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Part 75: Update Seventy One: Guardia's Successor Wishes A Good Night To The Legendary Hero

Update Seventy One: Guardia's Successor Wishes A Good Night To The Legendary Hero

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, I beat the Dream Devourer (with an extra helping of muenster), and got the bonus ending, and the Dreamseeker. Today, we'll be covering three endings; one of them will be entirely in video, and you'll see why when we get there, but for now, let's bounce.

For this first outing, we obtain the Guardia Successor ending by defeating Lavos after rescuing Marle, but before we hit the End of Time. This can be accomplished via the Right Telepod, which now has a Gate leading directly to Lavos. You'll see it in action later on, since I don't have footage of it right now. Here's a video of the ending, if you'd prefer to just listen to the music and relax.

For this ending, we killed Lavos with just Chrono and Marle.

We should probably get her home, though. I mean, that's what we were supposed to do, but we went and killed a world-eater instead.

Disguise? Marle just has a normal dress on. The candy lady must be out of her mind.

And that guy, too, I suppose.

Did someone paint her like a McDonald when I wasn't looking?

...There's something strange going on here. I don't know what, but I'm going to find out.

Yeah, Marle gets it.

Maybe we'll find some answers over there. It can't hurt to head over there.

King Guardia! What the hell is going on?

...Hopping around?

Yeah, what the hell--Oh, shit. Say it ain't so.

And off he goes.

Yeah, he just hopped on the other side of the room.

Four hundred year old film? They had recording equipment back then?

Marle, what the hell are you doing?

Oh, there it is. Just realized she was hopping around like a frog.

"--frightening hybrid between frog and human."

Well, let's watch the film.

The credits roll here, too, so you'll see parts of them.

There's Frog and Queen Leene.

And they are in the Cathedral. The one we purged of all life waaaay back when.

I hope nobody is weirded out by this next shot.

Because I am. I also feel like I'm on a government watch-list from not only having taken this shot, but also because I uploaded it to the internet and it's still on my computer.

So, yeah. In that ending, Frog and Leene shacked up and produced a bunch of frogbabies. Don't ask for specifics beyond that, or attempt to Google it, because I can promise you'll throw up.

And if you don't, I don't know if you're welcome in this thread anymore.

For this ending, I'm just posting the video. I'm not interested in grabbing a bunch of shots of a Nu, a frog, and a Kilwala playing grabass over some credits. This ending is obtained by defeating Lavos after reaching the End of Time, but before learning about the Legendary Hero.

Our final ending of this update, The Legendary Hero, is obtained by defeating Lavos after learning about Tata, but before we snag the Hero's Badge from him. Here's the video for this ending, folks.

So, uh, yeah, futuristic Leene Square.

And there's Robo popping out of a Gate.

Credits roll around here, too, so some shots will have them. Still, both of those guys did fantastic jobs.

The bell begins ringing while Robo looks on.

Hey, there's Atropos! How are you doing?

Whoops, she crashed into Robo. I hope they're okay.

Well, she might have killed him.

For another guy that did a bang up job, this man deserves a mention.

Aww, look at 'em. We fade out as they leave the screen.

And come back to the two of them sitting on a mountain, looking over the land.

Meanwhile, Tata is sitting on Guardia's throne, with a shitload of soldiers and a guy who looks suspiciously like Taban. Not that it is; just one of the many men in the world who look like him.

Tata leaves the room, as he's a Hero, and has Hero shit to do.

It appears to be going well, since he made it through the Magic Cave, presumably past Slash and Flea, maybe Ozzie, and is wandering the halls of Magus' Keep like it ain't shit.

He also seemed to breeze through that group of monsters.

*gasp* Slash and Flea are up here? And Magus is on his throne? Tata, you might be in--

What in the wide wide world of sports is a-goin' on here?

Oh, well, guess that's the end. We never do find out what happened...

Anyways, that's three more endings down. I had intended to do just the two this update, but Good Night is probably best shown in video. Even so, next time, we'll cover some more of the endings, so stay tuned!