Hero's Badge, this raises his crit rate to 50%, but also halves all of his MP costs. Pretty cool reward if you ask me; I'm probably going to keep him with the Prism Specs, though.

One last thing to do, though. Back to the Prehistory Sanctum!

It's a new sword for Chrono; powerful, but nowhere near as good as the Rainbow. Certainly not worth waiting until the very end of this shitpile to get.

And that does it for the Lost Sanctum.

Before we can get to more endings, though, we have the other bonus content to finish off, the three different Dimensional Vortex dungeons. There's one in 12,000 BC, 1000 AD, and 2300 AD. We'll be hitting them in order from past to future, and we'll get to them next time!

Stay tuned!